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Google Ads Management

Improved ad performance. Maximized ad spending. Increased conversions.

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a self-service advertisement optimization platform. We are

However, not all businesses have the luxury of time to devote to making a PPC (pay per click) campaign from scratch. At the same time, they don’t have the right people to monitor the campaign.

This is where the role of a Google Ads agency like Optimind comes into play. We offer end-to-end PPC management services to help you maximize ROI and grow your business.

We are a Google Certified Partner.

Google Ads Management Services

Our Google Ads campaign management services

Optimind’s Google Ads management services primarily target keywords that can drive conversion goals such as completions, leads, purchases, and sales.

Finding a website through organic search is not always possible, especially for new sites that are yet to build and capitalize on brand awareness and recall.

While a budget is required, a PPC campaign is still the most cost-effective approach to obtain for products or services you offer.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Every solid Google paid search campaign is founded on robust and reliable keyword research. We will determine the top keywords to bid on and choose the best ones from the shortlist. The goal is to find keywords that can provide the maximum possible ROI.

Competitor Campaign Analysis

Competitor Campaign Analysis

Understanding how your competitors are nailing their PPC campaign is also crucial. We can extract the data for you—from bids to landing page optimization—and turn them into actionable insights that we can implement for your own campaign.

Campaign Setup

Campaign Setup

How the Google Ads campaign is set up is instrumental in making it a success. We, at Optimind, understand that this step is basic and yet must involve the settings, elements, and aspects that are key to making the campaign successful. Therefore, we will set up your campaign and configure it to optimal settings.

Ad Copy Creation

Ad Copy Creation

A highly targeted ad campaign has an optimized ad copy as its backbone. Creating an ad copy can be the trickiest part because one needs to experiment to know which works. We can do both, creating and modifying ad variations through a series of tests to know which can achieve the highest conversions possible.

Landing Page Design and Creation

Landing Page Design and Creation

Contextual relevance between the ad itself and the landing page is also paramount. Optimind has an in-house team of creatives who can design the landing page from scratch. With our extensive experience, our people know what elements to add to execute a highly converting landing page.

Detailed Monthly Report

Detailed Monthly Report

Conversion tracking is also integral to any PPC campaign. Our monthly report has two sections: 1) what was implemented for the month and 2) what must be done in the coming month. The recommendations are informed by the progress made in the previous month, including which ads bring in more conversions.

Our Google Ads campaign management process

Each Google Ads campaign is different depending on the needs, goals, and spends. However, one thing common behind all PPC campaigns is the management process.

Paid Search Analysis

Paid Search Analysis

The campaign usually starts with analyzing the available data. Other Google platforms can be used for this purpose, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console, in addition to Google Ads. Through a comprehensive analysis using these three tools, we can better understand how your website performs in organic and paid search (or organic only if this is your first time doing PPC advertising). We can also optimize the search strategy much better through this process.

Paid Campaign Implementation

Paid Campaign Implementation

In building the campaign from the ground up, the search ads management will set or make adjustments to keywords, bidding options, budgets, ad texts, and landing pages. Before anything is finalized, our team will seek approval, more so for the budget and the landing page design. The campaign goal is to drive the maximum number of leads to the website per dollar spent.

Ad Variation Testing

Ad Variation Testing

Once the ad copies and landing pages are ready, the necessary next step is to conduct A/B testing. It is a method to determine which ad copy and landing page combination drives click-throughs and, thus, conversions. We advise experimenting with both ad copies and landing pages simultaneously to create synergy. This guides user expectations as well.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking

The ads will be monitored to determine which among the copies create the highest number of leads and sales and which are not competent enough to bring in any new conversions. Both the ad copies and landing pages will be tweaked to focus on the keywords that drive the best results.

ROI Analysis

ROI Analysis

There are two phases to this process. First, we will remove non-performing keywords from the list and, second, find new ones to experiment with. With this said, the Google Ads campaign is an ongoing exploration of which keywords, ad types, ad copies, and landing pages will work best. At the same time, this involves continuous adjustments in optimizing bids and budgets.



Other than the analysis, all components of the campaign will be assessed to ensure the owner that the PPC campaign is running as it should. Since constant improvements are required, we advocate for open communication throughout the campaign. This is one way to ensure that the business is growing profitably month after month.

Why choose Optimind as your Google Ads specialist

Optimind and its people take pride in its Google Ads proficiency. We’ve seen the changes to the platform and how they affect both the performance of the ads and the overall campaign. Our priority is to deliver on our guarantee, which points to providing you with real, measurable results, including boosting campaign conversion rates by up to 100%.

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Provides PPC services for Top 1,000 corporations

A Google partner

Works with different industries

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Search Engine Marketing Case Study

As the premier Google Ads specialist in the Philippines, we provide pay-per-click (PPC) services to the Top 1,000 corporations in the country. We have worked with different industries, though real estate companies are among our top-tier clients. Alveo Land, which has been with us for over a decade now, is one of them.

How Alveo Land grew conversions to almost 300%


Alveo Land is a real estate developer in the Philippines that specializes in upscale residential, business, commercial, and leisure developments across the country. Alveo Land is dedicated to providing its clients with the best value for their money by developing prime, luxury, and functional properties that are right for them.

When Optimind took over Alveo Land’s search engine marketing campaign on January 2021, clicks increased by 180% and conversions by 278%.

What Optimind did

We implemented Optimind’s standard SEM structure.

  • Goals we set
    The goal we set for Alveo Land is to increase conversions by improving inquiry volume without increasing budgets and to improve brand awareness.
  • Services we implement
    We optimize the campaigns based on keywords, audiences, ad spends, and ad schedules. Our primary channels include Google search and social ads. Additionally, we run separate campaigns using Facebook ads to improve brand awareness. We also use Facebook ads for retargeting purposes, serving different objectives and, thus, audiences. 
  • Tools we use
    Google Ads Manager, Google Analytics, Excel

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