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Why Fonts Matter In a Website

We’ve all heard the proverbial Internet faux pas when one uses the ever-infamous Comic Sans Font in one’s webpage and more often than not, the usage of such font is met with either thinly veiled amusement or downright rejection in some. Either way, this seems to tell us one thing: Fonts do matter. How did Facebook’s “F” become such a…
June 16, 2015

Top 7 Reasons Why you Should Start Mobile Advertising

As we have noticed, the innovations within the mobile app development industry have been invading our daily life. Knowing that millions of people are now using smartphones alone or along any other gadgets, it just shows that the mobile industry is advancing to its next level. loyoladigitaladvertising.wordpress.com With the advancement and convenience of using mobile devices, we cannot deny that…
April 1, 2015