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100+ Twitter Accounts To Follow If You’re Into SEO

All breaking news, they happen on Twitter. Even before they hit the TVs and radios, you would have known about them a few minutes ahead of the rest because you’ll hear them first on Twitter.
Twitter is one of the best ways to be updated with search marketing techniques, tools and insights in the SEO industry. You can easily connect with like-minded people and be immediately informed of nationwide and worldwide trends through its hashtag technology.
Stay current with what’s hot and what’s not. Here are 100+ Twitter accounts to follow if you’re into SEO.
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1.       Daron Babin.    Co-founder of WebmasterRadio.FM (the largest online radio/podcast network for B2B marketplace) and hosts SEO Rockstars (a show that covers low and high risk methods on online marketing); CEO of NewGen Broadcasting, SEGuru.com and the AffCon Affiliate Marketing Conference and Expo series
@DaronBabin | 13.4K Tweets | 31K Followers | https://twitter.com/DaronBabin
2.       Lisa Barone.    Vice President of Strategy at Overit.com; Co-founder and current Chief Branding Officer for the team of SEO consultants at Outspoken Media, Inc.; noted search and contributor/writer at Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch and Copyblogger; most known for her accept-no-substitutes style of liveblogging at popular Internet marketing conferences.
@LisaBarone | 56.2K Tweets | 35.1K Followers | https://twitter.com/LisaBarone
3.       Richard Baxter.    Founder and CEO of SEOGadget.com, a US and UK-based “really targeted” marketing, SEO and content production agency
@RichardBaxter |14.3K Tweets | 17.9K Followers | https://twitter.com/richardbaxter
4.       Andy Beal.    CEO of Trackur; Founder of Marketing Pilgrim, an award winning news publication that covers internet marketing and SEO news and trends; author of Repped: 30 Days to a Better Online Reputation and Radically Transparent: Monitoring & Managing Reputations Online; described as the Indiana Jones of Reputation Management
@AndyBeal |45K Tweets | 29.7K Followers | https://twitter.com/AndyBeal
5.       Mike Blumenthal.    Founding Partner at GetFiveStars.com, an online app or tool that helps businesses get more online reviews, testimonials and referrals; author of the industry’s most respected blog: Understanding Maps & Local Search; widely cited as the foremost local search expert in North America; contributor/writer at Search Engine Land
@mblumenthal | 11.2K Tweets | 6.8K Followers | https://twitter.com/mblumenthal
6.       Chris Boggs.    COO/CMO of Internet Marketing Ninjas; Chairman of SEMPO.org, Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization; contributor/writer at Search Engine Watch
@boggles | 2.7K Tweets | 4.5K Followers | https://twitter.com/boggles
 7.       Jim Boykin.    Founder and CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas; owner of Webmasterworld.com, one of the more popular webmaster and SEO forums today; CEO of DeveloperShed.com; owner of Cre8asiteForums.com
@jimboykin | 1.1K Tweets | 8.7K Followers | https://twitter.com/jimboykin
8.       Bruce Clay.    Founder and president of Bruce Clay Inc, a global internet marketing agency which created SEOToolSet – a compilation of popular SEO training courses and award-winning SEO tools; fondly known to the search marketing industry as a founding father of SEO; developed the first SEO code of Ethics; an SEO Lifetime Achievement Honoree from the History of SEO advisory board
@BruceClayInc | 5.5K Tweets | 14.4K Followers | https://twitter.com/BruceClayInc
9.       Jon Cooper.    Author of PointBlankSEO.com, a popular link-building blog; one of the youngest link building genius in the industry
@PointBlankSEO | 7.5K Tweets | 11.5K Followers | https://twitter.com/PointBlankSEO
10.   Will Critchlow.    Co-founder and CMO of Distilled, a leading online marketing agency with offices in London, New York and Seattle that specializes in SEO, PPC, Conversation Rate Optimization and Web Analytics; contributor/writer at Moz
@willcritchlow | 14.2K Tweets | 23.6K Followers | https://twitter.com/willcritchlow
11.   Matt Cutts.    Head of the webspam team at Google.
@mattcutts | 22.5K Tweets | 324K Followers | https://twitter.com/mattcutts
12.   Joost de Valk.    Founder and CEO of Yoast.com; founder of CSS3.info, the biggest CSS3 resource on the web; developer of many WordPress plugins and considered as an authority in WordPress and website optimization; well-known SEO consultant and public speaker; contributor/writer at Moz.
