Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Experience business growth through digital marketing—our business case: cost-effective digital marketing solutions and measurable RODI (return on digital investment.

Drives business growth right off from the consultation phase to maintenance and monitoring

While digital marketing can be complicated, it is an effective strategy that must be fully integrated with the overall marketing plan and strategy. One of the most common pitfalls in digital marketing, however, is exhausting the marketing budget for meager returns. This is where we can help.

With an 18-year track record in design, development, and implementation of digital marketing strategies, Optimind aims to assist your business in achieving business goals. We offer a RODI-focused digital marketing consultancy and implementation. With our creatives and technicals at the helm, we strategize through an outside-looking-in approach. We understand the business and its customers to align touchpoints.

When do you need digital marketing consultancy services

Consulting with a digital marketing provider starts with a need. If you are starting, scaling, or troubleshooting your business while also looking for new income streams, you need a digital marketing consultant.

Then again, there are other circumstances whereby digital marketing consultancy services can help.

  • Your company’s in-house marketing team is unsure if it is utilizing the right approaches and tactics.
  • Your company’s in-house marketing team wants to do things differently and needs guidance from the experts.
  • Your startup business has already perfected the right product but has no or little expertise nor experience in marketing.
  • Your business has a marketing department that is recommending going digital but has no idea where to start.

We will conduct digital readiness assessments to understand where your business is coming from and if it can commit to making the digital marketing strategy successful.

What Optimind wants our prospect client to grasp fully is that

Digital marketing is a fast-paced environment, and it’s not just a question of budget.

Digital marketing requires the right people, the right processes, and the right platforms.

Digital marketing supports goals and objectives and delivers business results.

Any investment has a risk, and digital risks are no exemption. We have the technical know-how that contributes to minimizing the risks. We have years of real-world and hands-on experience that we apply to any digital campaign that we handle. Our team discerns what will and will not work for your campaign and what it can do to improve business results.

But we also know that your team is ripe for the transition. Here are some of the things we need to clarify during the digital readiness assessment.

  1. How effective and efficient is the team? Can it handle the impending changes? Does it have the right skill sets?
  2. What stands in the way of the team’s success? What are the internal challenges? How will the team address those?
  3. Is the team comfortable in learning new technologies, techniques, and tools? Are the team members willing to undergo training?

What digital marketing can do for your business

With this said, a digital marketing consultancy and eventual implementation can offer a lot of benefits to the consultee. Among other benefits, these are the most important ones.

  • A comprehensive digital marketing plan that covers the right channels and touchpoints
  • Makes the marketing strategy more holistic with synchronization at every relevant channel and touchpoint
  • Improvements of brand presence and brand performance across the digital channels where it has a presence
  • Convert site visitors into qualified sales prospects more easily
  • Realize adequate RODI on various marketing initiatives and campaigns
  • Have adequate insights into the digital marketing campaign performance and coordinate future activities
  • Enable to leverage metrics, KPIs and other relevant data in improving the digital marketing efforts
  • Move ahead of the competition through an overall improved brand presence

Our digital marketing expertise

Optimind firmly believes that there are no two digital marketing strategies alike—every strategy is unique. Nonetheless, an assessment is necessary to determine the strategic needs of a business to devise a more targeted campaign.

Our digital marketing consultancy services is the start of a mutually beneficial agency-client relationship. We will get to know you, your business and target market, and your competition. We will understand what makes your business unique. In this way, we will be empowered to be an ally that delivers on its promise that digital marketing would accomplish your business goals and objectives.

Our team of digital strategists will guide you through conceptualization to implementation regardless of any of these digital marketing consultancy services you choose.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that involves numerous aspects of going and being digital. We broke down our services so you can choose a la carte or in combination.

Website Design and Development

Optimind helps you build a digital hub. In this day and age, a website is a necessity. We have the resources and capabilities to design and develop a website from scratch, although we can also determine whether a platform-based website is sufficient. We can even redesign your existing website to give it the oomph it needs.

Our philosophy is design to convert. Depending on your needs, we will include all the functions and features that will push the users down the sales funnel. We strive to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Content Strategy and Development

Contextual and textual branding is crucial today that agencies and consumers alike realize that “content is king” is more than just a mantra. Our goal is to optimize your branding through fresh, unique, and relevant content. It all boils down to a content strategy that involves keyword research and content creation and dissemination.

Not just textual content, though, because Optimind also creates other content types such as infographics and videos. We can strategically integrate content with traffic. This is how we maximize value.

