E-Commerce Development

Our full-scale e-commerce development services provide an opportunity to scale your online retail business. With a custom e-commerce platform, convert digital journeys to beat the digital marketing competition.

More than just building online stores with the right features and tools, achieving online success starts with seamless and intuitive e-commerce experiences

E-commerce development embraces two facets, namely the digital customers and the digital business. Aside from jumpstarting the process towards realizing the desired return on digital investment (RODI), the development process takes into account the visual design, on-site personalization, order management, digital payment, and checkout optimization, among others.

An e-commerce business succeeds more when it effectively manages the customer experience through end-to-end solutions, which Optimind specializes in. We understand that the most effective e-commerce platform encourages the consumer to make an informed product choice while also unlocking new sales opportunities through upselling and cross-selling. We have the right tools and strategies to make your e-commerce standout from customer journey mapping to omnichannel optimization.

E-commerce Statistics 2020

Statistics, facts, and market data will help you operationalize the need for an e-commerce website.

  • Online shopping is preferred across generations ( millennials, Gen Yers, Gen Xers, Boomers)
  • Online shopping businesses grow 3x faster than offline businesses
  • Among American consumers, 36% of the shopping budget is spent online
  • Approximately 58% of the online shoppers do so because of the ability to shop 24/7
  • About 95% of the purchase decisions are made in the subconscious
  • About 46% of the consumers want product comparison features on the website itself
  • WooCommerce hosts the majority of the online stores, about 840,000 of them
  • The average conversion rates are from 3 to 4% but can be lower or higher depending on the industry
  • Using videos on a landing page increases conversion rates by 86%
  • A 1-second delay in page load time results in a 7% reduction in conversions
  • About 89% of shoppers stopped buying online due to poor customer service

Our E-commerce Development Services

E-commerce Consultation

With a solid e-commerce experience and expertise, our technological aptitude revolves around comprehending your pain points as an online business. You won’t be able to provide solutions for target consumers without addressing your operational challenges first. As our roster of competent technicals understands, e-commerce development is never about a quick online launch. Instead, it is about standing on a solid ground towards continuous digital business transformation.

E-commerce Audit

In auditing the e-commerce website, the dev team digs deep into the architecture and infrastructure. Both the technical and non-technical aspects are reviewed to reveal the weaknesses and inadequacies and points of improvement. E-commerce websites with security issues, for instance, have potential consequences. For one, the site won’t be able to achieve its full conversion potential. We have an audit focus, such as design, optimization, user experience (UX), performance, code, and security. Each focus can lead to detecting issues that impact the overall performance of the e-commerce site. Reporting actionable insights is a priority here.

E-commerce Design

Whether designing from scratch or redesigning the e-commerce website, at Optimind, the advocacy is designing to convert. Almost 50% of online consumers judge the site’s credibility through its aesthetics. A professionally designed website can boost sales and double the profits through cultivating immediate trust, communicating the brand voice, and providing seamless customer journeys. Conversions will increase by integrating features and functions that amplify customer engagement levels.

E-commerce Development

Our custom end-to-end e-commerce development solutions aim to transform how you do online selling and how your customers do their shopping. The e-commerce website will be well-optimized from the architecture to checkout. The dev team will prioritize creating and integrating selling points into the user interface (UI) and personalizing the content. Most importantly, customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty tools will be an integral part of your e-commerce website.

E-commerce Implementation

Our e-commerce experts tackle implementation whether you are building an online store from scratch, migrating from another platform, or migrating to one to omnichannel retailing. E-commerce implementation does not stop there; it should be scalable as well. All processes automated to improve website visibility, back-end productivity, creative merchandising, and customer service.

Our E-commerce Portfolio

Throughout the years, we’ve completed hundreds to thousands of e-commerce projects. Below are some of them.

Allen Sports Wear

Allen Sports Wear sells customized uniforms for all sports. It specializes in sports uniform design through its uniform builder. The site offers free uniform design.

Weave Philippines

Weave Philippines sells handmade fashion pieces for women such as dresses, rompers, skirts, cropped tops, vests, coats, trousers and even undergarments. All are handcrafted by local craftsmen and artisan.

Seven Wholesale Inc.

Seven Wholesale sells wholesale streetwear—from hats and socks to hoodies and sweatpants. The store covers the men, women, and kids categories.

Green Directory

Green Directory is an eco-store. It sells environment-friendly products including mobile accessories.

E-commerce Platforms We Support

E-commerce platforms are not created equal. We strongly believe that these are the top e-commerce platforms of 2020.


