We are a full-service digital marketing agency in the Philippines

Welcome to Optimind Technology Solutions, a full-service digital marketing agency in the Philippines that takes pride in producing quality and exceptional performance. We deliver digital marketing solutions that work in order to meet your marketing goals and create exemplary results that will help increase your online growth.

Our business case: Today’s consumers are tech savvy. If your business is not on the right digital channels, you risk not being found. Learn more about our multi-channel digital marketing approach – search, social and mobile.

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Streamlined digital marketing solutions since 2002

Optimind is providing digital solutions since 2002, navigating its way successfully trend after trend. The company is already established way before the concept of a digital agency in the Philippines takes shape.

Indeed, only a dependable digital marketing agency like us has the experience and passion for producing optimal results - results that you want to achieve. That's why every campaign we work with whether we do it on either Manila or Cebu offices begins with understanding your business goals and KPIs.

With an emphasis on the overall user experience, Optimind aims to deliver a functional and full-featured design that drives user engagement and business growth.

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Award-winning websites that work

Creating websites that work will be our immediate response to your marketing problems. Expect an amazing surge of site traffic, higher conversion rates, improving sales, and an increase of great feedback from your clients.
Persuasive web design, combined with conversion rate optimization techniques, is our advocacy. The design strikes a balance between visual hierarchy and appeal and clarity. Effective web designs are capable of conserving attention, directing the users to the content that matters, and compelling them to act upon that information.

We always strive to be excellent in attaining your goals and finding solutions to your needs. Just tell us more about you and your company, and we can design an exceptional strategy for you.

What are you waiting for? Talk to us! We’d be more glad to help you out.

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Harness the power of digital marketing starting with your own website. Optimind partners with dotPH.

Results-driven Digital Campaigns

We develop strategies based on the digital marketing needs of every client. There is no guesswork here as we strive at understanding your baseline first before recommending strategies for your campaign.

Since every online channel is now considered a potential customer touchpoint, we only suggest proven strategies to connect the appropriate digital channel with your target audience. A multi-channel digital marketing approach is not for every brand since each brand has a unique audience.

Our goal - Optimind and your business’ - is to be each other’s best ally in growing your business in ways you can measure. Helping you maximize the return on digital investment (RODI) is at the core of this process.

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Trusted by the top 1000 corporations in the Philippines

Providing online solutions to more than 5,000 local and international companies throughout the years, Optimind is more than just a digital marketing agency in the Philippines. Instead, we have built partnerships with these firms–most of which have been with us since we started.

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The Power of Digital Marketing

Harnessing the power of means creating a real strategy that will impact the company’s performance, growth, and, yes, success. The problem lies in the businesses’ tendency to align with what the term is rather than what doing digital should mean to them.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that points to using digital technologies. Digital marketing pertains to creating relationships through marketing the products and services in a more targeted, interactive, and measurable manner.

Why Digital Marketing?

The power of digital marketing means more than reaching and converting leads into customers. But more so with creating meaningful relationships–relationships with depth and relevance.

This requires going digital, but why? Going digital does not mean pushing your business to the edge. Rather, it means