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Top Web Design and Development Services Company in the Philippines

Founded in 2002, Optimind has been in the web design and development business long before Google became famous. As a result, we’ve witnessed poignant changes, including the transition from passive to active users through Web 2.0 and to the birth of website, mobile, and voice optimization. No other web design company in the Philippines could claim the same.

Today, Optimind’s web development company profile is composed of over 1,000 websites developed, 118,000+ coding hours, and more than 70 years of combined web years experience. These figures translate repeat businesses, award-winning websites, higher conversion rates, expedited business growth, and more.

Top Web Design and Development Services Company in the Philippines

We cater to a wide range of web services

As a professional web design company, Optimind is keen on designing, building, and supporting your needs. We offer a range of web solutions that create opportunities for business growth. Our web services include:

We cater to a wide range of web services
WordPress Web Development Services

Custom WordPress Development Services

About 80% of websites in the www are using WordPress. Vouching for its high usability, even Google deployed a team to support WordPress. WordPress is not only easy to use a content management system (CMS); it also has a pool of tweakable themes to suit branding needs. Optimind can do both custom and off-the-shelf theme setup—we can actually make WordPress CMS look better than custom. 

Web Templates

Website Templates

As a full-service web development company, HTML templates are also a part of our arsenal. Templated websites can still look stunning yet unique, with all the built-in advanced settings at your disposal. Moreover, we provide competent recommendations on which template to use, showcasing that you seriously mean business. Ideal for small and startup businesses, Optimind can launch the website in three days using a web template at the lowest possible cost.

E-commerce Development

Conversion-centered e-commerce sites are designed for a more streamlined online business management, increasing traffic, leads, conversions, and sales. We offer responsive shopping cart solutions. Optimind builds Shopify, WooCommerce, custom e-commerce systems, or web apps. In addition, we build professionally designed enterprise apps such as an intranet, customer portal, customer relationship management (CRM), and more.

Custom Web Application Development

Custom Web Application Development

Since no two websites are alike, Optimind understands that each project is unique. As an expert web development company, we know that themed WordPress may suit some firms, while others require a more robust, built-from-the-ground-up custom website or web app. That’s why our custom web solutions follow an equitable pricing model.

Web Design that Works

A web services development life cycle is a multifaceted process. We continually define and refine our full-stack web development services, working on frontend, backend, and database. Our web design and development process involves: 

Objective Setting

Objective Setting

Defining objectives in any web design or web development project is the key to success. Besides, users can’t complete a journey without a destination. So we start by asking: what is the purpose of the website? Then, we will capitalize on your answer to which goals the site needs to fulfill.

Audience Definition

Audience Definition

Knowing your audience defines how we would layout the site, what font types and sizes to use, which buttons could create more engagement, and many more. We want to help you attract the right audience to your website and compel them to engage with the features and functionalities and, ultimately, convert. The web team won’t be able to build the website without a clear understanding of your target audience.

UX Design

UX Design

Designing for conversion, the only way to do that is to develop wireframes and mockups that walk you through your target audience’s journey. Thus, this process has user experience (UX) in mind. This boils down to the interrelationship of the overall content of the websites一texts, visuals, icons, etc. The same applies to how the actual website interrelates with its users.

Web Development

Web Development

Converting all the ideas from the first stages into an actual website or web application, we meticulously code to perfection and aim to get the best speed we can. Finally, the team will send the prepared layouts to the client for review, feedback, and approval. Frontend web development services also include the approval cycle until the client is satisfied with the new website.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Once our developers turn over the product, it goes through a two-step quality verification using QA standards in web development and the utmost attention to detail. First, the team needs to make sure that everything works for its intended purpose. Then, the QA specialist conducts manual and automated tests to determine UX issues and correct them before going live.

Client Acceptance

Client Acceptance

After the routine part of the cloud-based web development services is conducted, the team shall present the completed website for acceptance. If everything goes smoothly, after checks and rechecks on the client’s side, the next step is to make the website available publicly.



The launch of the website is everyone’s favorite part of the web design and development life cycle. Nonetheless, the team remains on standby in case changes are required. After all, building a website is fluid and ongoing. Therefore, regular maintenance and updates are necessary. Client training is also a fundamental part of this step.

Maintenance and Update

Maintenance and Update

Website data is gathered and reviewed to make sure that the objective is met. Another round of web development company FAQs relating to ongoing monitoring of the website is conducted. The team can also give additional recommendations on improving the website’s performance, including optimization-crucial ones.

What our Clients Say About Us

Web design company reviews and testimonials are a vote of client confidence and trust. So let’s hear what our long-standing clients have to say about our web development consulting services.

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Mhanny Agusto - Cavitex
Mhanny Agusto
Corporate Communication Specialist, CAVITEX

We are fortunate that we were able to work with Optimind in designing the newest website for CAVITEX. The team assigned to us proactively gives updates to the status of the project, answers to our queries, provides sound recommendation fit for our requirements, and ensures compliance to our set timeline. We highly appreciate the dedication they showed in handling this project and in making sure that we would be able to come up with a better version of our website fit to the needs of our customers online.

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Web Design & Development Client Testimonials
Edward Abo
OIC IT Dept, Sta. Lucia Land, Inc.

Website design and development are rigorous tasks to accomplish. The partnership with them started in 2002, Optimind delivered outstanding results and exceed our expectations in terms of Creativity, affordability and responsiveness. With the Website redesign launched last July 2021, they demonstrated once again the time-tested mettle they offer with their clients. For the past 2 decades, we placed our trust in Optimind to produce comprehensive and effective website solutions and hope to further lengthen our partnership for more years to come.

