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Basecamp vs. ActiveCollab

By July 6, 2009July 10th, 2017Behind the Scenes, Web Design

In a web design business, using an online project management tool is essential to keep at least 90% of your projects on schedule.

In 2007, we signed up on Basecamp and we were really happy with it. But then again, in exchange for the fast bandwidth and maintenance-free app, you get a limit on the space and the no. of projects. With a growing list of clients and ongoing projects, we needed to live away from the limit and purchased ActiveCollab.

We have been using AC for a few months now. Although it was a bit harder to learn, we have been very happy with it. There are a lot more things that you can do with AC as compared with Basecamp, namely:

  1. Integrated Invoicing
  2. SVN repository
  3. Unlimited projects
  4. Automated backup module
  5. document management module
  6. burn down chart module (available for a small fee)

If you just need a quick way to manage your projects, I suggest you use basecamp. But if you have more complex requirements like what we have, you better purchase ActiveCollab 🙂

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