@yoast | 31K Tweets | 63.4K Followers | https://twitter.com/yoast
13.   Eric Enge.    CEO of Stone Temple Consulting, web marketing and brand management company with offices in the Boston and Northern California areas; co-author of The Art of SEO; contributor/writer at Moz, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch and Copyblogger
@stonetemple | 10.2K Tweets | 9.1K Followers | https://twitter.com/stonetemple
14.   Rand Fishkin.   CEO and Founder of Moz, one of the marketing world’s fastest growing software company based in Seattle, WA.
@randfish | 19.6K Tweets | 157K Followers | https://twitter.com/randfish
15.   Vanessa Fox.    Founder of Nine by Blue, a search analytics software and strategic consulting company; Creator of Google’s Webmaster Central; author of critically acclaimed Marketing in the Age of Google: Your Online Strategy Is Your Business Strategy; named as “cyberspace visionary” by Seattle Business Monthly
@vanessafox | 6.1K Tweets | 38.4K Followers | https://twitter.com/vanessafox
16.   Garrett French.    Founder of Citation Labs, a link building agency and tool factory; editor of WebProNews, an online publication focusing on search, social media, eBusiness and internet culture; contributor/writer at Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Watch
@GarrettFrench | 6.5K Tweets | 6.2K Followers | https://twitter.com/GarrettFrench
 17.   Danny Goodwin.    Associate Editor at Search Engine Watch.
@DannyNMIGoodwin | 3.8K Tweets | 2.1K Followers | https://twitter.com/DannyNMIGoodwin
 18.   Michael Gray.    Owner and President of Atlas Web Service, a NY based Internet Consulting firm; moderator at Webmaster World and Sphinn, a niche social bookmarking website for online marketers; and editor at ThreadWatch.org, a community site focused on marketing and technology news; contributor/writer at Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land
@graywolf | 62.6K Tweets | 28.3K Followers | https://twitter.com/graywolf
19.   Ross Hudgens.    Founder of Siege Media, a content marketing agency based in San Diego; called a “big thinker” inside SEO and link building circles; contributor/writer at Moz, Search Engine Journal, and Search Engine Land.
@RossHudgens | 13.7K Tweets | 15K Followers | https://twitter.com/RossHudgens
20.   Avinash Kaushik.    Author of two best-selling books: Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour A Day; Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google; Co-founder and CEO of Market Motive, a leader in web-based training courses for online marketing and sales
@avinash | 13.9K Tweets | 131K Followers | https://twitter.com/avinash
21.   Michael King.    Executive Director of Owned Media at Acronym.com, a global leader in intent-based marketing solutions ; Director of Inbound Marketing for iAcquire, a leading off-page optimization agency; Contributor/writer at Moz and Search Engine Watch
@iPullRank | 27.9K Tweets | 18K Followers | https://twitter.com/iPullRank
22.   Heather Lloyd.    President and CEO of SuccessWorks Search Marketing, the first ever SEO copywriting and content marketing agency; author of Successful Search Engine Copywriting; profiled in the book Online Marketing Heroes as the pioneer of SEO copywriting; voted as one of 2012’s Top Women in SEO
@heatherlloyd | 15.8K Tweets | 11.7K Followers | https://twitter.com/heatherlloyd
23.   Dana Lookadoo.    Founder of Yo! Yo! SEO, an SEO consulting agency based around the concept of Word-of-Mouth SEO and that focuses on audience engagement and search marketing; contributor/writer at Moz and Search Engine Journal
@lookadoo | 23.6K Tweets | 12K Followers | https://twitter.com/lookadoo
24.   Matt McGee.    Editor-in-Chief of SearchEngineLand and MarketingLand, a digital and internet marketing news website; regular speaker at search marketing conferences across United States
@mattmcgee | 24.4K Tweets | 26.5K Followers | https://twitter.com/mattmcgee
25.   Dr. Peter J. Meyers.    Marketing Scientist at Moz
@dr_pete | 47.3K Tweets | 19.9K Followers | https://twitter.com/dr_pete
26.   David Mihm.    Director of Local Search Strategy at Moz; contributor/writer at SearchEngineLand
@davidmihm | 7.2K Tweets | 13.2K Followers | https://twitter.com/davidmihm
27.   Paddy Moogan.    Head of Growth Markets at Distilled; Author of The Link Building eBook; Contributor/Writer at Moz, Search Engine Land and State of Digital
