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Our roster of well-trained and proficient mobile app developers Philippines in Manila and Cebu have been developing fully scalable and digitally transformative mobile apps for more than 5 years.

Ultimate user experience (UX) is an ideation that can only be created by mobile app developers who care about your project and its would-be users. The right approach matters that is why we ensure high-performing, feature-packed mobile apps through our agile, low-risk mobile app development process.

Our focus in developing best-in-class application revolves around usability and performance. Thus, our roster of clients considers us as a foundational partner in harnessing the best-of-breed mobile applications.

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Why hire us as your mobile app developer?

A multi-awarded team of app developers

Throughout the year, Optimind was able to build a roster of talented, multi-skilled app development team. We have in-house API developers, native iOS and Android developers, QA specialist, system architect, UX designer, etc. These mobile app development experts can handle projects of varying complexity, some of which have won local awards.

Extensive app development experience

Optimind is in existence for more than 15 years, over 5 years of which (and counting) was dedicated to app development. Aside from investing in the professional development of our in-house team at individual and team levels attending various online and offline courses so they are adept on quality requirements and international standards, the team members are hailed from the best schools in the Philippines. Not to mention, the Founder has brought experience in development from Singapore from years of working there in the design and development industry.

Transparent and collaborative environment

We strive to provide complete project transparency since day one, with full updates on the project status. We work with people behind the app to create a project with streamlined delivery, designed to match the client’s goals, budget and timeline. Working together with a dedicated account manager, we strive for shorter lead times without compromises on quality. At every point of contact, the clients will learn how the developers navigate their issues despite the challenges to make the project more successful.

Digitally transformative apps

The business world is an ever-competitive landscape. To one-up the competition, we need to bridge the time to market and get working results as quickly as we can. We maintain the overall level of quality through rigorous testing; bugs discovered and fixed early and change requests are addressed earlier. The result is a feature-centric mobile app that puts the users in front and center.

Our mobile app development services

iOS app development

Since the first time we develop a mobile app, iOS has been a fundamental facet of our service. With experienced and award-winning app developers at the helm, we can build a mobile solution capitalizing on key design parameters, features and capabilities of Apple thus providing optimal experiences to the users.

Apple app development has long been ingrained in our roots, developing applications since iOS 4.

Android app development

Like iOS, we’ve been developing Android apps since the earliest version of the OS. Our Android developers build apps from scratch for all devices supporting the Android platform.

Enterprise mobile app development

We’ve developed enterprise apps for the majority of the Top 100 companies in the Philippines. The apps aim at providing flexibility to the firm and its people. Optimind offers end-to-end mobile solutions, from conceptualization to deployment, producing the results that you are looking for.

Mobile web development

Under the umbrella term mobile and in the brink of progressive web apps (PWA) and accelerated mobile pages (AMP), we also offer mobile websites. These are websites with cross-platform adaptability. Fitting to various screen sizes, responsive design is utilized to harness native-like experiences.

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    Mobile App Stats and Facts

    Here’s a business case to choosing a mobile app to complement other digital marketing strategies. We will let the numbers do the talking!

    • Mobile users check their phone about 47 to 150 times a week on average [Small Tech News]
    • Mobile users spend 3 hours and 16 minutes daily on their mobile devices for
      • accessing email (91%),
      • text messaging (90%),
      • searching the Internet (76%),
      • social networking (75%),
      • while watching TV (76%),
      • keeping up to date with the news (62%),
      • playing games (57%),
      • listening to music (46%),
      • reading (43%),
      • watching videos (30%), and
      • getting directions (24%). [Salesforce]
    • Mobile and tablet users are 3x more likely to view a video on their devices than on desktop and laptop computers [Business2Community]
    • In the US, about 20% of the consumers are smartphone-phone only, spending more than twice their time on mobile despite owning a desktop [Business2Community]
    • Video is the most popular format for 82% of mobile users, followed by social networking and audio content [Business2Community]
    • About 26% of consumers start their search on branded apps, 33% on branded sites and 48% on search engines [Think with Google]
    • Consumers spend 8 hours per week are spent on researching on mobile apps [Think with Google]
    • Women spend 4% more time on mobile apps than men; women spend 30 hours and 58 minutes compared to men who spend 29 hours and 32 minutes [Marketing Charts]
    • About 89% of the consumers spend time using mobile apps, and only 11% of them spend time using mobile sites based on monthly usage [MobiLoud]
    • Users spend 2 hours and 11 minutes per day using mobile apps but spend only 26 minutes browsing the web [MobiLoud]
    • Over 180 billion mobile apps are downloaded as of June 2017 from the Apple App Store [Statista]
    • The most popular app categories are 1) gaming, 2) education and 3) lifestyle [Statista]
    • In 2019, the App store had 903,489 gaming apps and 3.06 million non-gaming apps [Statista]
    • About 52% of all time spent on digital media is spent on mobile apps [VentureBeat]
    • In 2018, the mobile app revenue worldwide amounted to $365 billion, and in 2023, it is expected to generate more than $935 billion [Statista]
    • In 2018, the app revenue worldwide grew by 23% or more than $71 billion [Sensor Tower]
    • First-time app installs are more than 105.3 billion in 2018 [Sensor Tower]
    • About 9 in 10 users are not certain on what brands to look for online [Blue Corona]
    • About 77% of users will make a purchase from an app that allows them to do so [Blue Corona]
    • About 60% of consumers click on a mobile ad per week [Blue Corona]
    • About 51% of consumers say they discover a brand through their mobile devices [Blue Corona]
    • About 61% of mobile searchers will contact a brand with a mobile-friendly website [Blue Corona]
    • A one-second delay in mobile page loading reduces conversion by 7% [Blue Corona]

