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Ways Digital Marketing Can Enhance Political Campaigns

Political debates are happening not on the town halls but in the virtual world, with the prying eyes of the voting public. Not just for the sophisticated politicians, digital marketing actually levels the electoral field since it allows low-budgeted candidates to reach the target voters. The tool is at their disposal to enhance own political campaigns. Learn how here.

5 Simple Tips on How to Create an Effective Website

With the help of a digital marketing agency Philippines, every individual and firm who wants to make their business grow are now shifting to online marketing. Online consumers prefer buying products through digital channels, paving the way for e-marketers to expand and further develop their respective online businesses. articles.centennialarts.com   As an entrepreneur and regardless of your business model (brick…
March 6, 2015

Digital and Traditional Marketing: Why They Still Go Hand in Hand

In today’s era of marketing and advertising, digital marketing has been rampantly used because of the technology and resources that come with it. Not mentioning the various platforms and ways on how this can be done with the Internet just at the tip of our hands. But have you ever wondered if traditional marketing is still being practiced these days?…
July 14, 2014
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Worth-Knowing and Implementing Digital Marketing Trends in the Philippines

Before we discuss the current (and perhaps, the future) digital marketing trends in the Philippines, it would be best first to understand the local digital landscape. There will be two parts of this discussion, namely the current state of digital marketing in the country and the current digital marketing trends. Importance of following digital marketing trends While some are passing…