Goodbye Geocities

By October 28, 2009 July 10th, 2017 Web Design

During the late 90’s, Geocities is the biggest site offering free web hosting, in exchange for Banner Ads. Back then, hosting is expensive, so most people, especially those who have personal sites chose to just sign up for a Geocities account. Most web developers who started then must know this site. It’s like Blogger or WordPress circa 1995.

Just this morning, I read a news that Yahoo is shutting down Geocities even if it still gets 10M unique visitors per month. This news is a bit saddening for me because most of my college memories are stored somewhere in one of my classmates’ Geocities account. I still look at their Geocities sites once in a while from a compiled list of links from our college class website (courtesy of Tripod, another Geocities-like site in the late 90s and developed by myself back in college).

Gone and going away with Geocities are animated Gifs, Netscape Navigator, Best works with Netscape button (or Bets works with Internet Explorer button), Netscape Composer (the very first website editor I used), ICQ (first IM I used), IRC addicts, lots and lots of tags for layouting, bevel button effect and many more.Goodbye Geocities! I will never forget the long but useful Geocities web address in the 90s.

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