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My main hobby is listening to music. Everywhere I go, I bring my music with me. The genre I listen to a lot is JRock or Japanese Rock Music. Some say they don’t understand it and it’s too loud but for me, you can search up the translations on the internet and you can see that they have so much more meaning than the mainstream music that we have been listening to in the past couple of years. Another hobby of mine is gaming. Recently, it’s been only mobile games that I play but I used to play on different console that I had access to before. I was also fond of drawing and making songs and poems before but unfortunately, I barely continue that now. I also like watching different anime every season. Especially now that a lot of titles are promising and hype.

I’m quite interested in learning the japanese language and culture because I see them as leagues above most, if not all the other countries when it comes to a lot of things. I’m also interested in continuing a book that I started years ago but never got to finish it. I’m also interested(or should I say in love since it’s been 2 years lol) in someone but unfortunately, he’ll never be interested in me.

What makes you happy?
I’m happy whenever I enjoy the things I’m doing while at least trying to make use of it for myself or someone else. I’m always happy whenever I listen to my kind of music. I’m happy whenever the people around me are happy as well. I’m also quite happy whenever I’m alone since no one else because I can do whatever I want without anyone judging me for it. There’s someone who makes me happy whenever I see him but I’ll never let him know because it’s wrong even if it’s already been two years XD

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