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20+ UX Web Design Tools in 2019

UX (user experience) designers do amazing things, making them an integral part of a web design agency. For the non-creatives, we can only imagine the number of hours that the designers need to put up with to build a website that is not just visually appealing, but also meets the demands and expectations of the users. Speaking of the users,…
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7 Principles of Persuasive Web Design Every Designer Needs to Know

In the absence of words, how can you persuade a person using only illustrations or objects? Persuasive design is the answer, getting people to act on what they’ve seen without using any words. People prefer the defaults, which explains the acceptable social behaviors, for example. People would conform to behaviors that resonate their values. That’s why. Defaults are considered as…
Jennevie Tanzon-Corre
March 12, 2019
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Whitehouse website redesigned has a new face. With the overflowing creative and technical resources we have, I hope our own President's website can level up with it. By the way, can't actually be accessed using You should add www to the domain. This should be configured by the developers or web hosting provider by default. :(
January 21, 2009
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Design Elements Showcase

Smiley Cat offers an interesting showcase of design elements. The showcase ranges from registration forms, log-in forms, carousels, etc. This is a great resource if you are planning your next website redesign.   my favorite pricing table design is by MovableType.
August 10, 2008