Link Building Services

Our suite of Link Building services includes:

  • Article submission
    Increase the credibility of your website with well-written articles that reach a wide audience and direct them back to you

    Many information-driven websites appreciate publishing articles and press releases that give their readers additional information on a variety of topics; oftentimes, as these articles are published, important keyword phrases are often hyperlinked, increasing the number of websites and webpages linking to your website and therefore increasing your search engine ranking as well for those keywords. Optimind Technology Solutions provides in-depth assistance in the production of these articles, as well as submitting them to over a hundred possible websites that will find these pieces useful and valuable.

  • Directory Submission
    Be found all over the Web where people are searching

    Search engines place a premium on the number of websites linking to your website; getting your website listed on the right directories, therefore, can increase your website’s credibility and, correspondingly, your rankings on search engines.Getting listed on the right directories, however, is no small feat. In addition to providing the proper title and description for your website on each directory, there are literally hundreds of directories from which to choose. Optimind Technology Solutions helps you by doing the dirty work. We select the best directories appropriate for your product and service, and help you get listed efficiently and speedily.
  • One-way and reciprocal links
    Receive traffic & links from websites just like yours

    Aside from directories, one can also source for similar websites who can exchange or provide one-way links. Top search engines prize links from websites that provide similar products, services, or content; reciprocal or one-way links from these websites increases your credibility with the search engines, and therefore, your ranking.Let us do the manual work so you may focus on improving your product/service.