Android Developer


Dayo is gullible at times, out of space; but, in terms of work, his inner side suddenly comes out – the seriousness! Weirdly, he thinks about inevitable things. At times, he questions his faith though he feels His presence nonetheless. Can’t decide if he’s an introvert or extrovert because he loves being alone yet he also likes it when he is with friends, drinking a cold beer and laughing his heart out about funny moments in their past. He loves the nightlife. Keeping things serious, Dayo aspires to lead an entire team of professional developers in five year’s time, helping them utilize their skills while harmonizing his. During their free time, perhaps, share his pop, RnB, and classic playlist with them. Dayo hits the movie theater if it’s a horror, action, comedy or romance especially one with a sad ending. Can’t stress this enough, but Dayo loves the rain A LOT.

Badminton | Theatrical Play | Contemporary Dance | Reading Manga | Watching Anime

What makes you happy?
Falling drops of water from the clouds that drop underneath our feet, my Lover and my mom


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