@paddymoogan | 7.6K Tweets | 11.1K Followers | https://twitter.com/paddymoogan
28.   Duncan Morris.    Co-founder and CEO of Distilled.
@duncanmorris | 1.7K Tweets | 5.1K Followers | https://twitter.com/duncanmorris
 29.  Lisa Myers.    CEO and Founder of Verve Search, an SEO and Content agency; Co-founder of SEO Chicks, a search blog; regular speaker at industry events such as SES (Search Engine Strategies) and SMX (Search Marketing Expo); Contributor/Writer at State of Digital;
@LisaDMyers | 5.5K Tweets | 11.2K Followers | https://twitter.com/LisaDMyers
 30.   Dave Naylor.   Head of Search Marketing at Bronco, a leading digital agency in UK; considered as one of the best SEOs in the world; commonly known as DaveN
@DaveNaylor | 10K Tweets | 25.1K Followers | https://twitter.com/DaveNaylor
31.   Lee Odden.    CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, a Minneapolis-based digital marketing agency; author of Optimize: How To Attract And Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing
@leeodden | 27.9K Tweets | 65.7K Followers | https://twitter.com/leeodden
32.   Neil Patel.    Co-founder of KISSmetrics, a customer analytics platform designed for small and mid-sized companies and Crazy Egg, a SaaS analytics tool which helps individuals and businesses determine what visitors are doing when they visit their site; contributor/writer at Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land and Copyblogger
@neilpatel | 8.2K Tweets | 111K Followers | https://twitter.com/neilpatel
33.   Wil Reynolds.    Founder of SEER Interactive, an internet marketing agency based in San Diego specializing in SEO, PPC and Analytics; Contributor/Writer at Moz
@wilreynolds | 19.2K Tweets | 23.9K Followers | https://twitter.com/wilreynolds
34.   Barry Schwartz.    CEO of RustyBrick, a NY web service firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales; founder of the Search Engine Roundtable; News Editor at Search Engine Land; former News Editor at Search Engine Watch; Advisor for Google, Yahoo! Search and Microsoft
@rustybrick | 39.2K Tweets | 48.3K Followers | https://twitter.com/rustybrick
35.   Bill Slawski.    President and Founder of SEO by the Sea, a blog focused on SEO and search-related research and patents; Director of Search Marketing at Go Fish Digital, a Washington DC based digital marketing agency specializing in Online Reputation Management, SEO, Web Development and Social Media Marketing; contributor/writer at Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch
@bill_slawski | 14.6K Tweets | 13.8K Followers | https://twitter.com/bill_slawski
36.   Ann Smarty.    Community and Brand Manager of Internet Marketing Ninjas; Excited founder of MyBlogGuest.com; Co-founder of ViralContentBuzz.com, a web-based platform that utilizes a crowd-sourcing model to facilitate the generation of real “social buzz” on quality content; Associate Editor of Search Engine Journal; Contributor/Writer at Moz and Internet Marketing Ninjas
@seosmarty | 26.5K Tweets | 39.1K Followers | https://twitter.com/seosmarty
37.   Hannah Smith.    SEO Consultant and Content Strategist at Distilled; contributor/writer at Moz and State of Digital
@hannah_bo_banna | 5.9K Tweets | 4.5K Followers | https://twitter.com/hannah_bo_banna
38.   Aleyda Solis.    Owner of Orainti.com, an international, mobile and technical SEO consultancy agency that focuses on helping businesses connect with their international and mobile search audience; Co-founder of Tribalytics, a social influencers tool; Contributor/writer at Moz and State of Digital
@aleyda | 43.3K Tweets | 18.1K Followers | https://twitter.com/aleyda
39.   Nichola Stott.    Founder of theMedia Flow, an SEO and Social Media agency; Former head of UK Search Partners at Yahoo; Contributor/Writer at Search Engine Watch and State of Digital
@NicholaStott | 12K Tweets | 5.9K Followers | https://twitter.com/NicholaStott
