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8 Ways to Engage Your Employees at Work

One cannot expect high-quality of work output from employees who do not feel well about what they do. It's simple logic, actually. There is a limit to how much a person can accomplish in a day given his or her current workload and available time. Also, factors such as company environment, benefits and rewards can shape the perception a worker…
Ma. Venus Gamboa
January 19, 2017

How to be Alert Sans the Caffeine

“I am not a morning person. I am a coffee person,” says one of your friends who you might’ve shared the same interest in starting your day with a hot cup of brewed coffee. We can’t argue the fact that many people find the ‘need’ to have a boost of caffeine to jump-start their morning. It’s as if missing this…
Ma. Venus Gamboa
November 28, 2016

10 Signs that You Need to Slow Down

Time is money. So you can just imagine how employers value their people who can deliver to the expectations at the right time. These people are those who have no problems working at break-neck speed and finishing tons of work in a day. But as amazing as how these people look, there’s this one unspoken issue that begs to be…
Ma. Venus Gamboa
October 13, 2016

How to Encourage Smarter and Better Teams

Merriam-Webster defines the word ‘team’ as ‘a group of people who work together.’ Strangely, we see a lot of company setup who delegate tasks per team but display minimal to no sign of working together to achieve a particular goal. Of course, this observation isn’t right to all. We’ve seen successful companies like Google and Apple who showcase so much…
Johanna Abegail Vargas
August 10, 2016

How to Keep Employees Happy

Image Source Employees contribute to the success of your business. A fact. Indeed, they work hard to achieve the desired profit levels for your company. And, because they also feel stressed from the pressures around them, it is no surprise your employees need some motivations to continue their work enthusiastically. Stress is inevitable, and it's normal. Without fixing it, it…
Johanna Abegail Vargas
January 15, 2016