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September 21, 2008 4:03 pm

Online PR techniques

By optiminddigital

I just finished reading The New Rules of PR and Marketing by David Meerman Scott. The book is all about how to use online channels to reach customers and build media relations. Part of our Philippine SEO services is to do online promotions for our client’s company or product.  Some notes from the book that is useful for online promotions are:

  • use RSS feeds
  • focus on keywords and phrases your buyers use
  • add links to your news releases
  • use the appropriate social media tags
  • non-targeted, broadcast pitches are considered as spam
  • pitch to bloggers and start your own blog (for more about blogging, you may read Janette Toral’s Blogging from Home book)
  • include an about page on your blog
  • comment on blogs related to yours