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2024 Web Design Trends: What to Expect

Here comes a brand new year! The year 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 have shown us web design trends brought by ever-so-variable technology. The year 2024 is no different, and these are the trends to look forward to this year.

Oversized typography

Web designers are increasingly advocating for simple designs. They are consistently on the lookout for simplistic yet impactful designs such as bold typography.

Bold, brave, loud, proud, oversized fonts are vivid, drawing attention to where they should be. An attached recall with this element also makes it all the more critical to branding.

Asymmetric layouts

Grid-based techniques still work. However, broken grid layouts are becoming more important for web designers who emphasize the necessity of uniqueness.

The asymmetric layout may be chaotic but neat enough to make a website look aesthetically pleasing. 

Dynamic illustration

Dynamic illustrations, including animations and even GIFs, are some web designers’ answers to videos that slow down loading times. In addition, mouseover effects and transitional elements are popular right now and for good reasons.

Motion graphics serve a purpose without shooing away the visitors who could also be potential customers. Animation also adds character to the entire website, even emphasizing the relatability of the site. This is also good for visual storytelling.

Custom images

Speaking of uniqueness that stands out, custom images can add personality to any website. It is more for branding also, displaying the brand identity in a memorable way for the visitors.

Even when using a template, once the designer introduces custom images, no one can tell that it’s a template you are using. 

Split content

Web designers are also fond of playing with the dynamics of the real estate screen with split content. Through this, they can showcase two or more types of content without competing with one another. 

Split content also makes the entire website look well-organized despite showing various content at once.

Hidden navigation

This one has minimalism as its roots, or when web designers started utilizing as few elements as possible throughout the visible screen. As a result, hidden navigation becomes a vital factor in space-saving.

Hidden navigation, nevertheless, adds the element of surprise and increases microinteractions on the website. The last one is crucial in UX (user experience).

Full-screen forms

Web designers who prefer simplicity take it a notch higher with full-screen forms.

Once triggered, it allows the users to focus on one task at a time which is to fill out the form in front of them.

AI infusion

The three biggest trends of 2020 are augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). For the year 2021, the lingering digital marketing trends include chatbots, voice search optimization, augmented reality, programmatic advertising, shoppable content, geofencing, hyper-local SEO, social media stories, and omnichannel marketing. As such, the user interface is no longer about the traditional homepage, dashboard, or feed that users are familiar with.

With AI infusion, automation of certain elements is necessary to provide a more personalized experience to the visitors. The system uses the preferences and behaviors of the users to make the experience multi-dimensional.

Machine learning integration

With the above said, ML integration is also an ongoing trend. Smart web designs that do not insult the intelligence and sensibility of the users are the emphasis.

Websites need to be more targeted and contextual, so this integration is favored. 

Scalable vector graphics

Web designs should also boost engagement levels, so scalable vector graphics (SVGs) become even more required today. SVGs allow for integrating multimedia content. 

Responsive, mobile-first designs are anchored on mobile UX prioritization. SVGs have a role to play in this aspect because they make rich visual content a possibility without sacrificing site speed.

Voice-capable interface

Voice search is the rave right now. Web designers take heed by allowing the users to interact with the site via voice-enabled commands.

This trend is not entirely design-related. However, it is connected with the functionality and usability of the website. It is a matter of accessibility that is also essential in web design.

Technology advances, bringing web design and development requirements to more technical levels. Nonetheless, usability, functionality, and experience are still the highest priorities.

The 2021 web design trends mentioned above may be technical to implement, yet they can make any website more user-friendly. 

Some of the trends mentioned above have already gained traction in 2019 and 2020. But their usefulness is paramount that more and more designers and developers will surely adopt the trends this year, 2023, 2024 2025, and beyond.

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