We are the premier web design and development company in the Philippines.

Why hire us as your next web developer?

Experience – We’ve been developing websites since netscape.

We’ve been developing websites since 2002; long before Google became famous and Facebook was founded. Completing over 1,000 projects of varying complexities and requirements, we can handle any web development project entrusted to us.

Strict adherance to web quality and standards.

Our development process is geared towards delivering websites built to web standards from valid, accessible and semantically correct codes to user-friendly URLs. Integrating our client’s vision at the core of every development process, the websites we produce are not only exquisite but also impactful.

We have a full powered web design and development team.

Our commitment to quality is also evident in having a dynamic design and development team onboard. We hire people who are equipped with the required technical skills and expertise and can work cohesively with the current team for competence and cultural continuum.

Over 500 satisfied clients including

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We cater to a large range of web development projects.

From single landing page optimization needs to complex web based enterprise applications, we have worked with almost any type of web projects for the past 15 years.

Corporate Web Design

Basic web design and development needs for companies. Available as a template based package through our sister web design company in Cebu or our own premium web design service.

Enterprise Web Applications Development

True to requirements, mission-critical and component-based web applications that cater to any business needs. Provide as visually compelling apps from scratch or using pre-developed, pre-tested components or enterprise-ready framework to accelerate the development process.

E-commerce Web Design and Development

Conversion-centered e-commerce sites designed for a more streamlined online business management, increasing traffic, leads, conversions, and sales. Offer as responsive shopping cart solutions with professionally designed templates or 100% customized themes for both startups and enterprises.

Online Web Campaigns Design and Development

Robust campaign designs and plans based on a firm’s growth objectives first and revenue objectives second. Available through building the campaign from the ground up, inclusive of tools and reports.

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Our websites are created in partnership with dotPH.

Our web design package inclusions

Optimind understands that each web design project is unique—no two projects are the same and not all projects are created equal. Some projects require simple theme and layout changes while others need a complete redesign.

Our project reflects the needs of our existing and prospective clients, so we offer package customization. Web development projects generally vary in scope and difficulty, so we follow an equitable pricing model. You will pay for the requirements of the project and the man hours necessary to dedicate on such a project.

Nevertheless, all our web design packages include:

  • Free 1-year web hosting
  • Free 1-year domain name
  • Mailbox
  • On-page SEO
  • Dedicated Account Executive

Part of the package is the input from our ever-dynamic Web Development Team to ensure that the project will go smoothly per specifications, requirements, and timeline. Every design project is collaborative in nature; hence, the success of each project lies in the quality of the partnership between the designers and developers and clients.

What makes Optimind’s web design packages stand out from the rest is its SEO-readiness. Aside from the basic package, the websites we design and develop are conversion-targeted. High usability and search engine-friendliness are two of our non-negotiables.

Our core belief is that the visual appeal is not enough; people need to find the website first then, find what they are looking for once they are already on the site. The focus is on striking a balance between form and function.

While our packages high-end, Optimind guarantees high-quality work and 100% customer satisfaction!

Optimind Web Design and Development Portfolio

Our web design and development portfolio is a healthy mix of Fortune 500 companies, small and medium enterprises, and startup companies both locally and internationally.

Browse our latest web design and development projects.

Why you should outsource to Optimind’s web design agency in Manila

Build partnerships

Filipino web designers and developers understand the need to enter the client’s mindset. Partnering with you from planning to executing, they will apprehend not just your digital marketing campaign’s objectives but that of the company as a whole.

From there, your chosen web team will sketch out drafts (prototypes) of what might work considering your goals and target audience. The team will provide inputs as to what could be the most effective route and proceed from there.

No language barriers

Other than being natural English speakers, Filipino web teams realize the need to amp up the competition through a website that speaks highly of the brand while attracting the right audience. From the call to actions down to the entire web content, they would know what needs to include and why you cannot include a particular CTA.

It’s the cross-sector experience of the Filipinos that make them suitable for a web design project regardless of its nature, scale, scope and complexity. This also reflects the availability of a highly-skilled talent.

Long-term mindset

To match the required scalability of website projects, the local developers’ positioning is future-oriented. They invest in training and development, attending seminars and boot camps that specifically cater to the creatives. The Filipino web teams know which skills to leverage too.

Talent and skills development is apparent in the Filipinos’ labor quality that mirrors some of the most innovative web designs you can see. Not to mention, the Filipinos are naturally tech-savvy having been early adopters of various technologies such as web-based real-time chats.

Work ethics

Quality is not jeopardized in anyhow because the Filipino web teams place a high regard on professionalism. Striving to meet deadlines, they know how to respect their clients’ time, effort and money invested in the project.

Apart from being service-oriented, they value their integrity. They are also some of the most loyal teams out there. They know how to have fun without forgetting their responsibilities.

Simply, web design Philippines outsourcing siphons out the risks involved in the process. Cost efficiency aside, the skills, creativity, values and staying power of the Filipino web teams can make any outsource project a success.

Our Web Design and Development Process

For the past 15 years, we have been redefining our process over and over again based on what we see is effective and efficient for the client. We work closely with the client during the first few stages and the final stage of production to ensure that both objectives are aligned.

1. Objective Setting

Defining objectives in any web design or web development project is the key to success. Besides, a journey can’t be completed without a destination.

2. Audience Definition

Knowing your audience defines how we would layout the site, what font types and sizes to use and many more.

3. UX Design

We design for conversion and the only way to do that is to come up with mockups that walks you through your target audience’s journey.

4. Web Development

Converting all the ideas from the first stages into an actual website or web application, we meticulously code to perfection and aim to get the best speed we can.

5. Quality Assurance

Once the product is turned over by our developers, it goes through a 2 step quality verification using QA standards in web development and utmost attention to detail.

6. Client Acceptance

Presenting to client for acceptance.

7. Launch

Launching of the app and client training.

8. Performance Review

Review website data to make sure that the objective is met. Give additional recommendations on how to improve further.

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