Digital Marketing Services

As a critical player in the digital marketing industry, we have proven that our services work and sell. With that, we have expanded our horizon to meet the needs and demands of our clients, as new trends and strategies emerge, and continue to be on the lead in bringing out the best and the success every company we work with deserves. To know more about our digital marketing services, click here.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an indispensable tool for attracting and improving the volume of high-quality, conversion-ready traffic to any website, including yours. We strongly believe that SEO is the only long-term strategy that will drive better ROI. Applying only the best and most advanced practices, our strategies are geared toward increasing your website’s linkability while providing value to your customers primarily through content. Reaching real and measurable SEO results start with a complimentary SEO audit. We are ready when you are!

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Web Design & Development

Online presence is built around your website and its landing pages. Conversions happen here, but it takes more than a visually appealing design. Websites should be developed by giving users a robust interactive experience in mind, and this is where our designers and developers excel. Our Dev team relies heavily on usability and responsive principles in making award-winning websites from the ground up. Our ever-growing portfolio is proof that local and international clients continue to trust us. When will you?

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Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile technologies dramatically changed the way we do business today. Thus, online businesses are tapping into various platforms to reach their mobile-first target markets. We can help you with this. Let Optimind be your link between your brand and your prospects. Through our progressive mobile app development process, we can surely provide a holistic end-to-end solution to improve your business operation – be it for your employees, prospects, or both. Let’s talk!

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Social Media Marketing

Having an online presence is becoming such a necessity for businesses, that even big companies have them to get and understand better consumer insights for their brand and to continue their relationship with their customers. It does not only increase ROI, but it should also match SEO strategies! Search engines are also looking into a company’s social media engagement as a factor for rankings in search results. With these, we can help you utilize your social media presence to build lasting results! Start your social media learning experience with us!

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Web Application Development

With millions of businesses operating in the same niche, your business needs to stand out. What better way to be the top-of-mind brand than a custom web application? Our web application development process is dynamic, integrated, and scalable, regardless of the complexity level of the project. The goal is to create a highly usable web application that meets the standards of the online market. Web opportunities are diverse. Let us be your digital partner!

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Pay Per Click

Aside from organic SEO, paid search (or simply pay-per-click (PPC) is also an essential tool to use in obtaining highly targeted traffic. A successful PPC campaign delivers amazing brand-building as well as revenue-increasing opportunities that all businesses must tap into. Paid search, however, is unfamiliar territory. This is where our SEO team comes in. Other than creating and expanding PPC campaigns, we also focus on driving quality traffic, fostering conversions, and increasing revenue. Learn how we manage your campaigns, including the metrics now!

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Only 2% of your visitors will convert; the rest are just lurking or window shopping—retargeting aims to convert this 98% into buyers and, hopefully, loyal customers. When a customer leaves without purchasing, your ads will be displayed to the following websites that they will visit. Your business gains traction and cognition through repeated exposure. Our goal is to bring back the lost prospects by designing more effective campaigns. Are you interested in getting more sales profitably? We are just a phone call away.

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Content Marketing

As experts, we always believe in the power of words and connections. We build momentum for websites through the content we produce. We always aim to make your website a sought-after content producer containing and curating interesting, relevant, and shareable information to your users across the globe. That is why we are here to make things easy for you!

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Video Marketing

With up-to-date illustrations, animation, and graphics, we look into the trending approach of marketing through creating effective and potentially viral videos that will perfectly suit your marketing brand without putting your efforts to waste. Let’s make your success even more possible with us.

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What Our Digital Marketing Services Include

This digital marketing agency is composed of creatives and technicals. These workers create value through design thinking and information-oriented processes. Combining the creative and technical skills of the people is not rocket science. It has always been the foundation of solving problems in a more structured and systematic way.

Our services help brands and businesses achieve their digital marketing goals.


Research, campaign road mapping, digital needs assessment, digital platforms identification, owned-earned-paid media audit and planning, competitors analysis


Visual analysis, creative direction, visual design, prototypes, design principles integration


Brand guidelines, creative identity, branded collaterals, digital brand execution


Visual content creation i.e., photos, images, videos, illustrations; textual content creation i.e., copies, landing pages, ads, social


Social media marketing, search engine optimization, paid media, content marketing, competitive awareness


Insights, data-based recommendations, tools integration, A/B testing results


Systems architecture, front-end development, back-end development, e-commerce integration, CMS, QA testing, scalability

Why Digital Marketing

Building long-term, lasting relationships is only possible through being relevant and providing value. Digital does not mean pushing your business to the edge. Instead, it means to

  • Discover new and relevant business frontiers
  • Find the latest product, service, and process possibilities
  • Increase performance and efficiency at all organizational levels
  • Improve business decision-making
  • Better understand the needs of the customers
  • Deliver a better experience for the customers
  • Build more sustainable relationships

New market opportunities are only accessible through digital marketing channels. Our people are adept at using digital marketing channels for search engine optimization, paid advertising, display advertising, email marketing, blogging, etc.

Reaching targeted audiences start with analyzing which digital platforms your business must have a presence. It will all depend on your goal: build brand awareness, generate more leads and sales, educate potential customers, or generate volumes of traffic.

Since every online channel is now considered a potential customer touchpoint, we only suggest proven strategies to connect the appropriate digital channel with your target audience. A multi-channel digital marketing approach is not for every brand since each brand has a unique audience.

With this said, Optimind Technology Solutions wants to contribute to bridging the gap between your brand and your target audience.

Digital Marketing Stats and Facts

Digital marketing is a magnificent gift we received from the recent technological revolution that had previously brought about countless other technological advancements.

If you are not convinced by what our digital marketing services can do to your business, these facts and statistics will surely do.

  • 18% of local searches done using a mobile device lead to a sale within the day [Junto]
  • The average result on Google’s first page has 1,890 words [Backlinko]
  • Ads in the first position earn a click-through rate of almost 8% on average [CleverCliks]
  • 75% of consumers who find information on search results are more likely to visit the physical store [Think With Google]
  • 86% of consumers look up the location of a business on Google Maps [Junto]
  • The most effective digital marketing strategies regarding ROI are SEO (32%), content marketing (30%) and email marketing (30%) [Smart Insights]
  • Social media use captures more than 30% of online time share [Global Web Index]
  • E-commerce grows by 23% year-over-year [Big Commerce]
  • Facebook provides the highest social value for B2Cs at 96% [Smart Insights]
  • The most engaging content on social media are articles (27%), videos (26%) and images (24%) [Smart Insights]
  • For every $1 spent on Google AdWords earns $2 in revenue [Google Economic Impact Report]
  • The top 3 ads on SERP receive 41% of clicks [CleverClicks]
  • Consumers who click on an ad are 50% more likely to buy [CleverClicks]

What Makes Our Digital Marketing Services Different

As the leading digital marketing agency in the Philippines, we revel in every successful campaign that came our way. And yes, we are talking about hundreds to thousands of successful campaigns since we started operating in 2002. These are the things that make our digital marketing services different from the rest.

Streamlined digital solutions

We know how to value both processes and outcomes. This is important for a digital marketing agency in the Philippines that deals with all types of projects. That is regardless of their nature, industry, or complexity. What’s essential for us is making incremental value-based deliverables that our clients will surely appreciate.

Our team of creatives and technicals spot and test opportunities and offer them to our clients only when an opportunity is proven to be effective. In cases of fluctuating priorities, evolving needs, and even technological innovations, all team members are adaptable and skilled to maneuver the project or campaign into a new direction.

Collaborative decision making

Digital agency and client collaboration is a mix of flexibility, compromise, and work. To keep the balance, both entities must be both equally and actively involved. We share our ideas and knowledge in any way we can. The decision-making process, as well as the faster delivery of milestones that also rely on this balance, will be smooth-sailing.

Onboarding clients is vital for us, so we would know what their expectations from Optimind, the team, and the project or campaign are. For us, our actions are lenient on minimizing workflow chaos. It means having internal updates and updating the clients through the dedicated account executive.

Quality over quantity

Limiting works in progress is at the core of our standard processes. When people start too many tasks at a time, nothing is finished. Such a scenario lengthens lead times while also reducing the quality of each work. Thus, our teams come up with high-quality work by working and completing the task at hand before jumping to another item on the to-do list.

Taking ownership of our actions, we get results by doing it right the first time. Hence, the advocacy to put quality above all else may it mean quality web design, mobile app, optimization campaign, team member, or reporting.

Let Optimind be your digital marketing partner!

Whichever digital marketing platform you wish to have a presence, our solutions impact the bottom-line.

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