Php Programmer

My interest and hobbies beside learning cool stuff in web development are playing pc games, sports activities and drawing. I discovered pc gaming since my grade school days and it has been my hobby ever since, even until now. And I see myself still playing pc games in the future. Sports Activities like playing basketball and volleyball is also one of my interest and hobby. I’ve been playing once or twice almost every week for 4 straight years already. I’m also a fan of Japanese anime and manga and that influences me to sketch and draw.

What makes you happy?
What makes me happy is when I can balance my work and my hobbies. At work, happiness means when I get the job done and meet deadlines, or when I managed to help someone on their task. When I learn something new and when my experience comes in handy when I encountered a difficult task. Balancing work and life is a big thing for me, so whenever I am engaged with much work this week, I always reward myself with time for my hobbies on the weekend or even after work during the weekday.


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