We maximize the potential of digital marketing by using data and creativity to drive results.

Welcome to Optimind Technology Solutions, a Philippine-based full service digital marketing agency that takes pride in producing quality and exceptional performance. We deliver digital marketing solutions that work in order to meet your marketing goals and create exemplary results that will help increase your online growth.


We create websites that work and are designed for conversion; therefore, we produce sites that are based on science, with proper layout and the right use of colors that are effective and will improve clicks to your call-to-actions.



Online presence is valuable nowadays and that people should find you easily. SEO helps bring in organic traffic to your site that will result to an increase in inquiries and higher sales. We can help you soar heights in building an impressive mark and ensure you of high quality work and value for your investment.



With the massive shift in the way people consume information through mobile technology, there has also been a change in trend of marketing efforts done by advertisers and marketers. Optimind Technology Solutions can bring you closer to your customers, anywhere and anytime, through your own mobile app.


Most Experienced SEO Company in the Philippines

Optimind has long been on the lead in terms of SEO for the past decade and up to now; we still continue to deliver a sensational service for a remarkable experience. Since 2002, we always strive to be a game-changer in the marketing industry and continue to contribute our expertise, create a competent exchange of ideas, discover new techniques and strategies, and promote excellence in terms of performance. With a team of awesome marketing professionals and developers, you will get to work with only the best individuals who are passionate in their craft. We are confident to say that we always perform effectively and efficiently in aligning your goals to be successful.

With over 12 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Optimind Technology Solutions can take you to greater heights and we can assure you that.

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Award-winning Websites that Work

Creating websites that work will be our immediate response to your marketing problems. Expect an amazing surge of site traffic, higher conversion rates, improving sales and an increase of great feedbacks from your clients. We always strive to be excellent in attaining your goals and finding solutions to your needs. Just tell us more about you and your company and we can design an exceptional strategy for you.

What are you waiting for? Talk to us! We’d be more glad to help you out.

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World-Class Service for World-Class Clients

Partnering with A-list clients is a huge honor to begin with and having such an opportunity only deserves the best and world-class service one could offer; Optimind Technology Solutions takes its pride in giving out not only the best outputs, but also its full customer service as part of our clients’ investment and trust.

Let’s start a partnership and experience our world-class services!

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Hizon’s Catering generates almost 1,000 leads per month and a conversion rate of 85%, thanks to a superb full service digital marketing campaign. With marketing efforts that touches from SEO, social media, and web development to a creation of a mobile app, this truly is a successful digital marketing project that steered an excellent online growth and lead to more engagements and sales! Watch the video presentation below and see what we are talking about!


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