40.   Danny Sullivan.    Founding Editor of Search Engine Land and Marketing Land; considered as a leading “search engine guru” today; Chief Content Officer of Third Door Media, a leading provider of content and marketing solutions for internet marketers and digital marketing industry
@dannysullivan| 52.4K Tweets | 371K Followers | https://twitter.com/dannysullivan
41.   Brett Tabke.   Founder of PubCon and Webmaster World Inc
@btabke | 12.2K Tweets | 38.6K Followers | https://twitter.com/btabke
42.   Aaron Wall.    Founder of SEOBook.com, a leading SEO blog; Contributor/Writer at Search Engine Journal and SearchEngineLand
@aaronwall | 10.1K Tweets | 73.4K Followers | https://twitter.com/aaronwall
43.   Eric Ward.    Publisher of LinkMoses Private, a premium linkbuilding newsletter; Contributor/Writer at SearchEngineLand, Search Engine Watch, and ClickZ
@ericward | 1.3K Tweets | 10.3K Followers | https://twitter.com/ericward
44.   Gerald Weber.    President of Search Engine Marketing Group, a leading Houston search engine marketing company; Co-founder of Viral Content Buzz and MySEOCommunity.com; Contributor/Writer at Search Engine Journal
@the_gman | 40.1K Tweets | 108K Followers | https://twitter.com/the_gman

Top SEO Blogs and Websites.

45.   AllTop SEO.    A river of SEO news
@Alltop_SEO | 128K Tweets | 2.4K Followers | https://twitter.com/Alltop_SEO | seo.alltop.com
46.   ClickZ Live.    The Global Conference Series designed by digital marketers for digital marketers worldwide; Former SES Conference @sesconf
@clickzlive | 4.5K Tweets | 44.8K Followers | https://twitter.com/clickzlive | clickzlive.com
47.   Copyblogger.    Solutions for smarter content marketing
@copyblogger | 407 Tweets | 8.3K Followers | https://twitter.com/copyblogger | copyblogger.com
48.   Daily SEO Tip.    New Cool SEO tip daily.
@DailySEO | 10.2K Tweets | 10.3K Followers | https://twitter.com/DailySEO | dailyseotip.com
49.   Distilled.    A Team of enthusiastic internet marketers based in London, NYC, and Seattle who aims to help companies grow their businesses online.
@distilled | 4.3K Tweets | 26.1K Followers | https://twitter.com/distilled | distilled.net
50.   Google.    News and Updates from Google
@google | 4.8K Tweets | 8.17M Followers | https://twitter.com/google | google.com
51.   Google AdWords.    The official channel for info and updates from the Google AdWords team.
@adwords | 5.9K Tweets | 170K Followers | https://twitter.com/adwords | adwords.google.com
 52.   Google Adwords API.    News and updates about Google AdWords API
@adwordsAPI | 319 Tweets | 15K Followers | https://twitter.com/adwordsAPI | plus.google.com/+GoogleAdsDevelopers
53.   Google AdWords Help Forum.    Google Guide for the Adwords Help Forum.
@AdWordsProSarah | 296 Tweets | 7.3K Followers | https://twitter.com/@AdWordsProSarah | dearcommunity.blogspot.com
54.   Google Analytics.    Latest news, tips and trends from Google Analytics team
@googleanalytics | 2.8K Tweets | 461K Followers | https://twitter.com/googleanalytics | google.com/analytics
55.   Google Display & Video.    Latest industry news, data and trends in display and video advertising on Google
@GoogleDisplay | 1.6K Tweets | 103K Followers | https://twitter.com/GoogleDisplay | google.com/think
56.   Google Images.    News, tips, tricks on Google’s visual image search
@googleimages | 90 Tweets | 84.1K Followers | https://twitter.com/googleimages |images.google.com
57.   Google Webmaster Central.    News and resources from Google to help webmasters make great sites.
@googlewmc | 659 Tweets | 112K Followers | https://twitter.com/googlewmc |google.com/webmasters
58.   Graywolf SEO Blog.    Get only the SEO info from Graywolf
@GraywolfSeo | 2.2K Tweets | 7.1K Followers | https://twitter.com/GraywolfSeo | graywolfseo.com
 59.   HigherVisibility.    Nationally recognized SEO firm that provides tips and discusses the latest topics and trends on the SEO and online marketing space.
