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All about Fonts on websites

Several clients have asked our guidance about the best type and size of font for their site. The answer is, there is no best type and size. Types are limited to certain fonts that are supported by the operating system (Mac, Windows or Linux). As for font sizes, the standard for web browsers would be 11px or 12px but that…
August 29, 2008

How to promote a new website

Here in the Philippines, most of the businesses are just starting to go online. Since we started in 2002, most of our clients are usually from overseas with US and Singapore being the majority. Yesterday, I've met with a businessman who owns a local travel agency and is now willing to expand his market using a web channel. One of…
August 21, 2008
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Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit Notes

I attended the 2nd Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit last August 13-15, 2008 to learn about the current trends in online and mobile marketing in the Philippines. Here are some noteworthy facts and figures presented at the summit: only 18% of TV Ads generate positive response internet and mobile marketing campaigns are the most trackable and cost-effective ways to do…
August 16, 2008
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Design Elements Showcase

Smiley Cat offers an interesting showcase of design elements. The showcase ranges from registration forms, log-in forms, carousels, etc. This is a great resource if you are planning your next website redesign.   my favorite pricing table design is by MovableType.
August 10, 2008
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Top 5 must-haves of an offshore web design company

Optimind is an offshore web design company located in Manila, Philippines. 75% of our clients are overseas. Based on our own setup and experience, these are the top 5 online tools that we can't live without: Website Designed for Conversion and SEO To enter the international market, you need a site that has a world-class design. Before designing or redesigning…
August 7, 2008

Website revamp and Robots.txt

Recently, we've redesigned our corporate website. The current site is not yet final as we are still lacking some pages for our new services. I am personally working on the content structure and decided to outsource content production to my favorite copywriter. The main objective for this revamp is to increase our search engine ranking and our conversion rate. So…
August 6, 2008