5 Website Fails Your Business Makes

And yes, responsive web design is #1

In this day and age, a website is a necessity. For one, you cannot have the luxury of conversions if you don’t have a website. A website is your digital hub; hence it should be front and center. And if you will implement a digital marketing strategy, your first stop should be ensuring that it works optimally. Your #1 priority is making sure that it is designed to convert.

On the other end, don’t ever think that you may rake in profits just because you have a website. There are many reasons why a business, through its site, may fail. And you may be making these web design mistakes right now.

Website fails businesses make

responsive web design

1) Your site is not mobile-friendly

Users are now mobile-first users which mean they access and browse the Internet through their mobile devices first before checking their email and profiles on a desktop. Who knows but the majority of these users could be actually mobile-only users, right? This is the reality now.

For your business, the implication is so simple—you need to optimize your website for mobile-friendliness. This is more so today since mobile-friendliness is a ranking signal. Google also penalizes sites that are not yet mobile-friendly by means of de-indexing the website.

With these, make sure that your website is accessible to mobile users. Responsive web design must be a priority, with the right sizes of tap targets and buttons. Use simple layout, so it will look less cluttered. Optimize the images for it to load quickly on various mobile devices regardless of the browsers being used. Use subheadings and bullet lists.

Actionable tip: Check if your site is already mobile-friendly or not with this test

update your site regularly with a blog

2) Your site is not updated regularly

Do you wonder why the bounce rate is so high? And why Google would index only about 30% of the total number of pages on your website. The answer could be that your website is not updated on a regular basis. Please realize that some pages and elements can boost engagement on your website.

Think of it this way: A website that is not updated regularly loses its value over time. Some website owners struggle in this area, but you can always start with publishing valuable content. There are good reasons you should integrate a blog into your website such as giving your company or brand the chance to provide real value to your target audience.

Even if not a blog, new content must be consistently published online for the users to consume and share. Good examples are images and videos as well as new site features. Other ways to create new content is through adding new testimonials, updating the FAQs page, publishing company news or press releases. Make sure that all links and buttons are working properly.

Actionable tip: Check when was the last time you publish a piece of content

essential information on your website

3) Your site is hiding essential information

Users are looking for information. Period. That is why they use Google in searching. When they land on your website, they expect to see what they are looking for. Otherwise, they will head to the next available site that provides such. And that could be your main competitor.

People look for your business thus your website should include the necessary information such as the business address, contact details (phone/fax and email address), operating hours, and prices/rates. They will also look at your about us page. If the experience is outstanding, they will eventually look at your social plugins to share the said experience.

Other than having UX (user experience) in mind, the information you present on your website tells so much about your legitimacy. Come to think of it, you yourself will think twice transacting with a business—online or not—if it doesn’t come with a contact us page, for instance. Unfortunately, many websites still lack such information. Don’t be like these websites.

Actionable tip: Implement schema markup to show

site too slow

4) Your website loads too slowly

In the world of fast data, you cannot afford to have slow loading times. Did you know that 47% of the consumers expect their websites to load in just two seconds or less? Yes, two seconds or the experience will lead to page abandonment. Importantly, if a customer wasn’t able to open your website, they will never open your website again.

We tend to remember negative experiences and share them with others. That’s negative WOM for you. You cannot expect your traffic and volume to rise. What more your profits?

Every second counts, and we cannot emphasize that enough. Taking this notion from an SEO perspective, it means Google will favor those websites that load quickly than those that don’t. Don’t compromise the value of your website especially since speed is now a ranking factor.

Actionable tip: Check your speed score now with this tool

call to action button on your site

5) Your website has no clear calls to action

A call to action button (or hyperlinked text) is not only for e-commerce sites. All websites must have calls to action of some sort. If not, your site visitors will be left in the dark guessing what they should be doing on your site in the first place. They won’t move forward with the products and services that you offer.

Calls to actions also act as instructions. Thereby, this should be placed strategically. That means buttons must be put on areas that the users can easily see. Of course, the buttons should stand out.

If you are going to put these buttons, make sure also that the landing pages are working properly. Having broken links on your website almost always equal to having a negative UX. This applies in particular if the page has no visible back button.

Actionable tip: Check the buttons and links to see if they are working

These are just five website fails that are costing you a lot. If these web design errors exist, you cannot expect people to explore your site. They will abandon your site even before they get to see your products or services or contact us page. These all connote negative experiences, and no user wants that. Check and correct where necessary.