SEO Conference and New Blog Design

By April 7, 2009 June 20th, 2018 Behind the Scenes, News

There is an upcoming e-business and social networking conference where our company’s president will be speaking at. The details of the conference can be found here.

With this, we decided to change the look of our blog, to prepare and work on our company’s image. We’re still fixing some minor things – like the logo on top that doesn’t really work with the colors of this blog :). Some other things we did together with the design upgrade are:

  • Upgrade to the latest WordPress
  • Installed some SEO plug-ins (thanks to our SEO Unit Head, Annie, for notifying us that our blog didn’t have an XML sitemap)
  • Installed Hello Dolly plug-in even though it doesn’t make sense. While typing this post, hello dolly is displaying “Golly. gee fellas”
  • Updated the footer links with keywords that link to our landing pages

We hope that you’re enjoying the upgrade for our blog’s design. More great things to come 🙂

Update 4/28/2009:

Conference was successful, just found an AVP of it uploaded:

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