    Our Process

    We have an agile development process in creating digitally-transformative mobile apps.

    1. Requirements

    With our end-to-end solutions, a feasible timeline that integrates all your app’s specs and parameters will be built so we can build a mobile app that is true to your functional, non-functional and aesthetic requirements. From the get-go, we can also offer another set of capabilities for your mobile app that may not have been considered before.

    2. Analysis

    In determining the feasibility of your mobile app development project, device compatibility is performed. Based on this, we make suggestions of the most suitable platforms. Proof-of-concept (or semi-functional mockup) is considered to determine if the app features and functions are workable or not.

    3. Design

    Before developing the app, a strong UX design must be carefully planned before it can be integrated into the app. A poorly-designed mobile app hence it must be built with its users in mind from conception and ideation. We vouch on complete transparency so our clients would understand what pain points the custom app design must address through capturing your requirements on a blueprint.

    4. Development

    The actual mobile app development occurs. We invest on upskilling hence our in-house app developers are conversant regardless of the technology we shall use in developing your native or hybrid app. Our main deliverables are application codes and files.

    5. Testing

    A fundamental aspect of the service, our in-house QA tester will test the app on various devices and environments to ensure that the app will be deployed free of bugs. The latter affects UX negatively, leading to high abandonment rates and bad app reviews. Rigorous testing is both automated and manual. Receiving early feedbacks is critical to integrate user-driven enhancements.

    6. Maintenance

    Our mobile app development services include support and updates. In this way, we can ensure that any defects are addressed long before they exist. System upgrades including integrating new features and functionalities are included in the package.

    7. Deployment

    With years of app development experience, we came to understand the importance of distribution. The newly-developed app will be marketplace-ready, scaling to varying screen sizes.

    Sample Mobile Apps We’ve Developed

    Avida Mobile

    Client: Avida Land
    Platform: iOS | Android

    Avida Land helps the hard-working upper-class Filipino households to turn their dream houses into reality. Enhancing the quality of life, the goal is to provide them with a high-value and unique buying experience. Here comes an interactive mobile app that empowers the buyer through details and visuals. Each Avida Land’s real estate project is featured, complete with Overview, Features, Amenities, Location, and Gallery.

    My Bakery

    Client: Puratos
    Platforms: iOS | Android

    Puratos created an app to help baking enthusiasts to “create their own bakery.” The users receive exclusive content such as videos, recipes, news and event, and promos and discounts. The bakers view and save the recipes straight from their account-link app. They may also create their own product or recipe wishlist. On the transactional side, they may browse Puratos products by category or application and order these ingredients through the app. Puratos My Bakery app was launched on June 1, 2017.


    Platform: iOS | Android

    A getting-things-done (GTD) app, Vender is specifically designed with the salespeople in mind. The app allows them to manage the leads and at the same time, manage the associated tasks for each lead. Its tagline is to “Never Waste Another Lead Again,” which is achieved by sending notifications about the promise(s) made to a lead. In this way, the salesperson is able to fulfill them before or on the expected date.

    Anglicare At Home Client App

    Client: Anglicare
    Platform: iOS | Android

    Anglicare At Home mobile app, which allows making and viewing home care schedules much easier, was designed for Anglicare’s clients. The client may view the upcoming schedule, request for changes if necessary, and book new services through the app. It also provides SMS verification, time validation, and keyboard blocking. The app displays an error message if the app takes too long to load.


    Client: GradePlus
    Platform: iOS | Android

    GradePlus is an iOS app that helps teachers in capturing students’ work daily. The app captures pictures, videos, and audio of the students’ activities. It also has attendance, writing, and test reports. Through this, the parents may view and keep track of the child’s progress. The users may update the content to make it viewable after every class.


    Platform: iOS | Android

    Du30TV, which was developed during the May 2016 elections, aims to be the go-to portal for those who want to learn more about now-President Rodrigo Duterte. The app is perceived as a way to present his campaign platform and advocacies. It has photo and video comments and chat features for those who want to interact with other supporters. Du30TV is Facebook-integrated, making it possible to share information with friends.

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