Set up your website to attract AND convert

At Optimind, we know it’s not enough to bring visitors into your site; we need to offer them a solid experience that will transform them from visitors into clients, and from clients into return clients. Our suite of on-page strategies is designed to enhance the user’s search and site experience.

A Universal Platform for All Documents

Optimind websites are designed to offer a universal platform for all documents, including MS Office (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.), images (JPGs, GIFs, PNGs, etc.) and open-source programs (Star Office, Gimp, etc). It’s bringing universality to a whole new level.

Back-End Strategies

Optimind’s team of programmers ensures that there isn’t anything in the internal design of your website that will interfere with your website’s look and feel. These include modifying in your URL, Title, Headings, Hypertext Links, and Body text, the proper amounts of keyword density and frequency. We also reduce redundant HTML codes (known as ‘cruft’) to produce page content that is more focused and easier to link.

Increase your Click-through conversion rate

On-page optimization is not just about adding your keywords to the TITLE tag. Optimind ensures your website’s meta-tags persuade the visitor to click and choose your website above all other sites in the results page.