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Digital Marketing Corporate Presentation: Judging an Agency’s Credibility

Have you been to a bad pitch that you want to leave the room immediately? Well, that’s not how a digital marketing corporate presentation should work provided that the agency representatives (who is anyone from the sales and marketing team) have done their part: preparation.

While at it, it is somewhat easier to determine how prepared the account executive is presentation-wise. There are red flags here and there, and the presentation itself could be one of them.

How do you—a potential client—judge the digital marketing agency’s credibility through its presentation?

Before we answer the question, let’s start with understanding what a corporate presentation is.

What is a digital marketing corporate presentation?

A digital marketing corporate presentation is a pitch deck introducing the agency to a potential client. It includes information about the brand, business, products, and services and how these may add value to the company. 

Additionally, it outlines the agency’s business model, milestones and achievements, team, and a call to action. These things differentiate the agency from other agencies while also simplifying complex ideas that the target audience can fully grasp.

The pitch deck is usually in a PowerPoint presentation. 

Using the presentation to judge the digital marketing agency’s credibility

You might as well ask these questions.

Is it professionally designed?

Did you know our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than textual information?

The slide design is probably the first thing that the audience will notice. After all, everyone has standards on professional versus mediocre designs. An appealing and simple design without too much text is almost always favored. This starts with the cover, which will be your primary tool to grab your audience’s attention. Use an eye-catching and relevant visual to pique their interest.

Part of the design is branding. To achieve stunning visuals, the audience must immediately know which agency is presenting by looking at the brand colors, fonts, and logos alone. The same goes for filters and illustrations.

With this, the creative brief must scream consistency as well. If not, the prospective client might think this agency is using a templated deck, which is a no-no for any digital marketing agency.

Does it contain personalized information?

Did you know social media posts are written with a grade 5 reading level?

A critical part of the preparation is getting to know the prospective client. Aside from the brand or company name and its products and services, it is equally important to know the company history, corporate values, selling proposition, advocacies and causes they support, and key decision-makers.

These details are essential to customizing the presentation based on the client’s needs and pain points. On the part of the potential client, it is a turnoff that the sales team did not do its part in familiarizing themselves with who they will pitch. Through this also, it would be easier to focus on relevant services.

The presentation must use simple, concise, and straightforward language since it is more engaging. No jargon, or, if you are going to use some, make sure you explain what those terms mean. The brand message is likely to be remembered because of its understandability. 

Does it contain case stud/ies?

When doing a client-facing presentation, they want to know if you can perform and deliver against what you promise them. It is rather challenging to obtain the audience’s buy-in. Including case studies in your digital marketing corporate presentation can help.

The client wants to know if it can trust you with its marketing money and confidential information—or information that may compromise the brand if they share it with you. The client’s hesitance is understandable. Therefore case studies will assist in proving you are trustworthy.

This works in two ways also. First is through showing them the most successful accounts you’ve handled before. However, you need to display case studies relevant to the niche or industry of your prospective client. 

Second, you may conduct a quasi-case study complete with interactive charts and graphs of the client itself. You may show how it will benefit from Facebook marketing, for example, from Month 1 to Month 6, if they boost their ads. It is like guiding their expectations with what would happen if they avail of the service. Clients want to see these things—they want to be onboarded. But this territory must be realistic and trod carefully.

The agency representative often ends the presentation with a summary of what had been discussed, restating the key points and takeaways. However, some forget to guide the prospect on their next move. Provide a call to action at the end of the pitch instead of merely saying, ‘Thank you!’ or ‘Any questions?’

All in all, the digital marketing corporate presentation must aim to provide the audience with valuable information on which they can walk away and base their decision. The visuals, the business model, the value proposition, and the outstanding storytelling leaves a lasting impression.

Indeed, how the pitch deck was built and presented impacts the agency’s credibility. Of course, a client like you wants to work with a reputable digital marketing agency like Optimind.

Our account executives are adept at presenting, whether you are availing of an SEO or social media marketing package. Call us to learn more about these services. Ready when you are!

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