Custom WordPress Development Services

Our custom WordPress development services recognize the unique circumstances of each project. Shunning the cookie cutter model of website development, every business, brand or organization is different.

Harness the power of the most reliable CMS platform, WordPress to kickstart your online dominance

A high-performing website is vital if you want to dominate the WordPress, as the leading CMS platform, extend website capabilities in various ways including custom functions and theme customization. WordPress sites are usually high-performing that’s why it was the #1 choice of industry leaders and top brands. With this said, WordPress transcends beyond business models and target market.

We offer WordPress solutions that allow you to obtain better business results. Nonetheless, we build custom websites to suit your needs whether for personal portfolio or transactions-based e-commerce-like site. The team has the strategies and tools at their disposal to serve a global clientele, fully comprehending the need to build a flexible and scalable solution for each project.

Project Consultation

Optimind has an extensive experience in WordPress development. The dev team is composed of members who are system experts; they are well-versed with the ins and outs of the platform. As such, the project consultation revolves around providing you with reliable advice on how you can maximize its features. That is after a discussion of the website requirements and specifications and assessment of their feasibility and timeline.

CMS Installation and Configuration

If setting up the WordPress site is all you need, we also offer website and blog setup. Depending on the package, this may include design, development, content, and theme configuration. Webforms and other automation inclusions will be made available if needed.

WordPress Website Design

We strive to create WordPress sites with seamless user interface (UI), fluid navigation, and responsive layout. All these characterize a high-converting website that you should aim for in the first place. Additionally, the design will distinguish your brand from the competition.

WordPress Website Development

Our specialty is building effective WordPress websites using cutting edge technologies. Whether the site favors a specific best-coded markup such as CSS3 or HTML5, the team can do it. Also, if you want real-time information, live Twitter or Instagram feed, module update, or anything WordPress website-related, the team can help.

WordPress Multisite Design

WordPress caters to complex requirements including multisite. Our in-house development experts are adept at creating WordPress hosted sites and microsites to suit whatever purpose may have.

WordPress Website Optimization

Website optimization involves both the technicals and non-technicals. We have development as well as optimization experts who collaborate to come up with an SEO-ready WordPress website from the code up. Our SEO experts also possess the know-how on the plugins and tools to use to make the site findable on search engines.

WordPress Content Migration

Websites that were initially developed using Drupal, Joomla, or Magento are transformed into WordPress sites. Content migration is also one of the specialties of our dev team, converting the site painlessly as they could without losing any equity (ranking, traffic, links, etc.) in the process.

WordPress Support and Maintenance

WordPress maintenance is not without difficulties, but the team can turn these difficulties to banal activities. The performance of the website will be monitored and reported to you. We also offer hosting solutions if your site needs it in addition to error notification and malware protection.

WordPress API Integration

The team also takes care of website integration needs as part of our complete WordPress solution. Part of this service are module management and documentation. The goal is reaching seamless data syncing so all the different APIs will work together without affecting the site’s uptime and performance.

Theme Development / Customization

Themes exist for a reason. Nonetheless, in the highly competitive digital marketing landscape, branding is critical. We can develop a responsive WordPress theme for you or customize your chosen theme. The team creates UX (user experience) design from scratch, converts PSD, and check them with latest protocols.

Sample WordPress Works

Our WordPress Development Process

Our WordPress development process involves several steps, but all these are necessary.

Initial consultation

Proposal Submission

Project Team Identification



Why use WordPress

Our words may not be enough to compel you to consider WordPress development. However, these stats will surely convince you to choose WordPress among the available CMS platforms.

WordPress controls


CMS market share

WordPress powers


of websites worldwide in 2019



of the top websites in the world is WordPress-powered

WordPress users grew by up to


since 2018

More than


users visit a WordPress site monthly



WordPress sites are launched daily offers more than


of websites worldwide in 2019



plugins and;


licensed themes



of e-commerce sites go through WooCommerce

Why hire Optimind as your WordPress developer

Customized approach

Since no two brand or business are the same, our WordPress development process is highly customized. Our advocacy for a highly customized website is because of the exclusivity of the completed WordPress website. The impeccability of the site is also evident with customization.

Result-oriented workflow

Developing an interactive, feature-rich WordPress website requires knowing and implementing industry best practices. These are the basis of our WordPress development process as we follow a structural approach in developing the website and providing other custom WordPress services.

Dedicated technical team

Commitment does not only involves understanding how WordPress works—it also includes obtaining a deeper appreciation on how the platform as an online business enabler. The WordPress website will be the firm’s primary digital marketing asset, so the team must have proven technical skills to build a website that is geared toward ever-increasing business growth.

Quality assurance

Project progress must be reported to the client regularly. Updates, however, should be qualitative as they were quantitative. While the number of milestones hit within the timeframe is crucial, the quality of each milestone is equally important to us. Apart from this, we have in-house QA testers to ensure that the service rendered meets industry standards as well the requirements of the client.

Highly-secured websites

Security protocols such as HTTPS are available. WordPress websites we develop comply with these protocols to ensure that these are protected against malware, spammers, and hackers.

Standards compliance

WordPress has coding standards that developers and coders must adhere to. Our services, whether it is WordPress coding, theme customization, or plugin development, bound to standards compliance.

Proficient developers

Our web designers, developers, programmers, and coders are experts in what they do. They have own specialties, backed by at least one year experience in design or coding.

Technical support

Integral to our custom WordPress development services is maintenance and support. Our technical support team offers solutions relating website updates, backups, security, theme, crash, plugin, and even hosting.

Respect for confidentiality

We sign and respect NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) if there would be any. This is one of our guarantees, and our people understand the complexities violating the agreement entails.

What makes our service different

Responsive and mobile-friendly

Our orientation is mobile-first and cross-device experience. The team ensures that the design and layout is responsive so the WordPress website will render true to form of the browser and device being used.

Speed optimized

The difference between an outstanding and a mediocre website is speed. All things equal, Google will rely on this factor in determining which site to rank.

SEO-friendly code

WordPress websites we develop are not only clean-coded and bug-free. The sites also search engine optimized. It is not enough that the website is built to perfection. Google must be able to display the site for relevant queries.

FAQs about website development on WordPress

Do you offer a flexible pricing model?

Yes, Optimind offers flexible pricing. That’s why the proposals and budgets are customized based on the development or integration needs of the website.

How do you handle post-completion maintenance and support?

Support and maintenance are the basic inclusions to the WordPress development services package. However, limitations are introduced depending on the availed package and as stipulated in the contract. The services can be extended once the development process is over, at a nominal fee.

How do you communicate with clients regarding project updates?

A dedicated team will work on your project, and one member is the account executive. She will send the progress reports through agreed upon mode of communication such as email or scanned printed copies.

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