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Web Design & Development Client Testimonials
Katherine Lim-Mella
President, Cuadro Corporation

Again, our big thanks goes out to your group for helping us develop and launch our product website… with 2 days ahead of the agreed timetable pa! 🙂

We had our challenges along the way, but your team responded to them promptly, accordingly, and we know that we have your support moving forward.

Sharing with you a screenshot of our Cuadro Facebook Page that we managed to grow to 5,000++ followers, in just a few months. Our website is definitely instrumental to this and we look forward to serving our clients better in the years to come.

Thanks again and more power to Optimind!

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Technologies we use

Our dev team uses these web design and development tools and technologies to build dynamic and fully-featured websites and apps.

Our Latest Web Projects

Our web development company portfolio contains a healthy mix of Fortune 500 companies, MSMEs, and startups locally and internationally. Check our latest website projects.

Services: Web Design & Development | WordPress Development | Graphic Design
Completed in less than a month, CAVITEX's website aims to offer commuters the ultimate mobility experience. The site’s features include up-to-the-minute traffic updates, road advisories, tolls fees particulars, and, ultimately, Easytrip installation and reloading integration.
Web Design & Development Project - Cavitex
Services: Web Development | Wordpress
An agency partnership project (with Widescope Advertising Agency which provides the design while we do the front-end development), Molinera’s website features a product catalog and recipes and taste tips. The site integrates the brand’s e-commerce website to assist in the users’ shopping needs.
Web Design & Development Project - Molinera
Services: Web Design & Development | Code Igniter
Built using CodeIgniter, Cuadro’s website encourages people to “frame your treasures, treasure your frames.” For your own curated wall art, the site features image upload (or import from Facebook and Instagram) and lets you choose a frame before checking out.
Web Design & Development Project - Cuadro
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Why hire Optimind as your web design agency?

As a web design company that banks on the quality of new and established partnerships, we don’t regard a website as a mere product that we need to build and deliver to the client. To wit, this is an act of service in this provider-client relationship. That’s why our web consulting services are ongoing. 

Here are the things that make Optimind stand out from the rest of the competition as the best web services provider.

Extensive web development experience

Optimind has been designing and developing websites since 2002 when Netscape dominated the browser market share. Today, our web development company portfolio is composed of over 1,000 projects of varying complexities and requirements. Thanks to our creative and technical team, we can handle any web development project entrusted to us.

We take pride in our web development company experience and expertise. These things pave the way towards becoming the top web development services company in the Philippines and globally.

Strict adherence to web quality and standards

Our development process is geared towards delivering websites built to web standards from valid, accessible, and semantically correct codes to user-friendly URLs. We implement code quality best practices; otherwise, code errors and risks may arise. When this happens, the site will be exposed to security threats, and no one wants that to happen.

Integrating our client’s vision at the core of every development process, the websites we produce are exquisite and impactful. A quality web design company sure knows how to design and develop a website that is true to the client’s specifications without any compromises.

A full-powered web design and development team

Our team is completely aware of our responsibilities and roles and executes them with the highest commitment to quality. This translates to a high-quality product, which is your website. It also extends to our people and processes. We hire people who are equipped with the required technical and creative skills.

All team members also work cohesively with your team to ensure continuum, making sure that the objectives of both teams are properly aligned. That’s how we create compelling websites that are true to our principle: design to convert.



Here are the answers to the most common web design and development FAQs

The simplest templated website has a turnaround time of three to five days. On average, however, Optimind aims to target a turnaround time of six to eight weeks. 

Be reminded that the speed of completion is affected by at least two things: client’s feedback availability and the website’s functional needs. Additionally, a more complex website takes more time to develop. So the safest answer is the time will vary from project to project.

We have in-house designers and developers. For your particular project, we will deploy a team composed of a graphic designer and two to three developers, depending on the requirements of your website, and a dedicated account executive.

Yes, the new website will have a responsive design. This is a design and development approach to improve the website’s displayability and readability across various devices.

Yes, our web design and development packages with one year free hosting. Beyond the complimentary year, Optimind also offers paid hosting services. Ask your account manager about it.

Of course, you will! You will get to see your website at various stages of design and development. For instance, our graphic designers will create mockups so you may see how your website looks and functions. We will give you time to review and discuss the mockups with your team. We will wait for your feedback. Development will start once you’re okay with the design.

Yes, acceptance and turnover are two of our priorities when developing a new website. You will learn to manage it on your own through the help of our manual and training. Our dev team will be on standby, in case you have additional questions.

We can also provide you with ongoing support. We don’t disappear once your website is launched.

No single web design and development company can give an exact answer as all websites are unique. The cost will depend on the type of website and its functions and features. Most of our web projects run from P50,000.00 ($500.00++) and up. Depending on your requirements and specifications, it can be more.

If you need a quote now, please call or send us a message so we can provide you with a ballpark figure. We will come up with a final web design quote if you’re satisfied with the initial quote. This is a one-time design and development fee.

Optimind is a professional web design and development company. Being in the web development business since 2002, we invest in the right people, technologies, tools, and development kits. 

The difference between us and other developers, especially freelancers, is the continuity of service provision. With Optimind, you can still contact your web developer一ask questions about the project particularly, about versions and updates一even ten years after the completion of the project. Unlike with fly-by-night freelancers, once the project is turned over, you can no longer contact them.

We work with a broad range of companies and industries. Optimind has already developed B2B, B2C, and even government and not-for-profit websites. Let us know what you want your website to do一we can tackle basic to advanced web development requirements.

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