White Label

Who can benefit from Optimind’s Virtual Team?

  • Web Development Companies
  • Companies whose brands or products need online presence that requires full-time web management
  • Companies that are planning to or are already in the process of migrating their businesses online

Why work with Optimind’s Virtual Team?

You gain access to a team of highly competent Web professionals.

The Philippines is home to many of the world’s most creative and innovative graphic designers, whose world-renowned and respected work can be yours to tap at significantly lower rates than what may be available in your localities. With the Philippines’ technical and communication skills – the country is the third-largest English-speaking nation in the world – virtually at par with experts from the United States and India, there is no better time to tap Filipino Web professionals to take your website to the next level.

You reduce overhead and operation costs.

Working with a full-time virtual team, you can shave off up to 60% of the operating and overhead costs incurred when hiring a team in your vicinity. You can save an additional 20% of costs when you don’t finance your own training, hardware, and software requirements.

You are assured of consistent certified quality.

Every member of Optimind’s Virtual Team is consistently updated with the latest trends and developments in design, information technology, and management to ensure our clients are never left behind. A partnership with training centers guarantees our technical, project management, testing and other software skills are constantly being polished to be at par with international standards. We also invest in a substantial library of instructional and supplementary materials on design, management and innovation.