Android App Developer

Learning | Swimming | Programming | Watching Movies/TV Series | Workout | Bboying | Playing Video Games

What makes you happy?
Social activities, traveling, programming, cats, watching the rain

Starting his days with a cup of coffee, Jhondee, or Jhondz, loves building stuff that lives in computers. Jhondz considers himself as an adaptive perfection; he challenges himself to learn something new every day. Perhaps this is his way of preparing himself professionally as he sees himself managing a team and being proficient in his field five years from now. One would be surprised upon hearing his strong, deep voice, but he really is kind and soft-hearted. And oh, he loves petting his cats, for its mind calming effects. During me-times, Jhondz listens to pop, alt rock, acid, jazz, EDM, deep/progressive house and lo-fi music, among others. If not, he is probably watching a comedy or thriller movie or binge-watching on anime or Kdrama. To fully replenish his well-being though, he hangs out with friends.