Software Development Services

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Software development needs vary, but we ensure that the end-product aids in digital transformation. Fully invested in the art and science of software development, the goal is to serve any client using the latest technologies to enable your brand, company, or organization to reach its software objectives. We deliver the projects within demanding timeframes.

Optimind Technology Solutions has been providing digital services to Fortune 500 companies, startups, and small to medium scale enterprises in various industries for almost two decades. The development team, which includes both the technical and creative people, has already completed thousands of projects throughout the years. We take pride in the quality of our software products and solutions, as well as other related development services.

Our Software Development Services

Whether the development project is custom, built from scratch, system integration, QA testing, and technology consulting, Optimind can do all these things. We cater to software development services in various business domains, turning any business idea into reality.

Software Consulting

With a robust combination of expertise and experience, the team relies heavily on the wealth of knowledge gained throughout all those years that we started offering software development services. We can provide you with valuable advice and support through our software consulting service, regardless of where you are at the development process (ideation to standards compliance). We can even help if you get stuck and help you discover the causes and reasons behind the stalled project and set it in the right direction.

Application Development

Optimind offers full-stack software development services, including web through progressive web apps (PWA) and mobile solutions. Our primary responsibility is to ensure that the application is responsive regardless of the platform, channel, or even device. We develop true to specifications, with all the appropriate features and capabilities that will boost business performance.

Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise software applications help keep the operation focused on business-critical processes to cope with current business demands. Not just turning the concept into a concrete digital product, but also in terms of migrating the application to the cloud through re-hosting, platforming, and architecting. The team also assists in modernizing legacy software applications and integrating current applications with other apps or services.

Software QA and Testing

A software product can only meet or even exceed the expectations of end-users if it is reliable and stable. Reliability and stability also mean robustness minus all the bugs and errors that ruin the user experience (UX). Our software QA (quality assurance) and testing service is geared toward reducing the time and effort in figuring out what the app is not working or how to optimize the app best. Our team will provide you with a real edge by means of achieving the highest level of quality.

UI and UX Services

The user interface (UI), how it is designed and how functional it is, affect the overall UX. In providing an experience like no other, it must be built with a sleek and adaptive interface. This increases conversion rates, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and thereby impact the bottom-line. Our team understands that all features you put on the screen must have a purpose that complements and synergizes with one another.

Application Maintenance Services

Applications are built scalable and sustainable. Optimind offers app maintenance services, but we also provide modernization to ensure optimal performance as the business grows. Our team is also capable of maintaining and modernizing the entire software infrastructure.

API Integration Services

API integration is a technical initiative. Our team has the technological know-how and expertise to build and implement custom APIs regardless of the breed of the application. APIs help add functionalities to the software system, facilitating grounded communication between your app and other digital products and solutions.

Software Migration Services

Migration requires technical prowess that our team has. Our software migration services include cloud-based migration and system upgrades. We can tackle any software modernization tasks with a specific focus on data integrity and system uptime. This should be one less worry for you during an IT transition.

From conceptualizing to coding and development, and even launch, Optimind offers software development services to optimize the operation and boost growth. Whether you are looking into developing a software application from scratch or upgrading an existing app with new capabilities, we can tackle all software development needs that you require. Our people are ready to take on the challenge.

Our Software Development Process

Optimind has an in-house team of professionals who can cover all the aspects of the development process. Our assurance is providing your software development project with a team of creatives and technicals who can deal with the software development requirements within budget and timeline.

Our software development process involves: