Web Design Trends of 2017, 2018 and Beyond

web design trends of 2017, 2018 and beyond

In 2016, we’ve seen some of the most fascinating web design trends from hero images to non-traditional navigation.

True enough, design evolves continuously. And more and more, each stage of evolution revolves around form, function and UX (user experience).

That’s the idea, for a design trend to become and remain relevant, it must tie the aesthetics with usability. Otherwise, it’ll just be another fleeting trend.

The year 2017 is no exception. So expect to see more of the following web design trends this year and perhaps in 2018 and beyond.

Web design trends 2017

1) Ultra-responsive design

2) Conversational interfaces

3) Micro-interactions

4) Custom-made illustrations

5) Big, bold type

6) SVGs utilization

7) More, brighter colors

8) Unique layouts

9) Geometric patterns

10) Imaginative mastheads

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