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Beginner SEO Tips

By May 9, 2009June 20th, 2018SEO

A friend is starting a new website and asked me for some SEO tips. I decided to share the tips I gave him here:

When developing your website, just make sure that:

  1. your site is using css layouts and is w3c compliant
  2. all javascript files are sourced from an external file
  3. use keywords on title tags and apply other necessary meta tags (other meta tags are not a big deal but it will good if you have them)

Once the site is up, make sure you:

  1. Submit the sites to credible directories
  2. Run a link building campaign.

SEO is easy to do but it requires a lot of manual and time-consuming work. If you need help from a Philippine SEO Company, feel free to contact us.

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