IT Consulting Services

Our IT consulting services guide you towards digital transformation and system integration. With a long-term focus, we equip your business with reliable technologies that assist in achieving goals and desired outcomes.

Streamlined IT consulting services that give your business leverage and competitive advantage

An IT strategy improves the digital experience on both the business and the customer side. However, IT is not always a core business. Solving any IT challenge or issue is often disruptive to the operation, so any business needs time-tested strategies that will help the enterprise grow. This can be a costly undertaking as well. On the other end, leveraging IT assets helps empower the enterprise and its people minus the need to take up valuable time that the business should’ve otherwise spent on core business operations. Remember that wrong action plans can cost the business exponentially more resources (time, finances, and people) than they would cost to simply hire an IT consulting firm.

Our consulting services aim to get to know your business in-depth. We focus on skipping the noise of trends and prioritize implementing IT strategies that matter. Optimind delivers bespoke IT consultancy and support solutions regardless of the size of the organization. We help lead the business forward by ensuring that the IT infrastructure is working optimally.

Our IT Consulting Services

Our IT consulting services determine the needs for which IT solutions, identifying milestones, and mitigating risks once the right solutions are already determined. IT solutions must collaborate to work more efficiently. Through consultation, we may ensure that technology decisions are geared towards meeting business needs.

Our team of digital strategists will guide you through conceptualization to implementation regardless of any of these digital marketing consultancy services you choose.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that involves numerous aspects of going and being digital. We broke down our services so you can choose a la carte or in combination.

Disaster Recovery Consulting

Optimind Technology Solutions operates since 2002. We’ve seen hundreds of cases of downtimes that eventually ruin the business’s reputation. A technological crisis definitely affects the operability of any business. We offer disaster prevention and recovery consulting that makes a difference during critical moments. The team will assess the situation thoroughly to determine how we can better establish a safer and more robust digital environment.

IT Strategy Consulting

If IT is not in your DNA, it would be difficult to devise and implement a precise solution that supports and aligns with the company’s goals and objectives. Optimind has extensive experience in assisting businesses toward a cost-effective digital transformation. Our team starts such a transformation with a technology roadmap. We will capitalize on the available resources—yours and ours—to explore the most efficient IT strategies for the business.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Several available routes toward this digital transformation exist. Optimind is ready and willing to guide your business in developing an IT strategy that works. Together, we will execute and scale up your business to realize heightened competitiveness. This is how we help you maximize the returns on your digital investments. We transform not just the internal processes, but also the entire business model. Most importantly, we deliver IT solutions with a clear focus on industry specifics—may it be banking, health, or real estate.

System Integration Consulting

System integration is fundamental to every IT journey. Nonetheless, this depends on your present level of digital maturity. Your business may require different IT strategies for various purposes such as adding new functionality or implementing additional software applications. With our system integration consulting service, we can help you in choosing the most appropriate technological solutions for your business. This not only leverages the business but also improves the overall user experience (UX). System integration will definitely increase business agility while also minimizing maintenance costs.

Optimind does not stop at understanding where your business is at IT-wise. Our team will also investigate the scalability and robustness of the entire IT framework to ensure that it works optimally. While at it, the team will determine and introduce IT-related changes to boost business performance and growth.

What makes our IT consulting services different

Our IT consultations are tailored to your business needs. They also cover various business strategies including asset management, risk management, budget planning, strategic planning, disaster recovery, business continuity, and more. Optimind’s IT consultation services are different because of these factors.

Impactful IT solutions

We leverage custom IT consultancy services by providing strategic guidance. The team kick starts the process by studying the existing solutions (if there are any) towards identifying problems with those solutions and how they are implemented. Next, an IT roadmap will be developed complete with key performance indicators (KPIs). This is how we help businesses harness the power of information technology while also decluttering the IT framework.

Tech-driven digital strategy

Our goal is to improve the business in its entirety, not just the software infrastructure. We will improve the operations by optimizing the IT portfolio. This starts with careful planning and ends with monitoring the execution of the recommended IT strategy. The modernization of the IT framework is at the center of the consultation process, crafting an efficient approach that will enable the business to dominate the competition. We deliver maximum benefits in the shortest possible time and most minimal budgets.

Proficient IT professionals

Our team can provide strategic guidance to new clients based on continuous professional development through attending conferences and seminars and obtaining certifications. Not to mention, Optimind has already been dealing with various IT problems for almost 20 years now. We have the right people, who know how to manipulate technical and non-technical tools to help clients achieve their business goals. The team thrives in helping businesses of varying scales and structures.

As the leading provider of IT solutions in the Philippines, we continuously push the envelope. Our goal is to develop strategies that maximize your technology investments and drive competitive advantage. Our IT solutions are collaborative, participative, and transformative. We will position IT as an enabler of your business success.

Our IT Consulting Team

Our IT consulting team is headed by Miss Wendy Ang, who has amassed a wealth of IT-related expertise, experience, and skills throughout the years and which she shares with her juniors. She used to work with the Singaporean government and businesses for their software projects. With a DLSU BSCS (Software Technology) degree and AIM MBA under her belt, Optimind’s CEO and Founder has extensive knowledge in IT consulting. Her specialties include document management, productivity software, and accounting/financial systems.

