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Web Design Trends 2016

By July 20, 2016September 24th, 2020blog

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As dynamic as it is, the design should be able to accommodate form and function. Designs evolve. Trends come and go, and that may be attributed to the ever-changing nature of design. One aspect that will never go away is user experience (UX).

In connection to this, here are some web design trends this 2016 (with examples for each) that are worth exploring. These design trends remain relevant because they are geared towards perfecting the user experience.

Web design trends 2016

1) Hero images

2) Material design

3) Elegant typography

4) Rich animations

5) Infinite scrolling

6) Duotone schemes

7) Fullscreen forms

8) Minimalist design

9) High-definition visuals

10) Microinteractive elements

11) Illustrations

12) Non-traditional navigation

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