Social Media Specialist

A Growling Tiger raised in the Shoe Capital of the Philippines, fascinated with everything in life, Renz Cloie is known to be curious and has the tendency to overthink things. Interested in learning the digital aspect of Marketing for she was exposed to OOH growing up. She’s shy yet outspoken when she’s comfortable. Often travels but she undeniably hate flights. And she loves listening to music every time and reading during her free time.

She enjoys learning and playing board and card games. One thing’s for sure, once she gets a hold of a new game and loved it, she needs to have it. Collecting G-shock watches is also her thing. Binge watching TV series and anime is also a part of her plus, she’s totally into movies too (especially if it’s a superhero movie or the animated ones). She loves bands more than solo artists. The only exception to this is Ed Sheeran.

What makes you happy?
A cup of tea or matcha latte every day, couple of hugs and kisses from loved ones, home-cooked meals made by her partner, long drives, dancing, OPM, and conversations from people close to her — she believes that happiness from the little things in life is what matters the most.


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