6 Annoying Ad Techniques Advertisers Need to Avoid

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To advertise. That is the main purpose and duty of the marketers, right? Aside from establishing their brands and products, a digital marketing agency Philippines also aims to have higher earnings than their competitors. Well, who would not want to have higher profit than the other marketing agencies? Hence, marketers and/or advertisers came up a strategy where they can extend their niche and the earning capacity of that niche.

Now, there are already thousands of advertisements we see online. We see different kinds of advertisements that caught our attention once in a while. These ads promote and sell and, obviously, earn lots of money out of publishing these ads themselves. Easy as it seems, right? The beauty of advertising, indeed!

Online advertising is the norm nowadays. Through it, we know that that business or product exists. Since these are advertised online, the whole process is made more convenient by allowing us – the consumers – to buy the product online without stress and hassle.

Abusive advertising, on the other hand, is NOT acceptable; it’ll never be. What makes advertising abusive? It is when people are already getting annoyed with the excessive ad placements or when your ads are downright irritating.

Yes. There are online marketers who advertise their business without considering the side of the consumers. Now, here are some of the examples of the most annoying ad placements.

1. Excessive ads above-the-fold




When we say ads above-the-fold, it means that the ads are placed on the top of the web page. Above-the-fold is the first thing the visitors would see.

When you try to visit a particular website or web page or simply search for something, the first thing you would expect is to see and read information on what you are looking for exactly. But upon landing on the page, what you see is not the content, but the ads that are placed almost half or even half of the supposedly content page. People will need to scroll down to see the content they are looking for since it is buried somewhere below the ads.

Consider one ad that is placed above-the-fold. Place too many ads and serve them to the visitors, and these ads will surely annoy and irritate them.

2. Full screen floating ads




Full screen floating ad is an ad where it fills the entire page, blocking the view of the whole contents. The first and the only thing that visitors would see on the web page is the full screen floating ads.

Sometimes, visitors got impatient waiting especially when they are in a hurry (meaning: high bounce rate). They cannot go directly and see the content unless they hit the ‘X’ (close) or the back button.

Google regards to the bounce back rate of each site as a ranking signal. One of the probable reasons why your site has a poor quality of traffic is because of the ads that contributed to the bounce rate. Visitors who encounter this ad will most likely hit the back button immediately since they don’t want to waste their time on the sites with annoying ads. Of course, who would want to engage in a website that serves an ad first to its visitors?

3. Roadblocks

The roadblock is an ad which redirects you to a different web page before you can continue or go to the page where you want to go.

When you have roadblocks on your site, the risk of having a higher bounce rate is very high. Sometimes, most of the viewers or visitors, if not all, may assume that your site is a spam and will immediately hit the back button.

People usually have shorter patience. This is most evident when they still have to click another page or button before directing them to the page that they are supposed to be visiting. It will be so rare for the people to click the continue button beside or on the ad itself just to visit that page.

4. Auto-play audio or video ads




Auto-play audio or video ads are one of the peskiest ads people hate to encounter. They usually got irritated with the sudden noise coming from the audio or video. There are also times when the site had many auto-playing audio or video ads which lead to overlapping of sounds.

The worst part is, there are some ads that have no mute or back button for you to go directly to the content of the web page. You still have to wait until the video stops playing which also irritates the visitor.

People hate hearing noises. They will hit the back button 100% and go to other related websites. This will not only affect your traffic, but also your ranking since these two components are correlated.

Including the right feature on the ad is one of the important elements of an ad to promote your business effectively. If you really want to put an audio or video ad, make sure that the ad will play only when clicked by the viewer. don’t make it too intrusive that your traffic is severely affected.

5. Captcha ads




Captcha is a type of ad where you have to answer or identify what is written on the screen before you can go to the site or page where you want to go.

People tend to be pissed with the captcha ad since it slows them down, especially need to do something else immediately after the search. Not to mention, most, if not all, of the captcha ads are blurry and in stretchy letters which makes us harder to identify, taking too much of the time of the visitor.

Visitors who have encountered captcha ads don’t have any choice but to answer it for them to be redirected to the site where they want to go.

6. Pop-under ads




You won’t notice and expect the ad until you close the browser. The ad is usually hidden behind. This ad strategy was used before and is rarely used nowadays, but some of us still encounter pop-under ads.

If you are an online advertiser, it is your main duty to have a responsible advertising. Although abusive advertising can sometimes be effective on your end, think about the customers, too. Think about how they would feel when they encounter any of these ads on your website.

Not only that, these ads affect bounce rate as well as traffic and ranking. So, be considerate and discreet regarding putting ads on your website.

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