SEO Content Writing Services

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SEO content writing targets the creation of content that compels readers to take action, that is to inform, educate, and convert. It is high-quality writing that extensively satisfies the intent behind the query.

Optimind strongly advocates for brand storytelling and content is pivotal for such purpose. Content must drive 1) traffic and 2) engagement. Our in-house professional content writers understand that content is more than keyword integration albeit how organically integrated the keywords are.

SEO Content Writing Services

Content Mapping

For the SEO content writing to succeed, it must be guided by a roadmap. In this way, the business goals the content tries to achieve and the intentions that it intends to serve are analyzed. Featuring the right keywords in the copy that follows SEO best practices would become possible through content mapping also.

Content calendar creation

A content calendar can be one of the most tedious parts of SEO. It must be forward-looking yet dynamic enough to cater to changes. The content calendar is created with matching keywords to topics then, topics with search queries. With this, every page or content would have an SEO purpose.

Content Audit

An SEO campaign serves two audiences: crawlers and readers. Reflected in the content audit, the website’s current organic performance will be assessed. The audit report outlines the content issues such as thin, low-quality, duplicate, and outdated content as well as on-page and other technical issues to fix. Also, the report includes recommendations and guidance on how to do those fixes.

Blog post writing and publishing

More than a content update option, a blog is the brand’s value-adding extension. Blog content writing services, however, must not stop with the writing process. Blog writers must be proficient in using content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Blogspot. Other than staying on brand, the published blog post must be written with a persona in mind, included clear calls to action, has custom visuals, and optimized for social sharing.

Web content writing

The relevance of the SEO experience starts with how optimized web content is. Web content refers to all the pieces of content, text ad visuals, accessible on the website. Writing a landing page, however, is no easy task, and requires a specialized skill set like copywriting. It involves high impact, artful precision that only web content experts can do whether the web pages are trying to inform, persuade or argue.

SEO copywriting

On-page content is essential for ranking and traffic. SEO copywriting, on the other hand, is all about writing targeted web content, landing pages, service pages, contact us page, articles, white papers, banner ads, etc. Most importantly, copies must guide the users to take action through clear and concise calls to action. This enables them to make an informed decision about whether to purchase or avail.

Cornerstone content writing

Cornerstone content is also considered as evergreen content. It means content that will remain relevant regardless of several ongoing algorithm updates and changes. SEO writers understand how cornerstone content can provide more value to consumers and position the brand as an expert through a rich and detailed explanation. Hence, this is prioritized and preferred.

Content creation and promotion

Content creation is only half of the content process—the other half is content marketing. To increase traffic and ranking, the published content must be promoted to the right people using the right channels at the right time. The goal is to take the people from various channels where the content is seeded, which may include search engines and social platforms, to the website.

Analytics and reporting

Breaking down the performance of the SEO content campaign, marketing reports will be sent either bi-weekly or monthly. The performance is analyzed based on the metrics identified during the content strategy development. Analytics and reporting are vital in determining the succeeding strategic directions that the campaign shall pursue.

SEO content writing services inclusion

Optimind offers search engine optimized and subject matter expert-written content writing package that includes:

      • Initial content audit
      • Keyword research
      • Competitors analysis
  • Metadata recommendations
  • Landing page optimization
  • Share-worthy content
  • Ongoing on-page recommendations
  • A dedicated Content Specialist
  • A dedicated Account Manager

Our Content Writing Process

The focus is on creating Google-friendly content. Google updates—from Panda to RankBrain—has impacted how content is produced and consumed. Our content writing process involves the following.

Consultation and strategy development

Content Development

Content Marketing

Measurement and Reporting

Consultation and strategy development

Before an SEO campaign will be created, the partnership between the brand and Optimind will be established through a series of consultation. During the consultation, the collaborators will develop goals, know the target audience, and decide for the right channel.

Content Development

Content development primarily involves keyword research, landing page matching, content calendar creation, and data visualization. All these steps are essential to the goals and success of the campaign, creating content that attracts, engages, and converts.

Content Marketing

The content will be promoted on the appropriate channels such as search engines, social media, email or newsletter. The performance of the circulated content is monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis following its distribution.

Measurement and Reporting

Google Analytics will be set up and audited. KPIs and metrics will be identified. To see the areas to improve on, a progress report will be sent including a list of recommendations for the next month or phase of the campaign.

Why hire Optimind as your content specialist

SEO best practice integration

To increase the visibility and findability of your website, we integrate SEO best practices into the content. In this way, the content is able to drive convert-ready visitors through a query.

Quick turnaround

With our in-house blog and article writers, you will get your content for approval in as little as 2 to 5 days. If you have content process requests, our Content Specialists are happy to accommodate, let us know, through the Account Manager, in advance.


Since 2012, Google has been constantly on the lookout for low-quality content and penalized the websites with this. The content we create can withstand any content-related algorithm changes.

Value for your money

True to every professional writing service, our guarantee is generating the desired results through the content produced. The services are integrated, so the campaign scales up based on your content marketing budget.

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