SEO Consulting Services

Through an SEO consultation, the website will be transformed from non-ranking into having a strong competitive advantage. While there is no such thing as guaranteed SEO, the right strategies and processes, the best practices, and most importantly, the right consultant can help build the site’s online presence organically.

At Optimind, a worthwhile consulting engagement with an SEO consultant is what we promise. Every website is unique and capable of dominating the search results given the right strategies. Our SEO team will implement a campaign based on your website’s needs.

Optimind’s SEO consulting services give you increased organic traffic
and let you dominate organic search results

Online Presence Analysis

Optimization efforts would not succeed without a strong foundation. Notably, the development of the SEO campaign starts with a thorough examination of the website’s presence and performance. There are several digital platforms that can be analyzed such as social media and blogs, and where the site or brand and its products and services are currently accessible. Also, the demographic structure of the target market and the business goals—whether to obtain higher rankings or more traffic, leads and conversions—will be assessed.

SEO Audit

SEO is composed of on-page, off-page, and technical factors. Analyzing these shall reveal the weaknesses of the website optimization-wise, and where the campaign can focus on. An SEO audit is highly individualistic; thus, the recommendations outlined in actionable items are specific to the website and industry where the business belongs to. The SEO fixes can be done by us or a third-party specialist the company prefers.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Research and analyzing keywords would mean not just coming up with a list of keywords that would make a difference. Instead, the process also involves examining search and user behaviors and assessing WordTracker data and LSI maps. Keyword research is fundamental to the content strategy that an SEO campaign cannot do without. Indeed, this can help in planning out the website.

Competitors Analysis

Ranking in search may mean copying what the competition is doing and doing those strategies better more so when their websites perform better than yours. Through a thorough assessment of their campaigns, the outcomes would include a breakdown of the on- and off-page SEO tactics and keywords used, an outline of the best-performing content and the reasons behind such, and even a list of potential providers and budget estimates. The analysis would also include a list of SEO strategies recommendations that they are now using at present.

SEO Strategy Development

SEO has a long-term success orientation, but a solid plan is needed to get the website, and thus, the business, towards success. An SEO needs assessment must be defined first prior to rolling out strategies and maximizing them. Strategy and planning involve getting to know the business, not just the website, and its goals. The more an SEO consultant knows about the brand, for example, as well as the direction and outcomes that it intends to pursue, it would be easier to concentrate the effort to these areas.

On-Page SEO Implementation

On-page SEO has two sides – the technical and non-technical. The non-technical part is about the target keyword and landing page match wherein a focused keyword must be represented on the site and the page must have all the elements that help in ranking. That’s the technical part, the metadata and other factors that influence its performance on search engines such as speed, indexation, mobile availability, etc. There are quality guidelines and best practices to follow.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO includes back-end related factors, but are nonetheless essential for the success of the campaign. Identifying and correcting technical issues are not without difficulties, and only the proficient specialists can attend to. The fixes ensure that the website is accessible and crawlable with no error pages, broken links, and uncanny redirects. The site’s structure including the URLs and the indexability including sitemap.xml and robots.txt files are properly coded. Assessing Google Analytics integration and set-up formed part of this process.

CMS Optimization

Bill Gates once said: content is king. And it has been the slogan since. Now, companies are taking heed especially after Google’s continuous rollout of algorithm updates. Content—quality, engaging, shareable content—is the differentiating factor that allows some brands to stand out. The management of content marketing and its collaterals can be a pain point, but addressable altogether. Other than content creation, tools and plugin recommendations and configurations are part of this optimization initiative.

Implementations guideline

SEO implementation requires technical skills and abilities. Implementation is possible even without these, but where guidelines are necessary. The goal is to empower the client in performing tactics they desire without losing rankings in the process. Ongoing support is also crucial at this point, especially that search engines and their requirements are ever-changing.

Why hire Optimind as your SEO Consultant

Extensive experience

Optimind has been providing SEO services since 2006. We’ve completed and ongoing SEO projects with Top 1,000 companies in the Philippines and abroad. While 60% of our clients are from the real estate industry, we cater to all types of businesses—big or small, handling campaigns for a wide range of the industry including banking, pharmaceuticals, supply chain, automobile, and more!

Wide range of tools

The team uses the combination of free, freemium, and paid tools to make the analysis and reporting as comprehensive and in-depth as possible. Optimind also has partnerships with leading third-party suppliers in the industry.

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