When do you need the help of an IT consultancy

You will need an IT consultant if you are planning to bring your business operation online. Optimind has the resources, competencies, and capabilities to guide you throughout your digital journey.

However, there are several circumstances—or challenges—that compel you to bring the expertise of an IT consulting company onboard.

Lagging behind the competition

Businesses need to topple the competition and stay ahead of that competition. IT optimization is necessary when the competition is taking a toll on the operations. There would be several bottlenecks for sure, but there is nothing that technology cannot address. An IT consultant can help you pinpoint the aspects of business operations may it be migration to the cloud, enterprise mobility, AR integration, process automation, and digital marketing.

Facing growing complexities

Without a competitive edge or assets, it would be difficult for the business to beat the competition. But this is just one complexity. Internally, the business IT framework, for instance, is subject to constant pressure as the business continues to grow and the industry continues to welcome new challenges. An IT consulting firm can determine these complexities and how they affect the operation. The firm is the best ally in ensuring that the business is ahead of the curve.

Changing business requirements

Business requirements are ever-changing. Not just in terms of expanding competition, but also when it comes to enhancement in the production process or increase in customer workflows. The role of the IT consultant provider cannot be dismissed, especially when you don’t have the expertise to tackle the matter. You may have the idea or vision, but the provider can always help in making such materialize. Thorough planning for a more cost-effective IT solutions implementation will be prioritized without quality compromises and losses.

Looming business operations threats

Operating a business has inherent risks. Collecting personally identifiable information or publishing sensitive data expose the business to greater risks. Security threats are one of these. An IT consultant begins with assessing the risks, so the consultation process starts with creating awareness. Through tackling various threats with the help of the consultancy firm, vulnerabilities are defined. To address these, there is a need to ensure a threat-proof IT framework.

Our IT Solutions Lifecycle

Optimind is manned by IT professionals who have the right skills, processes, and tools. We can help any client adapt to the ever-growing market demands. We will build your digital transformation from the ground up, that is if this is your first brush with IT or digital.

Our IT consultation services are backed by almost 20 years of experience and IT expertise. We conform to a three-stage IT lifecycle, which is the result—the follow-through—of the consultation stage.


The consultation stage assesses the IT environment that the business operates in. Its primary goal is to gain a better understanding of business IT readiness including the challenges the limit the company to perform and deliver. In this way also, the IT solutions recommendations will support key business processes, goals, and objectives.


The planning stage starts with strategizing. This includes identifying which solutions must be implemented and which platforms the business must integrate into its operation. At this stage, we will also determine the business requirements and map them to the right IT solutions.


The implementation stage covers the custom IT solutions development. These are the platform-based solutions identified in the last stage. Data migration could be the priority here. A multidisciplinary team including digital consultants, website and mobile experts, and UI/UX designers will be created for the specific requirements of the project.


The maintenance stage monitors the growth brought by the IT solutions, which also means keeping track of the performance of these solutions. Improvements are upheld so IT development would not stagnate. New functionalities, better interoperability, and better integration are the basis of maintenance.

With proper assessment, planning, implementation, and management of the business’s IT frameworks, Optimind can ensure successful alignment with the organizational strategies. This is also an assurance for business continuity, keeping the critical systems and processes streamlined and optimized.

Why choose our IT consultancy services

When lending a helping hand in developing and executing an IT strategy for your business, we need to work closely with you. This is where our IT consultancy adds value to your operations. Here are the reasons why you must make Optimind as your IT consultant.

1) We listen intently and humbly.

From the first call to the first meeting, our IT team will exhaust all ways to know your business, understanding the nature of your business and your goals, objectives, and processes. We will also determine the present information capabilities of the enterprise. Keeping an open dialogue, you can tell us which parts of the operations would you want to improve and the results you want to achieve. Optimind will deliver.

2) We collaborate at all levels.

Like any business, the relationship between your company and Optimind will be one of a strategic partnership. We will develop an IT roadmap together so we are on the same page. The roadmap will align with your business objectives. Also, if you have any questions about the consultation process, you can always contact or ask the project coordinator or account executive. In propelling your business forward, Optimind will deliver expertise and technology.

3) We solve IT-related pain points.

With the latest technologies and tools to help us, our team will deliver advanced IT solutions. However, we can only do this if we have an in-depth understanding of your pain points. Our assessments will definitely reveal small wins and pain points that we need to address and overcome. We will map out an implementation strategy based on these pain points and help you implement them. Since we kept abreast of the technological trends and discoveries, the team raises the bar in IT consulting as we measure, report, and improve your business.

Industries we serve

Optimind is committed to meeting—and even exceeding—our client’s expectations and goals. Whether your company or organization needs assistance with a new IT project, ongoing tech support, IT investment decisions, system integration, and configuration, or maximizing uptime, we can help.

The IT projects that we’ve completed before, such as the examples below, can better demonstrate our competencies that any words can say.

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