A variety of point of purchase solutions


Scalable with flexible cloud solutions


Simplicity of installation and customization

Custom PHP Store

A storefront from the ground up

If you need a custom e-commerce solution instead of a platform-based premade store, we can also do that for you. We understand that every business is unique, and customization offers greater flexibility, scalability, and control.

Our E-commerce Development Process

Our e-commerce development process involves all these steps.

Project Consultation

Our process starts with understanding the nature of your business and the challenges you currently face and the direction that the company is trying to pursue. This is paramount in foregrounding or, the process of prioritizing certain features or functionalities. Project consultation involves both the technical and creative aspects of the e-commerce development project. The dev team must have a clear grasp of your idea to envision its overall look.

Goal Setting

Before we build the e-commerce website or configure and customize any part of the site. After understanding your online business needs, the necessary next step is to set goals for e-commerce development. Online stores operate within a technological environment, so competitor analysis and keyword optimization are required. Entering, competing, and succeeding in the market are the challenges that the business needs to face, which can be operationalized through setting the right goals.

UX and UI Design

After setting the goals and KPIs of the e-commerce website, the next step is to design for UX and UI. Since designing to convert is our team’s specialty, the visual and technical elements are designed to push the users down the sales funnel. For one, the online store must be professionally designed and intuitive with a clear focus on simplifying the customer journey. The dev team will collaborate with you and start planning the layout. A mockup will be presented to you. Iterations may be involved until you approve the design.


After the approval of the designs, the actual e-commerce development starts based on the approved mockup. A part of the development process is the integration of the necessary tools such as the product catalog, shopping cart, payment gateway, loyalty program, and other essential promotional tools. The dev team seeks client feedback based on the previews presented to you. We do this at every major milestone, and to ensure that the project is within the specified timeframe and budget.


One of our priorities is to ensure that your e-commerce website is highly functional and safe and secure. Testing activities are in two phases: quality assurance (QA) and security. It is not enough that the site is working correctly. Instead, it must uphold data confidentiality and integrity. People input personally identifiable information on your online store, and the last thing you want is to compromise such gathered data. Penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities and threats, so it is a proactive way to keep the store and the user safe from any questionable activity.

User Training

Improper use of the e-commerce site and its provided manuals diminishes its value as well as your chance of recovering the RODI. An integral component of our e-commerce development is user testing. Whether face to face or remote, the team will deliver the training sessions so you can quickly and better adapt to the new workflows. The goal of the training is to make you feel comfortable using the website.

Ongoing Support

The dev team will be on standby in case of requests and concerns regarding the e-commerce website. Part of the ongoing technical support process is the maintenance of the site. If you need new requirements or need to solve arising issues, the dev team is just a quick call away. Also, our e-commerce development packages include a dedicated account specialist who will handle the project.


After completing the testing and training, the next step is to launch the e-commerce website. We deeply understand that you have business objectives and targets, and we have those in place too. The dev team commits to aligning the launch with the requirements of the client. It does this while also ensuring that the site is in its optimal condition. Hence, it delivers the expected customer experience.

Why hire Optimind as your e-commerce developer

If you are meaning to know what makes our e-commerce development services different, it is a combination of several things.

In-depth understanding of the digital marketing landscape

Our e-commerce development is not only about satisfying a technical requirement. Instead, it is a business solution that utilizes the right technological platform. Our dev team keeps abreast of the latest developments and trends in the e-commerce industry. With proper knowledge, we can support any digital requirements.

End to end e-commerce development solution

Our robust full-service offering meets all your e-commerce needs as well as operational and performance requirements. The goal is to build and deliver a fully integrated system with the right capabilities to create optimal UX. It takes more than tracking transactions and orders, moving beyond capturing purchasing behaviors and acting on opportunities as they arise.

A consultative and collaborative development approach

When our dev team designs and implements the e-commerce website, we uphold the sense of ownership of the project owner. This is how we encourage taking an active role in the development of your online store. Our communication process is straightforward yet participative. We will consult and collaborate with you regarding major decisions and approvals. This is how we contribute to making your digital marketing journey a success.

Strong e-commerce development project management

Our goal is to ensure that e-commerce development is well-coordinated. Aside from the dev team members who will handle the actual design and development process, there will be a dedicated and reliable project manager and account executive to support communication.

Guaranteed quality of deliverables

Our team takes control of the process, code, integration, quality, and performance of the newly developed, redesigned, or migrated e-commerce site. Every quality issue in each of these factors will definitely have a business impact. We may not leverage the power of the e-commerce platform if we aren’t able to create the site that you expected. Through this also, we can enable you to streamline the entire e-marketing operation.

You do the selling, but before that, let us do the building!