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10 Things Smart People Don’t Do

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What comes into your mind when you hear the term ‘smart people’? Perhaps, you think about higher IQ, exceptional, and intelligent. Do you know that all people are smart? Even you! But sad to say, not all of us practice the habit of being smart. The way we approach things is different from one another, but there remains the fact that we are all capable of approaching anything. For one, we make sure that we have a careful plan before doing anything impulsively. But, not all of us can do this though.

True enough, that’s when people tend to compare the difference between the smart and the lousy ones. Smart people are usually the ones who succeed. Being smart is not just about getting good grades at school or being a talented employee. Being smart also means being imaginative, strategic, compassionate, appreciative and humble. These traits may be simple, but probably a right combination to succeed in all aspects of life.

Aside from the obvious fact that having a good trait is a must, there are also some things that most smart people don’t do. Perhaps, they know that by doing such can endanger their future. Well, to give you some ideas, below are the things they believe can put their future at risk.

1) They don’t overlook the possibility to save money

If you think most smart people are greedy or stingy, then you better think again. They believe that prudence is a virtue and it’ll always will be. In fact, this is one of the reasons they were able to handle financial matters well. Yes, saving money is not that easy thing to do – bills, groceries and any other expenses. But, knowing when to spend and when not to is a good habit to observe.

When you start saving, you will realize that it is not that hard to do as you think it is. Moreover, it will always depend on how determine you are to start saving your money despite thinking that your money isn’t enough. Saving is also the perfect time for you to cut down and avoid unnecessary expenses. Being smart about money matters would have good results eventually; you’ll see.

2) They don’t heavily rely on others

Smart people know that we are all living in a jungle- it is the survival of the fittest. If you are too dependent on the others – may it be your friends, family or co-workers – you might get paralyzed when they stop backing you up. You may not know it, but relying on others conveys a powerless, incapable and a passive person. Smart people don’t indulge in any of those weak traits.

What do most intelligent people do when they need assistance? They pay close attention to see if the extent of the problem. They strive to know the roots of the problem. When they know the cause, they then make a careful judgment on the things they need to do to resolve such issue. They are also willing to overcome any fear without relying too much on their peers.

3) They don’t act irresponsibly

Again, before they do anything else, they make sure that they know what they are getting themselves into. They discern if it’s a situation to avoid or get themselves involved into. If they think it’s none of their business, they stay out of it as much as possible.

Some of you here might think that smart people are common and no fun at all. No, it’s not the case. It only means they prefer behaving like how a responsible adult would behave. Additionally, they put their priorities in life first than getting involved in the things that bring no good to them. They know well that fickle-mindedness tends to backfire; it will only give you inconveniences and headaches.

4) They don’t feel defeated just because they need to re-evaluate their convictions

Sometimes, it is difficult for us to go out of our comfort zones. We tend to be happy and contented with what and where we are now. When there’s something that needs to be changed, we tend to feel dismayed or discouraged since we are not comfortable with uncertainties. Sooner or later, our beliefs or convictions will change through time, and all clever people know this.

Moreover, smart people know that, in this world, change is the only thing constant. It’s either it will happen or not. While it’s going to be a challenge, smart people embrace the fact that there will be some changes in their life. They adapt accordingly, thinking that perhaps, changing is their only chance to make things better than before.

5) They don’t dwell on their errors

Committing mistakes is normal. In fact, we all commit mistakes once in a while. We aren’t perfect. But, do you know what’s great about being smart? The tendency not to dwell on the mistakes that they make unknowingly. Definitely, smart people also feel bad about and regret the errors they make. However, this doesn’t mean they’ll be stuck in the same place without doing anything about the mistake committed. Smart people admit their mistakes, own them and correct them.

Further, smart people know that it is in making mistakes you will learn something. Every mistake is regarded as a learning experience. And, they don’t do the same mistakes again. They make sure that they would achieve a better outcome the next time around.

6) They don’t allow their past to hold them back

At times, we don’t realize that our past is restraining us from achieving our dreams. Perhaps, you might have a bad experience before when you socialize with a prospect who dared you to speak what’s on your mind and ended up with an argument because of differences in opinion. Surely, we all have those sorts of experience, right? We feel intimated or belittled. However, it’s just a feeling. When you give in to those feelings, you might get incapacitated by the thought that you can’t do anything better at all. As a result, you don’t grow mentally and emotionally.

Trying to forget the past might be a difficult thing to do. But, at least, try your best not to waver when it comes to pursuing your dreams. When you don’t let your past distract you with your goals, you will eventually achieve the things you want in life. Bright people know better than letting their past experiences distract them.

7) They don’t rely on good luck to solve their problems

Most smart people, if not all, don’t believe in good lucks. For them, depending their fortune on good lucks is no different from being lazy. What they believe in is that things can be achieved when you give your best effort to accomplish what needs to be done. They look for solutions to solve whatever problems or situations they have. Their goal is to make things right.

Additionally, smart people don’t like that luck would take the credits for their work. These people know that they deserve to be appreciated considering the amount of hard word they bring to the table. They want to be appreciated because of their abilities, not because of luck.

8) They don’t give up on their ideas just because other people don’t agree with them

Smart people think smart. When they have a brilliant idea, they work towards achieving it even if others don’t agree with the idea at all. And when they know they are on the right track (they always know), nobody can stop them from doing the things they want. They know that if they can’t work out and accomplish their plans, they will regret it later on. Nonetheless, smart people can only blame themselves and no one else.

That is why, if there is somebody who goes against your amazing ideas, let them be. But don’t give in and feel discourage, continue doing what you think and feel is right for you. That’s what sharp-witted people do – they take risk. They know that every risk they take now will be worth it in the end.

9) They don’t allow their pride to get in the way

In spiritual teaching, pride is considered as a sin, a bad characteristic. We couldn’t agree more. Nonetheless, being proud of your accomplishments is entirely acceptable. What’s unacceptable is boasting and bragging.

Every smart person knows that allowing your pride to take control over your personality is never a good thing. For them, pride is the enemy of success. It can pull them down, and you too if you’ll let your pride consume you. That is why you also have to be careful and attentive whenever your pride interferes too much of your personal interests. It might not be a good way to build your career in the future.

10) They don’t lie to themselves that everything will be easy

Telling yourself that everything will be a-OK is like deceiving yourself. We all know that there are no easy things to accomplish. If you want to achieve and be successful in life, you should give your best effort in everything you do.

Smart people don’t compromise; they don’t take unnecessary and uncalculated risks. They make sure that, before anything else, they have a conscientious plan to accomplish such great things. Yes, smart people think strategically.

We all have a life to live. Observing and taking advice from smart people can help you improve for the better. If you are doing the exact opposites of the above, it is high time to change your mindset. Instead, look at each item, internalize and draw inspiration from the things that smart people don’t do. These things will be a big help in your life. Definitely!

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