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An SEO audit is a tedious task that leads to the right results when done right. Essentially, the audit takes out pure guesswork on determining what works for SEO in 2019, 2020, and beyond. The process is cost-effective, and can definitely stir the SEO campaign in the right direction.

We, at Optimind, prioritize analyzing the website in-depth to reveal the factors that hinder it from performing and delivering the right results, traffic-wise especially. The SEO team implements a combination of manual and tools-based audits and comes up with an audit report with actionable insights.

SEO Audit Service

Technical SEO Audit

SEO has the technical and nontechnical components, negatively affecting the rankings and thus, traffic when problems are present. A technical SEO audit includes an investigation on accessibility, crawling, and indexing. There should be no error pages, broken links, and empty redirects. The website must have a properly structured robots.txt and sitemaps.xml files. Site structure and management, as well as other factors such as speed and mobile-friendliness, are assessed. URLs, file sizes, Analytics integration are other things to look at.

Keyword Research and Analysis

In SEO, everything starts with a target keyword. Thus, the usage of the right keywords is the foundation of a successful campaign. Several keyword-related best practices apply that non-SEOs may not be aware of. Apart from this, the right keywords satisfy the user’s intent through informative, shareable content. Content optimization has keyword research and analysis at its core.

On-Page SEO Audit

On-page implementations reinforce the keyword targeting process. It would be difficult for the site to rank on certain keywords without the appropriate on-page elements. Meta tags, URLs, keyword count and density, outbound links, internal links, speed, images, social sharing buttons are some of these on-page elements that contribute to the SEO quality of each page.

Off-Page SEO Audit

The backlink profile is a part of off-page SEO. A healthy link profile is what the website needs. Through the audit, toxic links hurt the site’s rankings, if these are already established. So these must be removed as soon as they are discovered. Aside from this, improving the link profile through actionable results will be outlined in the audit report. Off-page SEO strategies that are website-specific are included in the report.

Penalty Identification and Recovery

Google still penalizes websites that do not abide by the quality guidelines, among other rules. For the non-technicals, it is rather difficult to detect if your website was penalized, when exactly and why. Some site owners only became aware of the situation when they can no longer find the site on the results pages. The audit will reveal the details of the penalty and how the site should recover from it.

Why should you get an SEO audit

Identify technical issues

Technical issues limit your website’s performance. Fixing these issues will rectify the situation, and continue working optimally to achieve its intended purpose. The website is your online portal the connects the brand with your target market. Without a properly working site, you cannot expect users to find it quickly on results pages. Not to mention, your rivals are doing constant website audits that push their websites up and your site down the results pages.

Increase traffic

An SEO audit increases the volume of prospective qualified leads on the website. The ideal is progressive organic traffic accumulation. If the website is experiencing a decline, the audit is necessary, especially after a redesign, migration, or rebranding. The traffic the website was able to build must be protected during these major technical events. The audit helps in this aspect, as well as in continually increasing traffic through link building strategies.

Increase Google visibility

The ultimate goal of SEO (organic and paid) is to dominate the screen real estate. However, if the website is not following Google guidelines, best practices, and recommendations, the search engine giant may devalue the site through penalizing the pages. When this happens, the entire website would become less visible to the users. With the audit, the site’s visibility will be improved.

Improve user experience

A good user experience (UX) on the website often translates to higher conversion rates. Visitors expect a seamless experience when they land on your website. If your website won’t load in 3 seconds, they will find another one. The audit can improve UX as well as other elements tied to it—conversion, dwell time, bounce rate, navigability, etc.

Improve quality content

If the site has no content strategy, the audit also determines which type of content is the most appropriate for the website. The audit would always recommend having this strategy because content matters most today, SEO-wise. For instance, content increases engagement by 72%. If the site has a content strategy in place, the audit would recommend techniques on how to do it better.

Our SEO Audit Process

Optimind’s SEO audit process is simple, involving four broad factors: technical, content, link, and social.







The team looks into accessibility, crawling, and indexing issues first such as redirections, broken pages, structured data, etc. We will also be looking at other technical elements such as speed, security and mobile-friendliness. Finally, the team will assert the Google Analytics implementation on the website.


The SEO team will assess content optimization. This includes looking into the keywords, title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, and image alt tags. The team will also determine if there are any duplicate, thin, low-quality, and under-optimized content and if there’s a balance between code and content. Finally, content gaps and opportunities will be outlined including a blog and the news section of the website.


The link health will be assessed. The total number of backlinks and anchor text will be analyzed, including the use of branded and non-branded anchors and absolute URLs. Overall, the existing internal and external linking strategies will be evaluated to determine which strategies work and which should be replaced with more site-relevant strategies.


SEO and social go hand in hand, so the SEO team the website’s social integration and performance. Some social strategies are aligned with the activities at the website level. Although, there are social activities that may contribute to the value of the website both in the eyes of spiders and bots and users.


All these assessments culminate in the creation of the SEO audit report, an SEO document that contains all the recommendations. The focus of the team is on actionable items arranged on the basis of value. As much as possible, the strategies to be implemented shall deliver the most SEO value.

Why hire Optimind as your SEO specialist

Extensive SEO experience

Optimind has already been providing SEO services since 2006. And before the company offers any service including SEO audit, the processes are tested internally. We don’t want to offer a service that is not piloted on our website.

Wide range of tools

We use free, freemium, and paid SEO audit tools. The team also uses crawlers like ScreamingFrog. If we need more tools for analysis, we invest in them so we can deliver the quality service expected from us.

Transparent review

All the results of the comprehensive SEO audit are included in the report. At the start, we ask for credentials (website, Google Analytics, and Search Console, if there are any) that may render the audit as seamless as possible. We explain to the client why these are needed.

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