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Welcome to Optimind Technology Solutions, a full service digital marketing agency in the Philippines that takes pride in producing quality and exceptional performance. We deliver digital marketing solutions that work in order to meet your marketing goals and create exemplary results that will help increase your online growth.

Our business case: Today’s consumers are tech savvy. If your business is not on the right digital channels, you risk not being found. Learn more about our multi-channel digital marketing approach – search, social and mobile.

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Digital Marketing Services

Streamlined Digital Marketing Solutions since 2002

Optimind is providing digital solutions since 2002, navigating its way successfully trend after trend. The company is already established way before the concept of digital agency in the Philippines takes shape.Indeed, only a true digital marketing agency like us has the experience and passion for producing optimal results - results that you want to achieve. That's why every campaign we work with whether we do it on either Manila or Cebu offices begins with understanding your business goals and KPIs. With emphasis on the overall user experience, Optimind aims to deliver a functional and full-featured design that drives user engagement and business growth. READ MORE


Award-winning Websites that Work

Creating websites that work will be our immediate response to your marketing problems. Expect an amazing surge of site traffic, higher conversion rates, improving sales and an increase of great feedbacks from your clients.
We always strive to be excellent in attaining your goals and finding solutions to your needs. Just tell us more about you and your company and we can design an exceptional strategy for you What are you waiting for? Talk to us! We’d be more glad to help you out. READ MORE


Our Digital Marketing Services



Online presence is valuable nowadays and that people should find you easily. SEO helps bring in organic traffic to your site that will result to an increase in inquiries and higher sales. We can help you soar heights in building an impressive mark and ensure you of high quality work and value for your investment.



With the massive shift in the way people consume information through mobile technology, there has also been a change in trend of marketing efforts done by advertisers and marketers. Optimind Technology Solutions can bring you closer to your customers, anywhere and anytime, through your own mobile app.



We create websites that work and are designed for conversion; therefore, we produce sites that are based on science, with proper layout and the right use of colors that are effective and will improve clicks to your call-to-actions.



Social media is your new highway to creating stronger and long-lasting rapport with readers and customers. With efficient and real-time performance updates across different SM platforms, you get to create better messaging that fits your specific target market. Optimind Technology Solutions takes care of the legwork for you – from publishing high-quality content to promoting them on the most effective social media outlet.

Through our 16 years of existence, we have worked with almost any type of company size and industry worldwide.


From 500 to 1,000 to over 2,500 inquiries per month

As the leading digital marketing agency in the Philippines, we revel in every successful campaign that came our way.

When we started working with Hizon’s Catering, their event marketing activities generate more leads for them than the website. We’ve moved them from 500 to 1,000 and now to over 2,500 monthly inquiries for the past 10 years that we’ve been working together.