Flash/Interactive Solutions

Create Unique Characters for Your Campaigns

Our illustrators and animators can create a wide selection of animated personalities to suit your campaigns. We handle everything from character design & illustration to vectoring and coloring, to computer animation.

Harness the Power and Potential of Interactive Media

Interactive media is the wave of the future; whether on the Internet or in CDs and digital media, interactive media offers companies an unparalleled amount of exposure to its clients. Optimind Technology Solutions’ experience includes the production of interactive educational CD-ROMs for international markets, complete with animation and games, as well as interactive Flash-based games and applications for several websites.

Engage Your Clients With Interactive Materials

An Optimind Technology Solutions specialty, interactive materials provide companies a stunning array of options with which to engage their customers, including product displays and catalogs, interactive brochures, games, animated graphics, video, and audio tracks. It is one of the most compelling marketing tools available to clients today.

Optimind can produce for your business customized interactive CDs that run a wide range of multimedia presentations that match your company’s image and branding. User-friendly and compatible across virtually any operating system, our interactive materials are cost-effective and ideal for any marketing communications endeavor.

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Win Clients Over With An Easy User Interface

Optimind Technology Solutions designs slick yet simple user interfaces that are easily navigable yet impressive in depth and scope. The entire interactive CD’s contents are made readily available to the user via an easy main menu interface, making for a simple and efficient platform through which customers can learn more about your company’s products and services.

Dare to Impress With State-of-the-Art Graphic Design

There is virtually no limit to the type of graphic presentation Optimind Technology can produce for your company. Whatever your branding strategy, we at Optimind will match its look and feel, coming up with interactive materials that distinguish your company clearly from other market competitors.

One of Optimind’s strongest case studies in interactive CD development comes as the result of a partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund and a well-known Kuwaiti advertising agency. The project, an interactive educational CD for Arab children, was well-received in the Middle East and is currently one of the more groundbreaking examples of international collaboration for 2D animation.