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Seven Signs You Have Bad Leadership Habits

A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent. ~Douglas McArthur A lot of people would tell you that a…
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8 Common Website Problems and How to Fix Them

A problematic website ruins the usability altogether. Even when its visuals are so great, there is no saving grace to a dysfunctional website. And when we say dysfunctional, it encompasses everything from broken links to slow loading to non-mobile optimization. Here are some of the most common website blunders and their fixes. Common website problems 1) Presence of broken links…
Jennevie Tanzon-Corre
February 12, 2016

SEO Trends 2016 Every SEO Company Must Be Aware Of

Image source   Mobile is big this year, and we mean B-I-G. And it shows no signs of slowing down even before Google launched Mobilegeddon in April. Here are the major changes in 2015 that will certainly pick up in 2016. SEO trends SEO companies must know 1) Mobile indexing As we can see in Google Analytics reports, Google is…
Jennevie Tanzon-Corre
December 22, 2015

Best Productivity Apps for Salespeople

Admit it or not, but the salespeople are one of the busiest people you'll ever meet they often end up forgetting or regretting. This applies particularly to the salespeople on the move. Good thing there are some tools to help them. The productivity app category is getting deeper with newer apps cropping up from time to time. And then, there…
Jennevie Tanzon-Corre
December 11, 2015

Innovation Management: Top 10 Effective Techniques

Image source Inspiring innovation among the employees regardless of their job titles and responsibilities is almost always a challenge. Innovation, however, cannot be ignored since the competition thrives on such. Without changes that drive innovations, your products, services, practices and your brand itself will eventually become obsolete. How can you streamline your people's creativity? Leaders listen; here's how. 1) Give…
Jennevie Tanzon-Corre
November 20, 2015

5 Things You Do on Facebook That You Must Stop Doing NOW

As of the Q2 of 2015, there are 1.44 billion active users in Facebook. You shouldn't be surprised when you encounter annoying behaviors from the users from time to time. It may be one of your friends or one of your friends' friends or worse, it could be you! So, if you are doing any of these things, it's time…
Jennevie Tanzon-Corre
September 18, 2015

ANOTHER BREAKING NEWS: Android M is Now Android Marshmallow!

Free Marshmallow, anyone? It's official! Android M, which chiefly refers to Android mobile operating system, is now called Android 6.0 Marshmallow. M is for Marshmallow after all. There's nothing surprising about the name though. In fact, we will be surprised if Google will name it with something else. Since 2007, Google's fond of naming its operating system with confectionery codes.…
Jennevie Tanzon-Corre
August 18, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Google Created Its Own Alphabet!

A is for Apple. B is for Ball. C is for Cat. G is for... Google? If there is one company that often shakes the digital world with its every announcement that would be Google. On August 10, 2015, Monday, Google announced that it will become Alphabet. Well, sort of. However, Google is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alphabet. The…
Jennevie Tanzon-Corre
August 17, 2015

How to Craft Engaging Contents – 4 Secrets Revealed!

Sadly, there are instances when content creators themselves are forced to publish so-so, not share-worthy articles. Mind you, beating the clock is tough. Not to mention, the other important things that content writers need to do. While the inevitable happens, this should not be the case. Below are the secrets of well-crafted contents that went viral online. 1) Providing an…

Panda 4.2 or Panda 5.0?

Google's Slow Roll-out of the Newest Algorithm Starts As announced by Barry Schwartz in Search Engine Land last July 22, Google starts rolling out its newest Panda refresh barely a week ago. Nonetheless, Google also claims it would take months before the newest update will be fully rolled out. It could be just a Panda 4.2 (minor) since it is…