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Digital Marketing Analytics Software to Use for Your Campaign

What digital marketing analytics software are you using at present? Are you using one software or tool for the entire digital marketing campaign? Or, do you use an analytics tool for certain portions of your marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that pertains to the use of various strategies. Each strategy can be measured with a specific analytics tool as below.

Digital marketing analytics software to use

SEO analytics 

When you implement search engine optimization (SEO), it is critical to track, monitor, and analyze real-time traffic. You’d want a tool that offers high-level details for each channel and segment you target.

If you maintain more than one website, it is best to find a digital marketing analytics software that allows tracking up to five websites.

SEO analytics software to use

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most robust SEO analytics tools out there. It provides results for websites, apps, and even offline channels, allowing you to better understand the customer experience. 

From here, you may devise actionable insights while also sharing those insights across the teams for more seamless integration and analysis.

Moz Pro
Moz Pro

An all-in-one SEO analytics tool, Moz Pro helps a company obtain quality traffic and higher rankings, among others. It provides measurable results, including the right keywords to target and learning which keywords are used when searching.

You can directly do keyword research from the dashboard. The software provides accurate volumes and difficulty levels for each keyword analysis. The keyword lists are saved, and users may update those lists as the need arises.


SEMrush is another all-in-one SEO tool like Moz Pro. It offers an in-depth analysis of the traffic data that you can use to improve the campaign’s performance.

SEMrush is easily accessible by anyone in the team, allowing more seamless integration.

Content marketing analytics

When implementing a content-based digital strategy, you want to uncover the returns of the efforts. After all, producing content – may it be a video or infographic – is not free, especially if you want something that truly stands out from the sea of textual and visual content.

These tools are used in analyzing the performance of the content at various stages of the buying cycle.

Content marketing analytics software to use


Ahrefs is an SEO toolset, one of which is the Content Explorer. The tool helps content creators and marketers to research top content based on keywords and topics. With more than two billion articles in its index, you will be able to develop an entire editorial calendar from there.

The search results are even filtered based on social engagement, domain rating, traffic, backlinks, and word count.


Like Ahrefs, BuzzSumo is also a perfect tool for content research and amplification based on both topics and competitors. You cannot just research for the most searched content, but also the related influencers.

Content research can be done using a keyword, topic, or domain.


Scoop.it, specifically its Content Director feature, is a content intelligence tool. It helps in measuring the performance of the content based on traffic and conversions.

Scoop.it allows content marketing automation and content performance through real-time intelligent recommendations. The performance audit is conducted across all channels and presents the suggestions as actionable insights.

Social media marketing analytics

When you implement social media marketing, you need to gauge the engagement levels for each relevant update you post (most probably branded ones). You can win on any social platform if you know which metrics to track.

You’d want a tool that discovers content and hashtags, schedules posts, monitors mentions and conversations, amplifies reach, analyzes results, and monitors trends and sentiments. Some examples are below.

Social media marketing analytics software to use


Buffer is one of the most powerful social tools that can manage various accounts from a single dashboard. It helps in scheduling posts and analyzing the performance of each post. Buffer makes adding content to the scheduled posts easier through a browser extension.

The tool’s real value comes from analyzing the post-level social content campaign’s performance, tracking all points of interactions between the post and the user. In this way, you may quickly determine which of the posts best resonate with the target audience. 


Another widely used social media marketing analytics is Hootsuite. The tool aids users when digging deeper into social relationships. Managing the accounts from a single dashboard like Buffer, you may discover, schedule, and create reports more easily.

The analytics tool measures conversions on each social media platform and determines the ROI for each. Social conversations are evaluated based on keywords, hashtags, and location.

Sprout Social
Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social management tool that offers insights to drive strategic decision-making and boost engagement levels in the process. 

The analytics is more on the reporting side. Reports suite can be used to access social data and improve the campaign from there.


Mention is what it is—tracking brand-related conversations online, in real-time. The company would want to know what its target audience is saying about it and the products and services.

Mention features live updates from social media, as well as blogs and forums. The in-depth intelligence allows the companies to attract convert-ready customers, build brand awareness, improve audience engagement, and nurture online reputation.

At Optimind, our traffic-generation and social media team uses the majority of these digital marketing analytics software in analyzing the performance of the social campaign. Let us know how we can improve yours through our data-driven approach.

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