Reach Your Customers 24×7


Optimind is committed to help you reach your customers 24×7, through the use of mobile technology and social media networks.

Mobile Technology

More and more individuals are having access to smartphones and tablet devices, and this allows them to be online and be connected 24×7. Since 2010, there has been a 162.73% increase worldwide in a mobile share for web traffic. According to Wikipedia, 24% of Filipino internet users access the Internet daily through mobile phones. We project this metric growing as more companies make smart devices accessible and affordable.

Social Media Engagement

Social media has taken the Philippines by storm, and a brand’s marketing strategy won’t be complete without online presence through Facebook, Twitter, and other pertinent social networks. Optimind’s expertise includes online community management, to effectively engage consumers from all walks of life. We offer fast and timely responses to customer requests and inquiries, offering the best customer service that your brand can have.

We also tailor-fit your social media strategy according to your brand, to effectively be able to engage and interact with your target audience. We engage with your customers by asking questions, holding contests, and sharing relevant content to your audience. To date, our clients receive a 30% engagement on their Facebook fan pages because of implementing and executing the best social media strategy best fit for your brand.


We also employ the use of gamification techniques to increase customer engagement. We strategize ways on how to offer rewards and certain badges to your customers who interact with your brand’s pages, based on what your brand can offer.