@highervis | 2.2K Tweets | 7.8K Followers | https://twitter.com/highervis | highervisibility.com
60.   Hubspot.    The world’s #1 inbound marketing software platform.
@hubspot | 36.4K Tweets | 377K Followers | https://twitter.com/hubspot | hubspot.com
61.   Internet Marketing Ninjas.    Internet marketing services and tools, organic link building services, content development and social media marketing
@NinjasMarketing | 2.5K Tweets | 6.7K Followers | https://twitter.com/NinjasMarketing |internetmarketingninjas.com
62.   Marketing Land.    Sister site of SearchEngineLand providing digital and internet marketing news daily; formerly tweeted as @sphinn
@Marketingland | 22.2K Tweets | 72.4K Followers | https://twitter.com/Marketingland |marketingland.com
63.   Marketing Pilgrim.     Breaking down the latest internet marketing news so you don’t have to.
@MarketingPilgrm | 5.2K Tweets | 9.7K Followers | https://twitter.com/MarketingPilgrm |marketingpilgrim.com
64.   Moz.    Marketing Analytics Software for Search, Links, Social, and Brand; A Vibrant Online Marketing Community; Resources for Learning Inbound Marketing
@Moz | 32.5K Tweets | 290K Followers | https://twitter.com/Moz | moz.com
65.   Problogger.    Helping bloggers reach their potential, by Darren Rowse.
@problogger | 49.6K Tweets | 204K Followers | https://twitter.com/problogger | problogger.net
66.   Pubcon.    The premier social media and optimization search marketing conferences
@pubcon | 1.2K Tweets | 7.3K Followers | https://twitter.com/pubcon | pubcon.com
67.   ReelSEO Video Guide.    The Video Marketing Guide – News, trends, tips, and commentary about online video, marketing, advertising, SEO, webTV, social media & more, by Mark Robertson
@reelseo | 9K Tweets | 40.6K Followers | https://twitter.com/reelseo | reelseo.com
68.  Search Engine Journal.    Internet Marketing news, tutorials and features
@SEJournal | 9.4K Tweets | 59.5K Followers | https://twitter.com/SEJournal |searchenginejournal.com
69.   Search Engine Land.    Search engine news daily; Expert analysis, how-tos and opinions on SEO, PPC, SEM, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Microsoft; Producers of Marketing Land and SMX
@sengineland | 33.7K Tweets | 240K Followers | https://twitter.com/sengineland | searchengineland.com
70.   Search Engine Roundtable.    The pulse of the search marketing community
@seroundtable | 23.3K Tweets | 18.3K Followers | https://twitter.com/seroundtable |seroundtable.com
 71.  Search Engine Watch.    The longest-running SEM industry resource: Google, Bing & search news. Trends, how-tos, opinions, and tips on SEO, PPC, analytics, social media, and content.
@sewatch | 27.6K Tweets | 76.4K Followers | https://twitter.com/sewatch |searchenginewatch.com
72.   Search MarketingExpo (SMX).    Search Marketing Expo (SMX) is the must attend search marketing conference and expo backed by Search Engine Land & Marketing Land.
@smx | 17.1K Tweets | 39.8K Followers | https://twitter.com/smx | searchmarketingexpo.com
73.   SEER Interactive.    Internet Marketing agency specializing in SEO, PPC, & Analytics with a strong focus on quality results and giving back to the community.
@SEERInteractive | 2.9K Tweets | 6.9K Followers | https://twitter.com/SEERInteractive | seerinteractive.com
74.   SEOBook.    We cover the SEO, search marketing space and general changes to the web.
@seobook | 1.8K Tweets | 118K Followers | https://twitter.com/seobook | seobook.com
75.   SEO Chat.    An online forum that is dedicated to helping business owners and marketing specialist perform SEO on their sites.
@DevSEOChat | 889 Tweets | 919 Followers | https://twitter.com/DevSEOChat |forums.seochat.com
76.   SEO Gadget.    An agency based in London and San Francisco with a primary focus on audience, traffic and revenue acquisition through technical and content marketing
@seogadget | 945 Tweets | 6.9K Followers | https://twitter.com/seogadget | seogadget.com
77.   State of Digital.    State of Digital focuses on bringing the right information and knowledge to the right people and get companies forward in Digital. (formerly known as State of Search)
@stateofdigital | 14.9K Tweets | 23.4K Followers | https://twitter.com/stateofdigital | stateofdigital.com
78.   TopRank Marketing.    Modern Digital Marketing Agency serving clients & sharing integrated search, social, PR & content marketing news world-wide.
