Link Building Services

Our link building service is not just about the quantity of links. We focus on the quality, authoritative, and relevance of the links to rank your website higher on results pages

Building links is an integral component of search engine optimization (SEO). there are at least three things that go into the link building effort. First, it requires an in-depth research to understand the business needs including building the link portfolio. Second, it necessitates out-of-the-box thinking since not all businesses are created equal. Third, it also needs mindful customization since the link needs of an online business vary.

We only do white hat, manual link building. Through our integrated approach, we place links on sites with the goal of getting your website—and thus your brand—in front of the relevant audience. Optimind has a proven experience in link building, offering such services since 2002.

Link Building Services

Link Audit

An essential part of the SEO campaign success, the link auditing service involves looking into the website’s technical and non-technical factors. When it comes to link building, a clean on-page is paramount; and so are other elements such as speed, responsiveness, and content. Our audits combines manual and tools-aided assessment, so we can harness the power of both in creating organic search ranking improvements for your website.

Link Profiling

A diverse and healthy backlink profile is what we are after. Our link profiling service determines whether there are any spammy links to your website. There should be a combination of high value, high authority links instead—all links should be Google-friendly. Our SEO specialists will also investigate the diversity of the anchor texts used, relevance of linking websites, relevance of surrounding context, and link freshness. The links of your competitors will be assessed as well.

Link Bait

Link bait refers to content creation which main purpose is to attract backlinks. While they verge on the controversial, the best link bait articles are in-depth like how-to guides and listicles and timely ones. Other than the SEO specialists, we also have in-house graphic designers to create the content that really pops for the other sites to link back to.

Community Outreach

While content must be findable, our team won’t let your valuable content be bypassed. We will reach out to websites and individuals that matter, or would bring the most impact to our link building campaign. The team uses various methods including email, social, influencer, and press. A resourceful content usually back the community outreach process.

Digital PR

Email is the main communication mode, and the SEO specialists reach out to news and news-like websites and ask them to link back to your website. This might sound easy, but it is not because the link builders cannot just reach out to or email random people. There’s a process unique to our digital PR service. Relevant websites must be researched first prior to the email. A value offer must be presented to them to give the site owners an impetus to put your link on their content.

Content Creation and Promotion

Content marketing, which anchors the link building, involves creation and promotion. Our team knows how to create content for link building purposes. Contents are created to be published on your own To maximize the value of the earned link through the content, it must be promoted on other platforms. The social media is one of them; others would include RSS feeds and content aggregators. Content promotion may also involve transforming a textual content into an infographic to increase the link opportunities.


Plugin the website to Google Analytics can help in reaching a decision whether the link building efforts implemented for every link were worth the while. Also, the scrutiny that the tool allows every SEO specialist also reveals the weaknesses and limitations of the campaign. Necessary workarounds must be devised to overcome the issues.

Link building services inclusion

Our rational and practical link building service packages include the following:

Audit report with recommendations for fixes

Content Recommendation

Google tools setup and configuration

Regular (bi-weekly or monthly) reports

Our Link Building Process

Our link building services adhere to best practices including that of the processes.

Website Audit

Competitor Analysis

Strategy Development

Link Acquisition

Monitoring and Report

Website Audit

Prior to the development of link building strategies, a comprehensive website audit must be conducted first. The domain, the rankings, and the backlink profile are the main focus of the audit. The last is the assessment of the website’s linkable assets. If there are none, the link building strategy should include content creation.

Competitor Analysis

Looking at your closest competitors, we can determine which among their pages are working properly, why and how we may mimic the same strategy. With this said, it also means getting links from the same websites where their links are from.

Strategy Development

Based on the results of the audit and analysis, a link building strategy will be developed for your specific campaign. This would include recommendations on the type of content and pages that would perform best when it comes to earning links.

Link Acquisition

Once the strategy is approved, a targeted approach to acquire links follows. This major step involves finding domains that may link back to your website. In identifying these opportunities, various link building strategies are employed including link reclamation, broken link building, and guest post submissions, among others.

Monitoring and Report

The results of the entire month’s worth of link acquisition are reported to you monthly. The report provides information on the campaign’s progress. The monitoring part includes ensuring that all links placed are live as we seek evergreen links that drive sustainable results for your business.

Why hire Optimind's link building specialist

White hat link building

Black hat SEO strategies get penalized in the long run—there is no escaping Google! Our specialists strive to build quality links only, specifically contextual links being placed on related sites.

Organic links

Quality, authority, and relevance are three factors that affect the service. Our SEO specialists only build natural links to your website. They scrutinize each link to ensure that it is sourced from the appropriate site.

Quality backlinks

SEO takes time, so we don’t promise quick results. White hat practices focus on building links of the highest quality and value. As we came to understand, these outcomes take time to develop.

Customized approach

Link building is about getting quality, convert-ready traffic on the website. Since no two link building campaign is the same, we treat each as unique and strategize based on these factors.

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