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10 Telltale Signs that Your Website is an Epic Failure

Unlike the pranks you planned with your friends or the no-bake recipe you tried, but single-handedly failed to execute, you can't erase the memories of having a poor website design. The effects of your failed attempt at fixing yours or your clients' website lead to low conversions and sales, few page visits and even lack of trust from your audience.…
Marianick Villegas
October 17, 2018

Effective Ways to Prioritize SEO Tasks

In as much as how website owners want to boost organic traffic in their blog sites, certain factors need to be considered before one could enjoy the benefits of a solid fan base. Aside from creating high-quality content for readers, understanding the technicalities of how search engines process content is important for your page to rank high. Independent services like…
Ma. Venus Gamboa
March 21, 2017

5 Ways to Make your Blog Grow through SEO

In the world of blogging, competition is always around. Bloggers compete on who have the most number of views, likes, shares, and reviews on their blog posts or page. Every blogger’s goal is to be on the top rank on the search engine which would be easier if you have a Philippine SEO consultant on your side. There are thousands to millions…
February 20, 2015

Your Links Should Never Say ‘Click Here’

Have you ever experienced wanting your readers click the link you wanted them to see but you do not know how to do it right? Say you are giving them a link about mobile app development, but you are torn if the words you used are good enough to be noticed or you are tempted to use the words ‘click’ and…
September 22, 2014

Digital and Traditional Marketing: Why They Still Go Hand in Hand

In today’s era of marketing and advertising, digital marketing has been rampantly used because of the technology and resources that come with it. Not mentioning the various platforms and ways on how this can be done with the Internet just at the tip of our hands. But have you ever wondered if traditional marketing is still being practiced these days?…
July 14, 2014

Love and Hate Relationship of Paid Search (SEM) and SEO

Users click on a paid search ad that answers search query, mentions a familiar brand, appears above the organic search results, and has a compelling title, description, and image Organic SEO is the primary source of trackable web traffic at 53%, while paid search accounts to 27% Users prefer to click organic results instead of adverts, though 15% of all…

20 Books you should own if you’re into SEO

Enrich your SEO knowledge and build your search marketing skills. Learn from highly-respected best-selling authors in the industry and start working on your strategies. Whether you’re a newly-established Digital Marketing company or an experienced SEO enthusiast, here are twenty (20) books you should own if you’re into Search Engine Optimization. SEO Books   1. Content is Currency: Developing Powerful Content for…
April 18, 2013