@toprank | 11.1K Tweets | 27.5K Followers | https://twitter.com/toprank | toprankblog.com
79.   Yahoo Search.    The official Twitter for Yahoo Search. We tweet about news and updates from Yahoo Search
@Yahoo | 1K Tweets | 28.1K Followers | https://twitter.com/Yahoo | search.yahoo.com
80.   Yahoo Search Data.    Sifting through millions of Yahoo searches to uncover trends, burning questions, popular personalities and hot ideas.
@YahooSearchData | 7K Tweets | 29.1K Followers | https://twitter.com/YahooSearchData |search.yahoo.com

Here’s more.

81.   Jason Acidre.    Owner of Kaiser The Sage, an online marketing and link building blog; Contributor/Writer at Moz
@jasonacidre | 10.8K Tweets | 5.9K Followers | https://twitter.com/jasonacidre
82.   James Agate.    Founder of Skyrocket SEO, a link-building and content production agency based in UK; Contributor/Writer at Moz
@jamesagate | 8.9K Tweets | 3.6K Followers | https://twitter.com/jamesagate
83.   Patrick Altoft.    Director of Strategy and Co-founder of Branded3.com, a leading SEO and digital agency in UK; Contributor/Writer at Econsultancy
@patrickaltoft | 8.4K Tweets | 23.3K Followers | https://twitter.com/patrickaltoft
84.   Lyndon Antcliff.    Owner of CornwallSEO that offers content creation and consulting services; called “The LinkBait Godfather”; Contributor/Writer at WordTracker
@lyndoman | 18.2K Tweets | 9.9K Followers | https://twitter.com/lyndoman
85.   Dev Basu.    Founder of Powered By Search, an SEO and Inbound Marketing Agency based in Canada; Contributor/Writer at Search Engine Journal
@devbasu | 4.5K Tweets | 5.6K Followers | https://twitter.com/devbasu
86.   Brian Clark.    Founder of Copyblogger; CEO of Copyblogger Media, an innovative company that provides advice and solutions to successfully grow businesses through social media and online marketing; Contributor/Writer at Marketing Land
@ brianclark | 27.2K Tweets | 160K Followers | https://twitter.com/brianclark
87.   Brian Dean.    Founder of Banklinko, an SEO blog that focuses on link building; Contributor/Writer at Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Watch
@Backlinko | 1.7K Tweets | 3.3K Followers | https://twitter.com/Backlinko
88.   Chris Dyson.    Owner of TripleSEO, a blog that discusses and analyzes link building, SEO and social media; Online Marketing Manager of Hit Reach, a digital agency in UK; contributor/writer at Search Engine Watch
@ChrisLDyson | 12.4K Tweets | 3.5K Followers | https://twitter.com/ChrisLDyson
89.   Ed Fry.    General Manager at Inbound.org, an inbound marketing community that calls itself the “Hacker News for Marketers”; contributor/writer at Moz; writer of Distilled’s SEO Guide to Creating Viral Linkbait and Infographics
@edfryed | 5.2K Tweets | 1.7K Followers | https://twitter.com/edfryed
90.   Mike Grehan.    Publisher of Search Engine Watch and ClickZ; Producer of the SES (Search Engine Strategies) International conference series; President of SEMPO, the largest nonprofit trade organization in the world serving the search and digital marketing industry and marketing professionals engaged in it; author of From Search To Social: Marketing To The Connected Consumer
@mikegrehan | 1.8K Tweets | 5.7K Followers | https://twitter.com/mikegrehan
91.   Rishi Lakhani.    Owner of Explicitly.me, a search marketing blog; Contributor/Writer at Moz and Search Engine Journal @rishil | 29.6K Tweets | 12.4K Followers | https://twitter.com/rishil
92.   Judith Lewis.    Global head of Search at Beyond, an agency based in San Francisco, New York, London and Brighton that specializes in creative applications of content and technology for brands; Blogger at Huffington Post and SEO Chicks; known as deCabbit in the SEO community
@JudithLewis | 34.2K Tweets | 5.3K Followers | https://twitter.com/JudithLewis
93.   Joanna Lord.    Vice President of Growth Marketing at Moz; Co-founder and CMO of TheOnlineBeat.com, a comparative job search engine; CMO of Big Door, a Seattle-based customer loyalty technology startup; Contributor/Writer at SearchEngineLand, MarketingLand, Entrepreneur
