Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

social-media-marketingSocial Media Marketing refers to activities that aim to increase your visibility and credibility on social media networks, including blogs, bookmarking websites, media sharing and RSS feed websites, and the like.

Our Social Media Marketing activities at Optimind are designed specifically to:

Reach the ideal audience.

More often than not, most  Social Media Marketing activities bring in a large amount of traffic that, unfortunately, couldn’t really care less about your product or service. By concentrating efforts on the websites that attract your particular target market, Optimind promises to bring in concentrated targeted traffic, the kind of numbers that anyone would be more than happy with.

Our suite of Social Media Marketing services includes:

  • Blog Development and Maintenance
  • Set up a communications network that allows you instant access to your customers’ feedback
    Weblogs, or blogs, have evolved from a few surfers’ dalliance to a legitimate social networking phenomenon. Every day, tens of thousands of blogs receive hundreds of millions of visitors, with each blog offering a different spin on a topic of choice. Blogs offer their owners the unique opportunity to share ideas with the world, as well as the welcome chance to ineteract with others who look for the information or opinion their blogs provide.

    Search engines place the kind of value on blogs unprecedented in the industry, thanks to the behavior of their owners to update on a frequent basis, as well as the rich content their blogs provide.

    Optimind provides assistance with setting up a log for your company, which then becomes your soapbox for telling visitors that you are a legitimate source of information and a force to reckon with regarding your products and services.

  • Podcast Production
    Literally speak to a savvy new crowd

    Podcasting utilizes the Internet to broadcast audio or video recordings (called vlogcasts, or video blog podcasts) to the Internet public. This allows companies the rare opportunity to speak to its target market and offer them sight, sound, and motion in one SMMoth, portable package.Optimind Technology Solutions can assist you with podcast development and production. Our stable of voice talents spans a great variety of ages and accents, and our low-cost operation allows fast and efficient recording without sacrificing quality and style.
  • Community Building
    Creating a dynamic user experience designed to generate goodwill

    Social networks are started every day for all kinds of topics. Optimind scours the Web, looking for blogs, forums and online groups that are related to your product or service. Once we find them, we establish representation for you on these websites and join the community. This allows you to communicate with your customers and build goodwill that will result in higher traffic and profit.
  • Social Network Marketing Service
    Bringing you closer to the people who value you

    Social networks like MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn afford Internet users the opportunity to keep in touch with you via a highly interactive online interface that is personal and engaging.Optimind will help you set up your social network accounts and maintain them for you, giving you maximum interaction with your target users with little fuss.

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