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Optimized WordPress websites generate higher returns and revenues

For the online business to achieve its goals, its website—the primary digital marketing channel—must be visible enough for the target market to notice. The more findable the WordPress website is, the better it is at racking up ranking, traffic, and conversion.

Our SEO team, who are adept at WordPress optimization, can help. Dominating the search engine results pages, that is of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, is the goal of the campaign. We know which keywords to target to rank your website. We will also structure the site, create content, build link, and promote your site online.

Why use WordPress

If you’ve been meaning to ask what are the benefits of using WordPress, here they are.

  • WordPress is cost-effective
  • WordPress is customizable and scalable
  • WordPress is SEO-friendly
  • WordPress handles various content and media types
  • WordPress offers responsive themes and layouts
  • WordPress supports easy capabilities upgrades
  • WordPress integrates with social media seamlessly
  • WordPress prioritizes site security

While at it, WordPress usage stats of 2019 only proved that there is no CMS more powerful than this platform.

  • WordPress powers 34% of all websites worldwide
  • WordPress holds 60.8% of the CMS market share
  • About 661 new WordPress websites are built and launched daily
  • More than 409 million users view about 20 billion pages on WordPress every month
  • WordPress has a jampacked library of 3,500 licensed themes and 50,000 plugins
  • WordPress owns WooCommerce which powers 22% of the top 1 million e-commerce websites worldwide


Wordpress Websites Wordwide


CMS Market share


New WordPress Websites built and launched daily


Users View


Licensed Themes



Why hire Optimind as your WordPress SEO provider

Extensive Experience

While the company is founded in 2002, we first experimented with SEO in 2006.

Tangible Results

Given our extensive experience, we can provide you with the results you need and will profit from—top organic rankings.

In-house experts

Our employees consist of the technicals and the creatives who work together to ensure that the goals of each project or campaign are met.

Our WordPress SEO Services

WordPress SEO Audit

A thorough diagnosis of the site is needed before any WordPress SEO services are offered. Part of the audit is learning about the brand and nature and scope of the business. Our team will then prepare an audit report outlining the problem areas and offer suggestions on how the entire website can be optimized so it would perform the way it should.

Custom SEO Strategy

No two websites are alike. Thus, we only offer custom SEO services. The strategy that our team will implement will be based on the results of the audit and baselines. We will refer to these documents/sheets as the roadmap of your WordPress SEO campaign.

Yoast Setup and Configuration

Yoast is the leading WordPress plugin. Setting it up and configuring it to your WordPress needs can be a challenge. Our SEO team helps in these tasks so optimal settings are integrated. Other than that, the team will put up suggestions on how to maximize its use from preventing duplicate content to creating engaging titles to social media optimization.

Keyword Research

The rule of thumb is to use one target keyword per landing page to avoid keyword cannibalism or two or more pages targetting the same keyword. Our keyword strategy intends to rank the WordPress website higher in organic search. The team also determines and understands keyword competition and relevance and how they could impact the content strategy. Keywords are tied to content, so this part of the WordPress SEO campaign is crucial.

Content Optimization

Using Yoast, content specialists aspire to get the green lights, which includes meta tags optimization. But content optimization is more than that. The team ensures that the page looks good and loads faster, with the relevant images and snippets as well as internal and external links.

Ongoing Content Creation

Content is definitely king in the SEO world. No website can ignore the opportunities that content marketing offer. Our company has in-house content specialists who will research and create your content. We have writers and other creatives such as graphic designers to create other types of content such as videos, GIFs, memes, and infographics that your WordPress website needs.

On-Site Optimization

Optimizing a WordPress site involves many factors. Our team implements lots of SEO tactics including content, link, and technical optimization especially the HTML elements (title, heading, meta description, URL, and image alt text). Also, the tactics should follow SEO best practices including in areas of responsiveness, speed, and markups.

Content Caching and Speed Optimization

Speed, as part of technical SEO, is a ranking factor that affects both the site’s performance and user experience (UX). The SEO team knows which tools to use and thus, make the site load faster. Although it may sound technical, caching effectively reduces the number of requests. When this happens, the resources needed in running would be minimized.

Analytics Integration

WordPress works well with Google Analytics. The team needs to determine pages that are performing and those that need improvements. SEO recommendations are sent to the client every month. The SEO specialists know which metrics to measure so your decision-making will be guided.

Our WordPress SEO Process

Our WordPress optimization process involves big steps but is nonetheless necessary.

SEO Audit and Analysis

SEO Strategy Development

On-Site Optimization

Technical Updates and Report

Ongoing Content Creation

SEO Audit and Analysis

If you already have a website, the next step is an audit. Through this, changes and additions required to boost search engine visibility are determined. The entire WordPress site will be analyzed as well as the keyword positions and what affect those ranking positions. If this is your first time doing WordPress SEO, the audit will still be site-wide and keyword-based.

SEO Strategy Development

The next step is to choose an SEO strategy that will bring the greatest impact at the shortest time possible. All WordPress SEO strategy is developed in a customized manner, based on your industry, competition, goals, target market, value proposition. It will be tailored to your business and website’s needs.

On-Site Optimization

Once the audit report and strategy are ready, the most important part of the campaign is the implementation of the SEO recommendations and fixes. The technical and non-technical updates will be a collaboration between our in-house SEO and dev teams. They will handle all development, integration, and update tasks.

Technical Updates and Report

Reports are sent on an ongoing basis, bi-weekly or monthly or your preferred frequency. The reports include implemented changes to the WordPress website as well as ranking and traffic reports. If requested, links built to the site can be also included.

Ongoing Content Creation

Content creation, as part of the package, will be also ongoing. Relevant types of content will be used, although the most basic are web content, articles, and blog posts.

FAQs about using WordPress, plugins, content requirements, etc.

What types of optimization are available for my WordPress website?

Content, link, speed, and image optimization are basic to all WordPress websites. Other optimization tactics will depend on the needs of your website. This may include code, theme, and plugin optimization. This is where the SEO audit comes in.

How long should I wait before I see results?

SEO requires time, about three to six months. If the recommendations and fixes are implemented immediately, contents are published on time, and links are built gradually over time, results such as appearing on the results page for the first-time or ranking higher can be expected in six to eight weeks.

How can I maximize my SEO results?

There are several ways that you may maximize SEO results, and one way is through consistent content promotion and social media marketing combination. The first one keeps the website and thus, the business while the second one taps on an audience that the site alone cannot reach.

Is WordPress SEO worth paying for?

Yes, minus the bias because it’s a service provided by us—certainly! Done right, SEO will be your every spent. In a digital world where new WordPress websites pop up daily, SEO makes your website stand out in the sea of sites.

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