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Design and Layout – Yes, They Affect Website Credibility

How a website appears visually speaks a lot about the site’s credibility. Warning: It only takes 2 to 4 seconds to decide whether to stay or get out of the site immediately. This is more so when the users learn that it contains no useful information at all. Therefore, maintaining an nice-looking and well-organized website is a must. Users are not only impatient, but they also have extremely high expectations.

An agonizing truth, a cheap-looking website affect both the credibility of the site itself and the business in general. Let’s say you are selling cheap products and your rivals are selling cheap products, too. In a cheap goods vs. cheap goods scenario, the one with an attractive, professional-looking site will get more traffic and ultimately, more conversions which means more sales and more profits.

Proper web layout makes the site more appealing. Layout enhances the aesthetics of various objects when perceived as a whole rather than as separate elements. This holds true even when the site doesn’t have any graphic of sorts although it would be best to include images and graphics that convey a branded message. In designing websites, there are five factors to consider: device, browser, resolution, color and expectation. The first four actually points to the fifth.


For one, online users expect that a site is created relevantly with what your website is about. This doesn’t mean, however, having a cheap website where you can sell your cheap goods! D-U-H. It only means using objects and techniques that best represent your brand, otherwise the users will lose their interest quickly.

The best designed websites have most of the basics right. However, the truth is even those who call themselves ‘experts’ can overlook such basics especially when the person tasked to create a website is more technical than creative. But hey, best if you can find a website developer that can do both. Such a developer is proficient in building websites with all the necessary requirements that convert traffic into paying customers.


Simplicity is subjective. The premise is to make conversion easy. Minimize noise (or distraction). For instance, calls to action must be readable, easy-to-locate and neat.


Navigability is a must. It should be easy for any user to find his or her way back to where he or she entered the site. Complex navigation will not help in conversion since the users are busy clicking other than deciding whether to buy or not.


Neat web design in itself gives your brand the credibility it deserves. At times, the decision to entrust a website with personal details (ehem, meaning, credit card details) is based on how professional the site looks.


An emphasis on homepage

Our almost 15 years of experience in the digital marketing industry have made us understand one critical aspect of website design and layout – no matter how good your website is in attracting visitors, without a professionally designed homepage, it would be difficult to persuade potential customers to convert. They will simply walk away without even bothering to look at your offerings.

Your homepage is the most crucial point where potential customers get ideas of what they can expect from your website, compelling them to click the other pages. The same reason why we spend quality time just on the web layout alone. We live by the philosophy of homepage usability. In fact, other than the homepage, we strive to make each page usable, that is, creating web sites and pages with the user in mind.

We can make your website your digital office or digital showroom, and with the homepage as the reception desk. Remember these: 1) you only got one shot to make a first impression and 2) your competitor is just one click away. Now look at your website. Is it uninteresting, confusing, boring or all of the above? Ask yourself: Do you even have to wonder why your visitors are not converting?

The answer is right in front you. Subconsciously, the visitors are repelled by how the site looks so they search for more attractive websites. The problem can be solved by a complete website restructuring including, but is not limited to: a) adding colors, b) adding graphics and c) streamlining links.

All of these are needed for emphasis, highlighting the elements that the visitor must be clicking (i.e. CTA button (more on this in Part 2) and links). Links, for one, must be easily navigable and visitors should know immediately where they will be landing. This also highlights the importance of text. Straightforwardly, when we say ‘attractive website’, this means a good balance of texts broken up with graphics.


There are hundreds of statistics that had already proven without a doubt that proper design and layout contribute immeasurably to the success of any digital strategy. A company with a thorough knowledge on what works and what not for online businesses can help any business taste success with the appropriate designs and layouts appropriate to the nature of the business.

Visual appeal increases the chance of success. Not to mention, humans process visuals about 60,000 times quicker than text and other forms of communication. We learn through our eyes initially. In fact, about 65% of web users consider themselves as visual learners. So, there should be elements on the site (and the entire site itself) that are pleasing to our eyes.

  • Eye fixations of the users are 78% on text (captions, headlines, subtitles, synopsis, etc.) and 22% on graphics
  • Fancy formats are viewed as promotions thus they are ignored
  • Websites without any form of graphic or image will attract less traffic
  • Engagement is not evenly spread across any page with the highest engagement above the fold (94%)
  • Visitors who stayed on an attractive site for more than 15 seconds are 25% more likely to recall the brand


Our formula is designing website designs that are simple and attractive. The trick is luring the visitors to explore the site further. The more the visitor stays on the site, the more he or she is likely to convert. Colors with a purpose and graphics that convey the right message are critical. The goal is getting the attention of the target audience and retaining it throughout the dwell time.

Businesses are made to grow, and so shall the website. Targeted web design in the Philippines that drives and delivers results is what your business needs. Ethics sets us apart from the competition, but it is the passion that keeps us way above the competition. Standout online. We will make it easy for you.


Source: Social Media Today | KISSmetrics

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