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100+ Important Digital Marketing Statistics this 2019 that you need to know

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Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field. For any wise business, going digital is the most sensible thing to do. However, getting the buy-in of the C-suite is often a challenge because they are mostly skeptical about the strategic benefits of doing so. Convincing them should not be a problem. Show these digital marketing statistics.

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5 True Stories That Will Change Your Mobile Strategy

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Every mobile app developer knows so well that an effective strategy brings a desirable outcome. That only means, having a flawed strategy is a risk they should not take. While it is true that creating a good strategy is crucial, anticipating flaws may not be as easy as it is. It’s a critical decision for the developer; they either stay…

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6 Annoying Ad Techniques Advertisers Need to Avoid

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To advertise. That is the main purpose and duty of the marketers, right? Aside from establishing their brands and products, a digital marketing agency Philippines also aims to have higher earnings than their competitors. Well, who would not want to have higher profit than the other marketing agencies? Hence, marketers and/or advertisers came up a strategy where they can extend…

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5 Simple Tips on How to Create an Effective Website

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With the help of a digital marketing agency Philippines, every individual and firm who wants to make their business grow are now shifting to online marketing. Online consumers prefer buying products through digital channels, paving the way for e-marketers to expand and further develop their respective online businesses.   As an entrepreneur and regardless of your business model (brick and…

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Increasing Clicks on Links – Tips for the Digital Marketers

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Our minds are designed to select the least resistance when faced with specific situations or tasks. Our mind will find the easiest solutions to any given task. Once the mind discovered that solution, it will stop looking for more solutions. It will simply follow such solution. The philosophy behind is resistance. What any digital marketing in the Philippines can learn…

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15 Worth-Knowing Digital Marketing Trends in the Philippines

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Before we proceed to discussing the current (and perhaps, the future) digital marketing trends in the Philippines, it would be best to understand the local digital landscape first. So, there will be two parts of this discussion namely the current state of digital marketing in the country and the current digital marketing trends.   Current state of digital marketing in…

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