Search Engine Optimization

Ranking higher on search engines, or better yet, dominating the results pages, is fundamental to acquiring quality traffic. When we say quality traffic, it means convert-ready traffic.

Our SEO services encompass both on-page and off-page optimization campaigns. A thorough audit of the existing website is required before the team could devise an SEO plan that includes actionable insights to improve its rankings and drive traffic to the site.

Paid Search

Pay-per-click optimization, or simply, paid search suits particular purposes. The goal is to get more targeted clicks. It takes more than displaying ads on search engines, though. There is also a need to understand how the platform, Google AdWords, to be specific, works.

Good thing, our people have certifications, making Optimind a Google partner. Whether it is the first you heard about AdWords or you need to fine-tune a paid search campaign, our ad specialists can help. We also offer on-going support.

Social Media Marketing

Perhaps you’ve heard that your business need not be on virtually all social media networks. Synergism is necessary to ensure that the company is on the right channels that complement one another. And a strategy is not all about the vanity metrics, but rather the volume of conversion extracted from the social media presence.

We can help you focus on social strategies that matter, including choosing the right channels and the best practices to maximize the investment. We will conduct a careful assessment of the business and provide recommendations that your in-house marketing department can implement. Definitely, we can also implement it for you.

E-commerce Development

Obtaining customer alignment is not without difficulties. At times, it can be technically challenging. Optimind is invested in making online marketing better through reaching the right individuals with the right messaging and, of course, through the right platform.

We understand that there are several routes to e-commerce development. There are ready-platforms where we can build an e-commerce website for you. We can always develop a custom site, though, and align journey maps and touchpoints. This will be better understood through a consultation.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications represent the most profound interactions between the business and the target consumers or even employees. Every business must tread the mobile technology industry carefully, however.

Optimind is a frontrunner in mobile app development. We will guide you in deciding whether an app is what you need to escalate the operations. We will strategize together within a collaborative environment.

Penalty Recovery

Losing rankings and, thereby, traffic is a hard spill to swallow. This is more so if a penalty caused the loss. This is entirely understandable because every major algorithm update produced winners and losers. Sadly, your website is at the losing end.

We can turn the tables for you, so for the next update, your site will appear on the results pages. In turn, Optimind can help you welcome your visitors back to your website.

If there are digital marketing services not listed above, talk to us. Optimind can align all digital assets and improve marketing efforts, whether you are a small business or multinational enterprise.

Why hire Optimind as your digital marketing consultant

Depending on your business needs and wherever you are at the digital continuum, a digital consultancy could be the best fit to maximize your RODI. We take pride in saying that you are in the right place.

Cutting-edge digital marketing strategies

Optimind consults business on all aspects of digital marketing. Our goal is to offer you a full-service digital strategy after a thorough assessment of the business operations.

Our services are robust and scalable. You can start with the most important such as having a website or an e-commerce website before running an SEO or social media marketing campaign. We can assist you with a specific service if a full-scale digital marketing strategy is not what you need. As such, our services move along with your needs and pace.

A roster of digital marketing experts

In receiving the full benefits of digital marketing yet on a smaller scale, one needs proficient people to guide and monitor the process, especially the implementation. Optimind has an in-house team of digital marketing specialists—technicals and creatives.

We invest in knowledge acquisition through continuous learning and certification. This is why our people are adept at the latest trends and technologies. They can pinpoint the digital issues you are struggling with and craft a plan that includes comprehensive, actionable recommendations.

Proven track record in successful digital campaigns

We take pride in our digital solutions and industry knowledge and knowledge, as well as our 18-year experience. Our people know how to raise your brand profile online, increase revenue streams, boost revenue, increase efficiency, and reduce cost.

Optimind offers digital solutions to various industries. We have already serviced Fortune 500 companies, and they stayed with us for the longest time because the teal continuously delivers the excellent results they expect from us.

Robust and latest digital marketing tools

Aside from equipping its people with the right knowledge, Optimind equally invests in the latest tools. There is always a new tool every day, although not all are utilizable for the goal of the digital strategy. We sift through those tools and recommend only those with the right fit.

An integral part of our investment strategy is to train our staff on how to use the tools and technologies to better serve your campaign. There is value to using a minimal number of tools that do most of the work.

Who do we work with

Optimind works with companies big or small regardless of the nature of the business, for as long as they fall within the allowable categories that Google defines. We are experienced in a broad range of industries, including

Real Estate

Retail and consumer goods

Hospitality, travel, and tourism

Technology and software development

Financial and banking services

Medical and pharmaceutical products


We are not just your digital marketing consultant—Optimind is your partner in growing your business. Let’s start working together!

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