Say goodbye to expensive production and a host of other complications that you don’t need to think about.

Optimind Technology Solutions develops its software and Web applications using one of the most resource- and labor-efficient development philosophies today: Get Real philosophy..

When organizations get real, they get down to the bottom lines of their very existence and work on what they do best. The end results are software and web applications that are produced faster and more efficiently.

We start by developing the interface that the customer will experience, and work our way backwards. Get the interface right, produce a topnotch user experience, and there’s a lot less chance of bungling up the website.

We spend less time on representation – you know, charts, wireframes and tables – and more time on actually producing a product that works.

We significantly reduce red tape, paperwork, bells and whistles, pretty much everything that isn’t really a must-have, giving you exactly what you need.

For large custom projects, we follow the FDD methodology.