Love-and-Hate Relationship of Paid Search (SEM) and SEO

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About 8% of all searches result to clicking any of the advertisements in the natural search list. What do this tells us and what it means to our paid search and SEO? Please remember that, in this context, search engine marketing (SEM) is for paid search and SEO is for organic search to avoid confusions. However, the confusion whether they…

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12 Ways to Make Infographics that Rock

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Infographics are visual representations of rather complex information. Infographics show the information in digestible chunks that viewers can easily and immediately understand. It attempts to provide a universal explanation. Facts about Infographics For starters, here are some noteworthy facts about infographics: About 50% of our brain is used for visual processing. Approximately 90% of all information transmitted to our brain…

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