@JoannaLord | 43.3K Tweets | 27.1K Followers | https://twitter.com/JoannaLord
94.   Martin Macdonald.    Founder of WebmarketingSchool.com, an online marketing community and tutorial resource; Former Inbound Marketing Director at Expedia EAN; Contributor/Writer at Moz; one of the top operators in the organic search marketing sphere
@searchmartin | 18.3K Tweets | 11.4K Followers | https://twitter.com/searchmartin
95.   Todd Malicoat.    Owner of Stuntdubl.com, a blog that covers all areas of web traffic acquisition; SEO Faculty at Market Motive; Former Vice President of Sales and Marketing at WeBuildPages.com; Contributor/Writer at Moz; active conference speaker at SES, Webmaster World Pubcon and SMX
@stuntdubl | 7.3K Tweets | 17.4K Followers | https://twitter.com/stuntdubl
96.   Kelvin Newman.    Creative Director of Site Visibility, a digital marketing agency in UK;  Founder and Managing Director of Rough Agenda, an events company based in UK and BrightonSEO, a free one-day search marketing conference and series of training workshops that bring together some of the best speakers in the world of search; Contributor/Writer at Econsultancy and State of Digital
@kelvinnewman | 20.2K Tweets | 8.2K Followers | https://twitter.com/kelvinnewman
97.   James Norquay.    Consulting Director at Prosperitymedia.com.au, a high performance SEO and inbound marketing company based in Sydney, Australia; Contributor/Writer at Moz
@connections8 | 5.1K Tweets | 4.3K Followers | https://twitter.com/connections8
98.   Ralph Tegtmeier.    Co-founder and principal of Fantomaster.com, a company specializing in webmaster software development, industrial-strength cloaking and a variety of upmarket SEO tools and services; Contributor/writer at Search Engine Watch @fantomaster | 157K Tweets | 13.4K Followers | https://twitter.com/fantomaster
99.   Bas van den Beld.    Founder of State of Digital; Owner of NetTraject, a Dutch company that advises on international search matters and provides training in SEM and project management; hosts a weekly show on WebmasterRadio.FM; Contributor/writer at Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch; voted amongst the top influencial marketers in the UK
@basvandenbeld | 28.5K Tweets | 10.3K Followers | https://twitter.com/basvandenbeld
100.      Monica Wright.    Director of Audience Engagement for Search Engine Land and Marketing Land;  SEO and Social Media Manager at VONT Web Marketing, a leading digital marketing company in Maine; Contributor/writer at Search Engine Journal @monicawright | 30.9K Tweets | 7.9K Followers | https://twitter.com/monicawright
101.      Econsultancy.    Econsultancy publishes independent research, analysis and advice on digital marketing, social media, ecommerce, SEO, mobile and tech for businesses.
@Econsultancy | 27.1K Tweets | 172K Followers | https://twitter.com/Econsultancy |Econsultancy.com
102.      Link Assistant.    Pro SEO & SMM tools & software for webmasters, bloggers, SEOs, Social Media Managers & biz owners. We love talking about SEO & SMM.
@LinkAssistant | 5.8K Tweets | 4.1K Followers | https://twitter.com/LinkAssistant |Link-Assistant.Com
103.      Majestic SEO.    We are the worlds most comprehensive source of backlinks information. Our Site Explorer provides Competitor Link Intelligence to SEO specialists.
@MajesticSEO | 1.9K Tweets | 41.2K Followers | https://twitter.com/MajesticSEO |majesticseo.com
104.      Search Engine People.    Canada’s Largest, Most Trusted Inbound Marketing Agency & HubSpot Partner – SEO, PPC, Lead Nurture, Social Media, PR, & More.
@senginepeople | 4.2K Tweets | 7K Followers | https://twitter.com/senginepeople |searchenginepeople.com
105.      SEMRush.    Service for competitors’ research. We show organic and Ads keywords for any site or domain.
@semrush | 4K Tweets | 3.8K Followers | https://twitter.com/semrush |semrush.com

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